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  1. Re: Creme "your shout" DOYLER'S BACK:) Yes Kev D is back in Creme:p Real Madrid made the call and Kev happily accepted,just getting to know the team. Need a 90 plus RM willing to trade,Van the Man is off limits:p
  2. Re: Battle of the tribes setup SEASON 7 BEGINS:) DIVISION 1 Derry(Kev) 2-2 Glentoran(Jamie) Exeter(George) 1-1 Hamilton(Gazlad) Raith(Gordon) 2-1 Drogheda(Tom S) Airdrie(Colin) 2-1 Portadown(Muntasir) Linfield(Cally) 0-0 Llanelli(Unmanaged) Cork(Omer) 0-0 Livingston(Shels) Bumper crowds turned out for the opener of the new Tribes season and were not disappointed with some cracker games played. By evidence of the scores it is gonna be a tight season and hard to call a winner!! Scottish sides Raith and Airdrie were the only first day winners and last seasons big two Livi and Linfield
  3. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - (Qualifying) - Group 2 Just a few quick points:) Oh how things can change so quickly in the world that is the SM Forum:) Which is a good thing and its nice to see alot of these regular new faces getting their well deserved praise in this well run fun:) competition by Tom. For those who don't know DR DX or Eazy or Bristol Rovers Nutter or Grant or a few other names he went by has been a long term user of the forum. Although not as active now(Like myself) he was a legend in the early days and some of his posts used to make me laugh out loud at the pc screen:D.
  4. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- MATCHDAY 9 DIVISION 1 Wins for... Bayern(Teje),Juventus(Ruud),Spurs(Cally),Arsenal(Sam),West Ham(Unmanaged)and Real Madrid(Shels). Looking like a 0ne or two horse race even at this early stage with Shels Real piling up the points with only Ruuds Juve keeping in contention. Callys Spurs move to 5th and Tejes Bayern pull clear of the bottom scrap. Player of the turn... Fred for Callys Spurs,an impressive brace!! and a perfect 10:) DIVISION 2 Wins for... Hibs,WBA,Accrington,Hearts and Corinthians(All unmanaged:rolleyes:) Ajax(Robbie),MK Dons(Geor
  5. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Yes if possible all managers please nominate their 5 players before transfer window closes on turn 2. DERRY CITYS 5 STAR PLAYERS Artur Boruc--GK---91 Klass-Jan-Huntelaar--CF--92 Jose Bosingwa--RB--92 Karim Benzema--F/W--93 Gennaro Gattuso--CM/RM--95 Gattuso named Derry captain for the forth coming season.
  6. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- MATCHDAY 8 DIVISION 1 Wins for.. Atletico(Sheena),Juvetus(Ruud),Real(Shels),Liverpool(Kev),West Ham(unmanaged)and Valencia(unmanaged). A first win this season for Sheenas Atletico lift them of the bottom,Shels Real still blaze away unbeaten and Ruuds Juve keep themselves in contention. Another win for my Pool lifts them to 11th:) Player of the turn.. Hard to pick any one outstanding but it goes to.. Nuno Maniche of Sheenas Atletico who scored their 3rd goal in their first win this season. DIVISION 2 Wins for.. Norwich(um),Accrington(um),Ajax(R
  7. Re: Leeds United FC Becchio,any thoughts?? Has scored well in Spain,albeit third tier football,has been on the books of some impressive sides like Boca,Barca,Mallorca. Will he hack it in Div 1??
  8. Re: The birthday/anniversary/congartulations thread. Cheers Tom luv the cake:D Everyone else thanks for the messages:) To tell the truth i actually forgot it was today:rolleyes:,45 and the Alzimers is setting in already:D.
