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  1. Re: This is hilarious.. You're not the only one. My River Plate team is now down to it's reserves, indeed my forward line is now 2nd or 3rd reserves. Managed to lose 3 players in a game including injuries and reds...It seems that every decent player gets injured....
  2. Re: Oh, dear God! Same happened to me last night however the first thing I did was check the reputation of my opponent and lo and behold it's 41....In theory new players should not be able to outplay experienced players however if they lost every game they'd quit. Hence I bet there's a little adjustment to the engine that kicks in when a new player joins...ie win a few games, rope your mates in to join and pay for your own set-up. By then you'll hopefully have gained some experience and are winning games by genuine means. SM will never admit to this however I am 100% certain it happens. Every time I have a crazy loss to a rubbish team it's always a guy with rep of 40/41. Just move on....
  3. Re: IMPORTANT - Tactic Formation "Breaktime" Hard to say if it's "true" although the same happens to me all of the time. ie As a rule of thumb 3-5-2 beats 4-4-2 however every now and again 3-5-2 will lose game after game to 4-4-2. Your bad patch can be at the start of the season or the end however at some stage the dreaded change will happen. I guess a couple of issues kick in. 1) In real life if you play the same way then opponents get wise to it and adapt...ie the first 10 games under Scolari, Chelsea were fantastic and playing more exciting footie than even the likes of Arsenal. All of a sudden Chelsea start drawing with clubs outside the top 4 and losing at home to those within the top 4. The tactics change and then all of a sudden Chelsea are winning again. In SM maybe the same logic applies...ie play the same way for "x" games and then all of a sudden you'll lose as your opponents have "got wise". Obviously in an SM world your opponent is more often than not the AI hence maybe the AI get's intelligence forcing managers to actually manage their teams. 2) Under the old engine Non managed clubs played 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 was the best defence. Under the new engine unmanaged clubs play 4-5-1, 4-4-2, 4-3-3 etc and whilst 3-5-2 generally works against 4-4-2 it's not necessarily the default defence against 4-3-3 as 4-3-3 provides 3 attackers against your 3 defenders. Personally when I start to see a pattern emerging with a particular defense then I'll change my tactics. I've 12 teams and 11 generally play 3-5-2 (the other plays 4-3-3 wingers as I lost game after game with 3-5-2 hence changed). As and when 3-5-2 starts to lose games that I should be winning then I'll change, maybe playing 3-4-1-2, 4-3-2-1, 4-4-2 or even 4-3-3 (wingers). I then give my revised opening 5-6 games and then revert back to 3-5-2 if needs be. Most of the leagues I'm in are not actively managed hence I don't subscribe to the belief that the opposing manager has changed tactics and that's why you / I lost. Very rarely do i see any manager who will chop & change depending on opponent, indeed I rarely do this myself as setting a team and substitution policy becomes very time consuming if you change your formation every game.
  4. Re: Stadium Building Not convinced as attendence now seems to be linked to what the team gets in real life hence Man Utd teams at the bottom of div 2 get 70,000 yet my fluminense team gets 25,000 in div 1, even though they've a stadium that holds 90,000+. People moan about changes etc that SM make to the game however linking your attendance to what the real life teams gets is the worst change. I recently saw a piece about taking a minnow (Darlington) to div 1 and how wonderful it was....well let me tell you, you can forget about anyone else ever doing that as Darlington only get 2,000 in real life hence they'll now get that in Dv 1.
  5. Re: 40 mill for modric Seeing as he's just broken his leg he won't be playing again this season so his rating is not going up..
  6. Re: playing unmanaged teams I play 3-5-2 virtually all of the time...3 CB's a midfield of RM / AM / DM / CM / LM and a F / CF up front. Generally as I am stronger I go for attacking and a fast tempo with attacking through the middle. If my wide players are not LM / RM but Wingers then I have mixed attacking. I put an arrow on my RM pointing forwards & towards the middle, I do the same for my LM and also my AM. My DM has an arrow pointing back towards my own goal and my CM has an arrow pointing towards my AM (ie filling the gap that he will leave when he attacks). If I use Wingers then I use arrows pointing up the pitch (ie straight down the flanks). Set CF as Target man, press all over, if their attack is worse than your defence then play offside however if their attackers are stronger then don't play offside. Generally very successful although every now and again I'll lose with these tactics. Overall though I'll win 8/10 against unmanaged with these tactics. and good luck...
