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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings anybody with a prediction or stats for Eguren with Villareal??? Will appreciate it ;)
  2. Re: ISLA, Mauricio 88 this time around?
  3. Re: German Changes Anyone got a prediction rating/stats on NICU, Maximilian with Hertha Berlin. Rated 84 at the moment. Help appreciated
  4. Re: German Changes Any info on what demel with hamburg will rise to. Help appreciated
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings David Prieto of Sevilla to rise??? Soldado of Getafe to rise also?? Thoughts appreciated
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings appreciated anybody with other thoughts on Susaeta??
  7. Re: Eredivisie impressive risers top 9 + feyenoord what will pocognoli rise to?
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings Any predictions for Susaeta with Bilboa?? Will appreciate repllies
  9. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction Great threads on the forum lately (and not just from the usual good posters, i.e insider, benreado etc, which is a bonus). Keep it going. Whos next and when they being done
  10. Re: Brede Hangeland Definite 89. Outstanding this season!!!
  11. Re: Gozgoz8 rating prediction: ALL PLAYERS FROM ALL COUNTRY!!!(including Youth player
  12. Re: Spanish Player Ratings Sometimes some people can prove theres hope for us all!!!! eh spanish keith. spanish Think about it for a second and it might come to you "SPANISH" = Spain, "Spanish players etc etc.
  13. Re: Gozgoz8 rating prediction: ALL PLAYERS FROM ALL COUNTRY!!!(including Youth player super thread. repped
  14. Re: Changes to Cambiasso, Seedorf, Zanetti, Albelda, Camoranesi Albelda to drop????? He's played 18 games for Valencia and is doing excellently this year. Will definetely stay!!!
  15. Re: Tomas Necid!! Czech Sensation what is expected rise?
  16. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited (2008/09) Is brazil finished? BRUNO AGUIAR, Henrique CB for figurense hasn't risen despite starting 18 games, 2 as a sub, clocking up 1660 minutes and scoring 1 goal. Rated 75 i believe he should rise 83/84.
  17. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Ratings Cris with Lyon to 92??? has most appearnces and minutes for lyon who are top of french league
  18. Re: Vertonghen Bump. Now rated 88. Any predictions for upcoming ratings. Can he make 90??? Help appreciated
  19. Re: Kanoute or Luis Fabiano appreciated Totti417. Any other views similarly appreciated!!!
  20. Help needed as to a player swap. All helpful replies (maybe with stats) will be apprecited with soccermanager thanks;) Which is the better bet to hold their rating or increase. Kanoute or Luis Fabiano. Looking to do a player swap deal for either of the above players but dont know which player to accept.
  21. Re: Stephen Ireland under-rated! (On SM) i think you didnt search hard enough
  22. Re: Alan DZAGOEV dzaga does it again
  23. Re: Frederic nimani anyone got an update on this guy. What rating is he heading for? help will be appreciated!!
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