  9. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- MATCHDAY 7 DIVISION 1 Wins for.... Bayern(Teje),Juventus(Ruud),Arsenal(Sam),Celtic(Unmanaged),Real(Shells)and Barcelona(Alan). Shells continues his impressive start with Ruud and Sam in chase.Alans Barca pick up a good win to move to 5th while Tejes Bayern lift themselves out of the danger zone with a good win. Player of the turn... Kaka for Ruuds Juventus who has hit 6 in 8 games since his move from Milan. DIVISION 2 WINS FOR... Villa(Unmanaged)MK Dons(George),WBA,Corinthians(Unmanaged),Kidderminister(Unmanaged),Chelsea(King),Ajax(Robbie)and Wo
  10. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Ok new season approaching soon:) Its been a bit hard to get enforced rules to work in this setup at times but last season was a sucess regarding rules etc.I think the transfer window helped that and would like to keep this option in. The big difficulty was the number of players rising above the 85 limit and with teams not being able to play them or sell them i think Col's idea should work. So if there are no objections here is how i think it should work. RULES FOR SEASON 7 Each team must have only 5 star players rated 86-99 at the start of the season.Thes
  11. Re: Battle of the tribes setup LMAO Posted a pic of Rangers fans instead of Linfield fans in my previous post:rolleyes: Well anyway it was dark and in bad light(or even good light) it is very hard to tell the difference between Linfield fans and Rangers fans:). Well thats my excuse and i'm sticking by it:) Anyway rectified the pic and Linfield fans now in place. Sorry to me old mucker Cally. PS Bet the rest of yous wouldnt have noticed the difference:D
  12. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- SEASON 7 MATCHDAY 6 DIVISION 1 Wins for.... West Ham(unmanaged),Liverpool(Kev),Leeds(Colin),Real(Shels),Cork(Steve),Barcelona(Alan),Newcastle(unmanaged) and Valencia(Daniel). Shels Real are building up a head of steam very early this season and now have 18 points,5 clear of the field!!(That title lose last season really hurt the Dublin manager) Colins Leeds power to 6th and Alans Barca move to 7th. Steves Cork are up to 9th and its first wins for Daniels Valencia and my Liverpool:) Early days but Sheenz Atletico are struggling without a win so far.
  13. Re: Battle of the tribes setup SEASON 6 ENDS IN DRAMATIC FASHION!!! Tribes season 6 ended last night in dramatic fashion,it still has all the thrills and action that make it one of the best setups on SM:) LINFIELD CROWNED CHAMPS FOR SECOND TIME!! Yes the final game of the season seen Cally's Linfield and Shells Livi go head to head with the winner taking the title. At a packed Almondvale these two legendary managers came head to head and the crowd were served up a feast. Before even Shells had time to acknowledge the Liv fans cheers,Callys Blue Boys raced into a 1-0 lead after 11mins tha
  14. Re: Battle of the tribes setup BOSINGWA SIGNS FOR DERRY:) Great news for the Derry faithful as Jose Bosingwa decided to join Derry in the Battle of the Tribes:) Manager Kev was delighted with this signing and says he will make his debut in the final game of the season. As a new season approachs managers are reminded that the transfer window is open and will close after game 2 of the new season.Also it is hoped that play offs will be available for next season,so with a few clubs needing managers get yourself into the Tribes:) Good luck to everyone for the final game of the season tommo
  15. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- Season 7 has began and we are entering the 6th game of the season. Still free teams available for this long standing setup now in its 7th season including div 1 sides Celtic,Man U and Newcastle!! Regular reports should be up and running again now i have net back on line:) Liverpool news....and it aint going so well ,bottom of the table after 5 games but i,m back on the trainning ground and the only way is up as they say. One new signing so far..Uragyian starlet Mathias Cardaccio who is an exciting prospect for the future at Anfield. Other news...
  16. Re: Creme "your shout" Lost my Marseille due to an extra ordinary chain of events!! But Hey all the best to Paul in his new management role and Cally has promised me first dibs on any free teams so Kevche should be back to the Creme in the future:) Just thought i would brighten your days with my tale of woe:) First of an Electric storm hits sleepy South Down. Bang!!! goes the Phone and Broadband:eek: Two days later BT engineer arrives to fix phone and promises Broadband should be on soon,however in my excitment i forgot to escort him past our guard dogs and he was ambushed:eek: Af
  17. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Missed a heap of games due to net loss:rolleyes:, but i see My Derry are looking at their highest finish yet:eek:(should go away more often:D) And they have lost 4 out of their last 5 games:eek:,With the final game approching and the transfer window re opened:),it looks like me old buddy Callys Blues heading for another title with only Shels Livi standing in their way. And congrats to Gazlads Hamilton for the div 2 title:). More detailed reports when i catch up on my backlog:cool:
  18. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Liam Smith back in charge of Llanelli!! After a short break,Liam finds himself back in charge of Welsh side Llanelli and finds himself in 3rd place in div 2 pushing for promotion:) Other news that Portadown may soon find a new manager has been unconfirmed with rumours that Liam LUFC has inquired about the job:). Cliftonville and Bohemians are still in the market for new bosses and applicants should post here.