  7. Re: why can't I win? As you don't seem to have a dedicated LM or RM then you'll have to play with wingers in a 3-5-2. This is still ok however not as effective as playing with dedicated wide players. I'd suggest you use the arrows to point forwards plus go for a mixed style. If you had and LM and a RM then point the arrows towards the centre and attack through the middle. Simple stuff...always play to your strengths.
  8. Re: Aarrgghh, injuries Whilst possession is good, a lot also depends on the formations and tactics....eg short/fast/attacking will generate lots of shots however your attackers will shoot at distance whereas a more reserved approach like short/slow will hopefully keep possession and therefore hopefully your forwards will get shots when closer to goal, improving your chances of scoring. Injuries can be a pain (excuse the pun) however as Smartdoc says, we've all been there and we've all lost players, indeed including red cards I've lost 3 players before in a match.(ouch!)
  9. Re: SM taking the mick I must admit I was pleased that the A1 made the change as the AI had put a random rubbish player in goal and I would like have been stuffed. As it was I got the points and it certainly foced me to always check if and when I change the goalie. Funnily enough I swapped Jaskalinan for Friedal + cash in another league, saw the AI had stuck a random outfielder in goal and was considering doing it again however bottled out in the end and physically put Friedal in goal. I've seen a number of examples where people have obviously changed formations and then found that the CF becomes a LM or the CB ends up as a CM etc. Personally I don't have a problem with the AI kicking in and correcting things. I do find it a little weird though that the AI kicks in at times yet, if a players is recalled from loan, or swapped out then the AI always puts a random player in that position. That's more annoying to me than the A1 correcting obvious errors.
  10. Re: SM taking the mick Happened to me and it refered to a goalie. I'd swapped my main goalie for another and as it was a straight swap assumed the new goalie would automatically end up in goal and not checked to see that this had happened. Unfortunately this did not happen and the AI put a random player in goal resulting in the same message. Fortunately it was at a time when it was almost impossible to beat unmanaged teams hence I ended up with the A1 setting my formation and players and I picked up the 3 points.
  11. Re: Great tip for beginners I've tried this and I've done the opposite, ie selling a 20+ goal striker to a higher division team. A guy rated 89/90 in Div 3 and scoring lots of goals is not necessarily going to maintain the same scoring record in a higher division. Good way to cash in as people see someone scoring for fun and assume he'll do the same if he is playing for a Div1/2 team, when the reality is he will not.
  12. Re: thomas hitzlsperger Also when the German ratings were reviewed, Stuttgart weren't doing too well and a number of their players went down (I've also a Stuttgart team) whereas they finished 3rd in the end. I'd keep him for the time being as you will get prize money in a couple of weeks once the season is over. Also....whilst there is no sentiment in business I'd not deal with someone who I didn't like. I've 3 clowns in one of my leagues who have openly admitted in the news that they have manipulated the transfer market by overpricing / underpricing sales between them and I've now stated on the news that I won't do business with them. Stick to you guns and tell him to take a hike (politely.!).
  13. Re: Carlo Ancelotti:How Long Will He Last? The only Chelsea managers over the last 20-30 years that i can think of who were loved by all the fans are Jose and Gus. Doubt if Jose will return to the promised land but as for Gus, well he's a man of honour and the world cup is next summer and he's committed to Russia until then. The fact Zhirkov is off to the Bridge does not surprise me. Reckon if Ancelotti delivers the Champions League then he'll be off in the summer anyway when Gus returns. As for Grant, personally I reckon he did a fine job as when he took the team over the club were struggling for goals. Sure they missed out on Silverware however they should have won the CL and gave United some scares in the league.
