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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... In one of my long running regular gameworlds, Dortmund just became unmanaged. I'm probably only going to be able to nab one of these players, so who do i sign? Hummels, Reus or Lewandowski? I'm covered in all areas, so it really comes down to who is the best. I cannot decide.
  2. Re: The New Players Thread Anyone know anything about Aju Madger? I've done a little research but cannot find any personal opinions on him.
  3. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Sad indeed. You look at Milan's team and why you wouldn't want to make room for him in that team is beyond me.
  4. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. My fantasy teams suck - On paper i should have won week 1 at a canter. Crazy 1st week - I have Jamaal Charles in two teams also, and i just wonder already if those Chiefs are going to struggle this season, especially with Derrick Johnson out on defense.
  5. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Sorry, this might be old news but i've been a bit out of the loop recently. Why did Cristante leave Milan for Benfica!? Am i missing something? I was just looking through some stats and noticed he's playing for Benfica these days. Surely Milan are insane to let that kid leave?
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 45m + Alexis Sanchez + Alcantara Rafinha for Luis Suarez? I would be getting Suarez.
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have Marcelo, Alaba and Alba in my team and need to get rid of one of them. Which one should i sell?
  8. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. I'm pretty happy with the Seahawks picks. Paul Richardson teaming up with Harvin is going to scare the living daylights out of opposition defenses. Quickest WR pairing? Classic Pete Carroll draft really, trading down to acquire more picks and i have every faith we'll turn some of those lower draft choices into great players. I'm really curious to see how the QB's do this year from the draft. Bortles, Manziel, Bridgewater. The Vikings got a steal with Teddy at 32.
  9. Re: The Official NBA Thread Ah man, i really wanted the Clippers to beat the Thunder. I cannot see Indiana stopping Miami, they just seem to be really solid this year.\ Thunder went 4-0 over the Spurs in the regular season, but the Nets also went 4-0 over the Heat. I'd like the Spurs to win, just to give that trio one last shot at a title.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have Cavani, Falcao, Diego Costa, Neymar, Suarez and Benzema. I need to sell at least one. Who should i sell?
  11. Re: UFC Official Thread Lots of talk about him fighting Jones, but we'll see.
  12. Re: The Official NBA Thread I love Dame. The kid has ice running through his veins. What a shot.
  13. Re: UFC Official Thread Man, you lot are firing up this thread again. It's good to see some debates going on! Mousey, i actually forgot just how stacked the lightweight division is. You're right, it's full of killers! I've briefly read over the last few pages so i apologize if I've missed parts of the debate, but right now MMA is UFC. A couple of years ago there was other promotions, but right now UFC has almost a monopoly hold on MMA, and given that they have the Ultimate Fighter series, they also lure in the best up-and-comers before they slip through to another promotion. Anyone who wants to make it, has to join the UFC.
  14. Re: The Official NBA Thread Man, without a doubt these are already the best playoffs i can remember.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I need to sell Falcao or Benzema. Who should i sell?
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