  19. Re: Battle of the tribes setup MATCHDAY 12 DIVISION 1 Wins for... Cork(Sheena),Glentoran(Jamie),Derry(Kev)and Linfield(Cally). Callys Linfield hit the front after their win over Georges Exeter.Livi,Raith and Airdrie drop points so Derry and Glentoran close in on the chasing pack. Exciting division this season with many potential winners already,with Callys Linfield flexing their muscles and looking for a second Tribes title its gonna be hard to call. Tom is back in charge at St Johnstone and will be looking to pull them from the drop zone. In Div 2 Gazlads Hamilton march on and are now
  20. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- MATCHDAY 28 DIVISION 1 Wins for... Newcastle(Tom),Arsenal(Sam),Monaco,Chelsea(King??),West Ham,Celtic,Real Madrid(Shels). Bit confused on the managerial front:confused: Tom has taken over at Newcastle,King(??Whoever that is) has taken Chelsea,Daniel is back with Valencia and i have changed the password:p:) Back to the action,Two games left and Arsenal are Champs!! So congrats to Sam for the double in his first season as Arsenal boss,great achievment there by Sam and gives the rest of us a benchmark for next season. Shels looks to have got the runne
  22. Re: Battle of the tribes setup MATCHDAY 11 DIVISION 1 Wins for... Glentoran(Jamie),Linfield(Cally),Exeter(George)and Derry(Kev). Shels Champs Livi beat for only the second time this season by Callys Linfield.Georges Exeter move into first spot and confidence is high after four wins on the bounce for the South of England side. Elsewhere Jamies Glens and my Derry get much needed wins to keep them ahead of the drop zone!! Player of the turn... Agbonlahor of Georges Exeter recieving his player of the month award and some relative? of George's accepting his manager of the month award:) D
  23. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- MATCHDAY 27 DIVISION 1 Wins for.... Man U(Muntasir),West Ham,Bayern(Teje),Celtic,Liverpool(Kev),Inter(Fawwaz),Juventus(Ruud)and Arsenal(Sam). Looks like Sams Arsenal are about to celebrate an historic double with 3 games left.Shels Real hit their bad patch at a bad time of the season and one more win for Arsenal should secure the title. The battle for 3rd spot is between Teje,Ruud and Cally withe Tejes Bayern side losing only 4 games this season so far the best record in the league,if they can turn those draws into wins they may be champs next season.
  24. Re: Battle of the tribes setup MATCHDAY 10 DIVISION 1 Wins for.. Cork(Sheena),Airdrie(Colin),Livingston(Shels),Exeter(George),Raith(Gordon) and Derry(Kev). Cork move out of the bottom 3 as Sheenas side get a vital win.Shels Livi still lead the way with Georges Exeter now up to 2nd. Player of the turn.. Mario Balotelli for Shels Livi who hit a fantastic hat trick. DIVISION 2 Wins for... TNS(Steve),Cliftonville,Llaneli,Portadown(All unmanaged)and Hamilton(Gazlad). Gazlads Hamilton continue their reign at the top followed by a few unmanaged minefields:eek:. Steves TNS get their 3rd
  25. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- MATCHDAY 25 DIVISION 1 Wins for... Valencia(Unmanaged),Arsenal(Sam),Monaco(Unmanaged),Man U(Muntasir),Spurs(Cally),Real(Shels) and Newcastle(Unmanaged). Setup sadly:( only half full with Top teams looking managers like Chelsea,Newcastle,Valencia,Celtic to name a few. In the league it looks like Arsenal or Real Madrid for the title with 5 games left.Chelsea are in danger of relegation if they don't get a new boss!! Player of the turn.. Paul Scholes Man U,impressed new boss Muntasir. Division 2 Wins for... Cork(Steve),Rangers (Bobo) and a host of
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