  14. Re: How to win cups Yep tend to agree. It had been quoted in another guide along with 3-2-2-2-1 as the ultimate solution to the problem of unmanaged clubs. Under the old engine I did have some success with 3-2-2-2-1 incorporating the recommended tactics however managed to lose game after game once the engine changed a few months ago...I gave up and reverted to 3-5-2 and have enjoyed a lot of success since. Sir Metz's guide still holds tremendous value under the new engine accepting that Ive structured my squads to cope with a limited number of formations and therefore have never played some formations. Cup / League games v's unmanaged now are always 3-5-2 and judging by the league positions I enjoy I can vouch for it's effectiveneness.
  15. Re: Why are lots of teams not being taken in newer leagues? I've got 13 clubs in leagues ranging from about 10 managed teams to about 40. Unfortunately people get hooked, invite their friends and therefore want their own set-up, plus as so many leagues have been created most people want immediate success and club hop across leagues. I took my gold membership about a year ago and joined WC's in the rang 2500 however now we're up to 6,000 ish +. With up to 80 teams a league the addition of several thousand new leagues is going to increase the number of available clubs by hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately the increase in available clubs has not kept place with the number of new players resulting in most leagues being sparsley populated. I'd prefer it if the number of clubs you can manage increased over 3 as I'd happily take another club as no doubt would many players however SM are unlikely to give away such freebies as they want to encourage gold memberships.
  16. Re: Joshpez1997's soccermanager guide for football/Soccer With all due respects and not wishing to knock you however this seems to be the same as Sir Metz's guide. The reason why this seems a little obvious is the language and grammer you have used in your first post is completely different to the language and grammer used in your second post. As it is almost impossible to change the habits of a lifetime (ie spelling / grammer etc) this implies that two different people wrote these posts. Further I printed off Sir Metz's guide about a year ago and your post on formations is a word for word copy at times. Sorry....but plaigarism isn't good accepting that it doesn't hurt to re-inforce ideas. That being said, with the new engine and new tactics it is still a little too early to producing a guide on all formations as formations need testing and that comes over time. Sir Metz's guide still has value and that's why I refer to it from time to time.
  17. Re: Loaning players Positives - Players get games / morale improves and the other club playes the wages. Negatives - Players can get injured plus as I found out at the end of last season, none of the playes I loaned out returned to my clubs, even though it says that loans are for a season. The only way I could get my players back was to recall them manually whereas at the end of the previous season they had returned automatically. I reckon this must have been a bug as there is surely the danger that someone's contract may expire and then if you don't renew it then surely you'll lose the player..eek... I tend to loan players out quite a lot however if you do decide to do the same then bear the negatives in mind. Further, if a player is injured and gets sent back to you, then whatever you do, do not loan another player out to that club as I reckon it's really cheeky. That's a personal opinion however it's a standard policy for me.
  18. Re: How to win cups Another thing to bear in mind is that most div 2-4 clubs are unmanaged and therefore tend to play with a standard set of formations/tactics. As a result playing your normal 4-4-2 or 3-4-1-2 etc which may work for Div 1 may not work for these cup games. I always play 3-5-2 v's unmanaged although you could try 4-2-2-2 or 3-2-2-2-1 as have been recommended in the stickies. Personally if I get through the first couple of rounds then I tend to take cup games a little more seriously and will compromise my league matches in order to win in the cup and getting the right tactics is central to that.
  19. Re: Sergei Semak (Rubin Kazan) I generally play 3-5-2 and I'v bought him several times and he fits in no problems although in a 3-5-2 my midfield includes a CM and an AM. When I play him I aim for an AM alongside him. I really think he's a good buy and an absolute steal.
  20. Re: Can't seem to get it right? Personally I always check what my next opponent played in their last game as formations and tactics, even as well detailed earlier can be countered and therefore 4-3-3 may at times backfire. I used 4-3-3 wingers almost exclusively for my Valencia team (without David Villa) and won Div 1 in season 2 even though when I picked the team up in season 1 it was bottom of Div 2. I can therefore vouch for 4-3-3 wingers and can confirm that the tactics provided should work most of the time. That being said 4-3-3 wingers may not be best when your opponent plays something like 5-3-2 or 5-4-1 etc hence be careful. Conceptually I rarely play 4-4-2 as I don't rate it unless you're playing someone who goes for 3-4-1-2 in which case 4-4-2 always seems to bring home the 3 points.
