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  1. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - (Qualifying) - Group 2 Just a few quick points:) Oh how things can change so quickly in the world that is the SM Forum:) Which is a good thing and its nice to see alot of these regular new faces getting their well deserved praise in this well run fun:) competition by Tom. For those who don't know DR DX or Eazy or Bristol Rovers Nutter or Grant or a few other names he went by has been a long term user of the forum. Although not as active now(Like myself) he was a legend in the early days and some of his posts used to make me laugh out loud at the pc screen:D.
  2. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Cheers Tom luv the cake:D Everyone else thanks for the messages:) To tell the truth i actually forgot it was today:rolleyes:,45 and the Alzimers is setting in already:D.
  3. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Birthday boys:),Leigh,Tom and Simon,hope you all had good ones. Great to see everyone catching me up:D. DUH it don't work that way Kev,ah well worth a try:D
  4. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. :DSure you were in Amsterdam mate,sounds a bit like your home street at the start of July:D Anyway glad you had a good time mate and hope to link up with ya in the next few weeks:)
  5. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. :)Happy b/day Mucker,know you will have a good un mate
  6. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers Great idea Steve:) Think they should Sticky this. May i suggest each Setup owner posts their setups and edits each free team accordingly.Brief description of setup and teams available. Here goes with mine:) Kevche 1963 league for forumers. No buying from unmanaged,log in every 14 days. Season 6. Free teams... Division 1 Newcastle West Ham Monaco Division 2 Corinthians Fulham Accrington Norwich Hearts Hibs Kidderminister Boston Battle of the Tribes. Season 6 Squad only allowed 5 players rated 86-99 Division 1-Full Division 2 Clyde
  7. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Happy b/day Colin and it St Patricks day as well:)
  8. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Happy Birthday Steve,26:eek:,your still a youngster yet mate:),have a good one.
  9. Re: Gold Championship 1 News CELTIC WIN THEIR THIRD SCOTTISH CUP:) After a tense game against Hearts in which two players received red cards and a penalty shoot-out,Celtic got their hands on their third Scottish Cup winning 5-4 on pens after the game finished 1-1. Special guest at the Wembley showdown Sir Alex,presented the cup to the Celtic captain:)
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnjZ2QA1e-E One of the best versions i have seen of this on you tube Thin Lizzy Black Rose:)
  11. Re: Top 5 favourite Bands? At the moment... 1)AC/DC 2)Stiff little fingers 3)The Jam 4)The Men they couldn't Hang(Check these out Sam) 5)Westlife:o,herself keeps playing their songs and i kinda like them:o
  12. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Leamy Steve,the big 30 today!!! Well done mate!!,your catching me up. Have a good birthday Steve!!
  13. Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! Maybe copied and pasted but Bobo never misses his Rumour Thread' date='you just have to look at the number of views [b']18,846 [/b]too see how popular it is and without him and the likes of him this forum would be a waste of time.Please think before you post next time:)
  14. Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! Chelsea are likely to decide by the weekend when Didier Drogba should undergo a knee operation that is likely to sideline him for several weeks after a scan revealed the 29-year-old needs surgery. (Telegraph) :rolleyes:Oh Yea wouldn't be anything to do with an up and coming African trip;)
  15. Re: Right now i'm listening to... :DHa amazing!!!!!,just had a lizzy moment myself,Black rose classic!!!!!!!!!!!! side note.......used to fancy this lass called Roseline at the time the song was out,never got away with her:(,but dated her sis for a while:)
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