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  1. just bumping this for anyone interested
  2. Top Gameworld and the social side of it eliminates any type of cheating. The video side has also taken it to the next level of SM managing and it feels more like real life than just a management game. The group is also on private so you never have to worry about real life friends or family stumbling across videos of you talking about your teams etc... There was also a social meet up in Bristol last year in which over 15 managers attended and shared a couple of nights out on the town together this was a fantastic experience and there is another meet scheduled for later on this year again in Bristol. You will quickly form friendships here and some of these people I also now class as real life friends. Had it not been for VMA then I probably would've walked away from SM by now and I've been playing since 2006.
  3. Pinned the thread to the top now.
  4. Looking good lads. I’ll get on this later.
  5. Please keep on track for what the thread is here for... I have spent the last 20 minutes cleaning up the last few days and appropriate action has been taken. It's not the first time this thread has gone off topic so can I please remind you all to stay on it.
  6. Unfortunately Forum Admin can't help with anything ingame. We are not associated with the ingame. All we can do is look at forum issues.
  7. Hello Thorgan, I've tried all I can to make the page flow for you. PM me if you have any other issues.
  8. Icardi won't play for Argentina until Messi retires. Messi has a personal hate for Icardi.
  9. Seeing the recent changes I am hoping Lenglet makes 90 now. Got a good chance?
  10. Benatia another who I thought may have risen, stand out defender for Juve this season.
  11. You will need to raise it as a bug ticket in game. You can do this by clicking on the cog button in the far right corner.
  12. Hello John, No admin on the forum can help with ingame player ratings.
  13. Was hoping Icardi would squeeze 93 but looking unlikely now.
  14. Can I just remind all to stay on topic please.
  15. Good to see you back Jack.

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    2. swanseajack


      Cheers. I've taken over Woking in EC33333, and I'll keep my eyes peeled on the other two. 

    3. swanseajack


      Is there any additional rules for the Professional Scouting League that I should know about?

    4. Mr Noisy

      Mr Noisy

      just the rules that are currently in place no buying over 80 and no buying over 25s.

  16. Oh what's that? Arsenal are off to Wembley again
  17. I'm in dont mind Germany myself.
  18. @Sir Rahul whats your thoughts on Sakho keeping his 90 at Palace? I know he has missed some games this season through injury but he made a real impact with them last season.
  19. The English Football League 4 Divisions of 20 teams (Championship,League 1 and 2,Conference and lower) NO BPL TEAMS means more choice Externally 20m starting budget (can be discussed) Challenging league with some of SMs best managers involved Concerns will be on from 1st season SMFA will be turned off meaning I need to trust all managers joining
  20. SM changed it a while back so when you sold to external for cash they were made available quicker to buy. I am constantly keeping a eye out in all my worlds now.
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