  21. Re: How to win over unmanaged teams All I can say is 9 of my teams tonight have their results in and currently 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss and most of the games were v's unmanaged. My loss was against another managed club. I'm currently favouring 3-5-2 v's unmanaged and as long as they play a 4-4-2 / 4-4-2 diamond then i'm confident of some success. No magic bullet and i'm sure there are other formations that give good results however 3-5-2 seems to be holding up for now, accepting that no doubt within a few weeks all will change again....and before anyone thinks my average is 93+ it's not, indeed the strongest player I have in any team whose results are in is a miserly 92. Try 3-5-2 and have your RM and LM's arrowed towards the opponent's goal, have your CF and F pointing towards each other, have your DM arrowed back towards your own goal and have your AM arrowed centre/forwards. Make your CF your target man and ideally your AM as playmaker. I tend to play 3 CB's or a RB/CB, CB and LB/CB combi or variation thereof. I avoid pure RB's or pure LB's if I can.
  22. Re: How to win over unmanaged teams There is a sticky on tactics and it looks at unmanaged clubs however things have changed a little in that unmanaged clubs now use a variety of tactics. I don't think there is a standard tactic in order to improve your chances of winning hence it's almost like a game of rock / paper / scissors. Personally I go for the old favourite 3-5-2 accepting if the A1 puts out a 4-3-3 then the chances are you'll lose. I've not any experience of an unmanaged club playing the same formation as me as they don't play formations like 3-4-1-2 or 3-5-2 hence I cannot comment on why you specifically lost. I'm not convinced by 3-2-2-2-1 now as under the new engine I kept losing game after game and I've never played 4-2-2-2 although some have stated that it's a winning formation. As playing the same formation seems to favour the AI, I'd avoid using 4-4-2 / 4-3-3 / 4-5-1 as there is always the chance the unmanaged club will play the same way.
  23. Re: vs. 3-5-2 3-4-1-2 for me. You compete in the midfield however have the added advantage of an extra attacking player. Essentially 3-4-1-2 is like an improved 3-5-2. As a rule of thumb I've found 3-5-2 beats 4-4-2 4-4-2 beats 3-4-1-2 3-4-1-2 beats 3-5-2 The tactics play a part however there is no magic bullet as otherwise we'd all play the same way. Historically unmanaged would always play 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 was the magic bullet however it's all changed now and now unmanaged play 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1 etc.
  24. Re: How can I turn shots to goals? You can play Short/Slow v's unmanaged clubs, indeed I do it all of the time. short / fast is when (a) you outrate them ( they are unfit © they have a naff goalie. Short / Slow is for a more reserved approach when you are trying to turns shots into goals. Under the attacking mentality your players will aim for shots at every conceivable opportunity and whilst Lampard gets 20 goals a season from Midfield, not all are 20 yard screamers, indeed some are in the six yard box. If you reduce the tempo then your forwards will take shots when the odds are in their favour hence you may only end up with 5 shots, but most will be clear oportunities as opposed to pot shots from 30 yards. If your opponent is struggling for fitness or has a naff goalie then you can get away with taking pot shots, or if your attackers are very good. As a general rule of thumb, reduce the tempo down if their defence is as good as your attack...and yes, there are a couple of excellant guides that help, accepting that what works today may not work next week / next month. I played 3-2-2-2-1 for a while as this was the recommended line v's unmanaged clubs but reverted to 3-5-2 once that line began to falter. At present I've seen nothing to make me question the effectiveness of 3-5-2, indeed now I use it more than any other line. With sensible tactics 3-5-2 beats 4-4-2 4-4-2 beats 3-4-1-2 3-4-1-2 beats 3-5-2 Good luck
  25. Re: Match results in!?!?! Doesn't surprise me. My River Plate team used to get their results even earlier although now they are about 8.30ish. If its the early part of the season and you do not have many managed clubs then you may find the results come in pretty early.
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