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  1. Check about Giampaolo,Pazzini, With Toni already left and Bojinov on the move, Pazzini and Mutu will be the start FW of Fiorentina next season. He's now rated as 86, will definitly go up to 88-89 after Sep. BTW: Vieri will be his substitute.
  2. As a Chinese, I'm glad to hear so many praise for Dong from you guys. Dong is a kind of fringer player when he was in his Chinese club Dalian Shide before he came to Man U. Many Chinese even don't know his name until Man U announced they signed this young man. However, the first year he went to Belgium, he became a essential part of the team and finally became the most scorer of the year for Anterwp. You can see how fast he grow.
  3. He surely deserve it. Anyway watch any person that score more than 5 goals until now. Such as Arizmendi in Deportive, he rate from 85 to 87 and he only scored 3 goals. Rigano deserve a rate to 87-89
  4. I don't think this guy gonna be a star like Crouch. Chinese football is in the lowest level of near 10 years, so I really don't think anyone would deserve a regular place in Top 5 Euro League. If have to mention one, I'll call Zhengzhi, the Chinese National Team Captain. If you don't know him, I'm sure it can recall your image if I say that he broke Cisse's leg in the friendly match before WC2006. Anyway, Zhengzhi is the top player in China, and I'll say he definitly better than Sun jihai.
  5. Carrick would be the second J.Cole or Lampard.
  6. Dear Bobo, you know this is business, some deal done in high price some done in low. We just sent some messages and bargain for the players price and finally I got him in 12M which I think is a lower price. The seller needs money and I need Maxi. It's a fair one, no cheat no lie. We both agree on the deal. Why the chairman have right to ruined my effort to get such a good player with lower price to the club.
  7. This kind of chairman is awesome I'll tell ya my story, one week ago, When Maxi Roderiguez is still rated as 91, I conclude a deal with the seller and give him 12M. This trade is working. However, unfortunately, the seller has 18 players(lowest player numbers limit)left so I can't get Maxi. I think it's Ok and offered the seller the same money again and while Maxi becomes 92...The seller agreed But this time the chairman just came out and blocked the trade... I'm so confused and angry that this deal should be done one week ago. But now, with the buyer and seller agree on the deal, the damn chairman let me down...How can this happen!!
  8. I just want to know its an AI or person? If its an AI, what's his standard of judging a trade. Cause I just got 2 normal trades blocked by this socalled chairman.
  9. I was supposed to get 2 deals done but the chairman always jump out and block ed my trade. May I ask who the chairman is? He's an AI or a person? And What's his standard of judging a trade?
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