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  1. Re: Transfer Market m8, it is already there for custom setups. It's up to the setup owner whether or not he wants to use transfer market.
  2. Re: Transfer Market As said, this option is already with the custom setups. And i don't see SM will introduce that to standard setups because managers are taking over new teams at any point during the season; then, they might want to improve the squad after they take over a new team.
  3. Re: Improve bid!!!! i think it's an absolute necessity especially with the players from unmanaged or unavailable to manage clubs. Great idea. and rep from me
  4. Re: Undisclosed fees. great idea. That'll be more realistic as some deals in real life remain undisclosed even after completion of the deal
  5. Re: Atacking Midfielders - Who to get?
  6. Re: David Villa for Carlos Tevez? Well, i would not sell Villa for Tevez. ALthough I like Tevez, I don't rate him higher than Villa. But if you desperately need money for Chilleni than may be you should sell villa and buy Tevez. It depends on how badly you want a defender
  7. Re: RB trouble it depends on who is available in your setup from unmanaged or unavailable to manage clubs. All the RBs mentioned are worth looking at. One more RB: Silvestri (from Lazio). He is only 86 right now but he will rise this season up to 88 probably by the end of this season. Hope this helps
  8. Re: The pazzini dilemma (rep for help!)
  9. Re: Who to choose as ur play maker
  10. Re: really is this true!!!!!! no way, m8. I mean may be they are having success in Div 3 then promoted to Div 2 then Div 1. But overall, it can't be true. I don't know where you are hearing these things but i don't think it's true on SM
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