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  1. 2 hours ago, Middle_Finger said:

    Guys will Icardi have a future in Argentine national team? It's a choice between him and Sterling, but can Icardi reach 94-95 just playing for inter? There's Simeone, Correa(who started the season well), Lauturo, Dybala, et al. Can Icardi be a regular for national side? 

    Can anybody shed a light how Icardi is perceived after the WC debacle? 

    Icardi won't play for Argentina until Messi retires. Messi has a personal hate for Icardi.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Soccahappy said:

    Ahhh I never twigged that Noisy! Learned something. Your sure Externals never have 7days then??

    SM changed it a while back so when you sold to external for cash they were made available quicker to buy.

    I am constantly keeping a eye out in all my worlds now.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Monolithic said:

    The fact that he's been bought by a Championship club and gone straight into their first team shows that he is obviously better than League Two level though. Therefore it's not unreasonable to think that his rating should be higher than League Two level as well.

    Bogle was playing Non League last year, has only had 6 months in League Two (which is a poor league) and has played 1 and a half games for his new Club in the Championship.

    Hence why I said if he continues until the end of the season then a 78/80 wouldn't go a miss, You can't give him a Championship rating after only 113 mins of Football in that league.

    +8 would be too big of a jump in one hit.

    Akinde is a good example to use aswell he has also scored 19 League Two goals this season and scored 23 League Two goals last season and 31 goals in the Non League the season before that, yet he is only rated at 73.

    The difference between the two strikers is minimal and it doesn't represent a 5 point gap in ratings.

    Akinde was also linked to the Championship in January and I have no doubts that he will follow Bogle there at the end of the season.


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