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  1. Re: Transfer Market m8, it is already there for custom setups. It's up to the setup owner whether or not he wants to use transfer market.
  2. Re: Transfer Market As said, this option is already with the custom setups. And i don't see SM will introduce that to standard setups because managers are taking over new teams at any point during the season; then, they might want to improve the squad after they take over a new team.
  3. Re: Improve bid!!!! i think it's an absolute necessity especially with the players from unmanaged or unavailable to manage clubs. Great idea. and rep from me
  4. Re: Undisclosed fees. great idea. That'll be more realistic as some deals in real life remain undisclosed even after completion of the deal
  5. Re: Atacking Midfielders - Who to get?
  6. Re: David Villa for Carlos Tevez? Well, i would not sell Villa for Tevez. ALthough I like Tevez, I don't rate him higher than Villa. But if you desperately need money for Chilleni than may be you should sell villa and buy Tevez. It depends on how badly you want a defender
  7. Re: RB trouble it depends on who is available in your setup from unmanaged or unavailable to manage clubs. All the RBs mentioned are worth looking at. One more RB: Silvestri (from Lazio). He is only 86 right now but he will rise this season up to 88 probably by the end of this season. Hope this helps
  8. Re: The pazzini dilemma (rep for help!)
  9. Re: Who to choose as ur play maker
  10. Re: really is this true!!!!!! no way, m8. I mean may be they are having success in Div 3 then promoted to Div 2 then Div 1. But overall, it can't be true. I don't know where you are hearing these things but i don't think it's true on SM
  11. Re: Friendly Not Played then, SM should look into the problem as we are paying to play in GC's Also, we are relying on friendlies to test out new tactics/formation etc etc so, we are missing out this opportunity
  12. Re: Red Card action yeah, i was just suggesting an idea, m8. I know it's complicated. I, for one, think the red card's are fine at the moment. Also, just suggesting that the suspension should be increased instead of the club being fined when the appeal is turned down But i agree that the appeal system is complicated and it will again be random, i believe
  13. Re: Friendly Not Played
  14. Re: Help With Tactics Please! I would use 3-5-2 you have been using or if you are not getting results, you can try 4-3-1-2. Well, you need more players so that you can rotate your squad. The positions I think you need reinforcement are RB, CM and may be another CB. It depends on what budget you have. So how much do you have for transfers? Hope this helps
  15. Re: How to beat a team which is unbeaten for 20 games ? either 3-5-2 or 4-5-1 defensive should work also it depends on whether you have a good DM or not. If so, go for these formations. Use, counter-attack, short passing, and men behind the ball. But if you can post your team, that would be helpful too
  16. Re: How can I make my experience better?
  17. Re: Who to keep/sell from this huge squad ???? i can't see the youth squad. it's too small. for some reason, i can't increase the size. Anyway, from your very huge squad, definitely sell: Cucidini: he is not getting many chances this season and he is getting very old. Also, you have another great keeper in Asenjo. from the rest of your first team squad, pretty much keep everyone else. They are very good imo. From loaned out, definitely keep Asenjo, Kalou, Sulejmani, Mikel, De Jong, Thiago Neves, Sakho, Sinclair Hope this helps and yeah, very impressive squad, i must say
  18. Re: Looking for new suggestions about tactics? as Gizb pointed out, there is no formation other than 3-4-1-2 with your current squad. You definitely lack quality on the bench. How much budget you have? If you don't have much budget, sell 3 GK's and buy youngsters. Buy a RB, a DM, and a W at least. if your budget is tight try buying youngsters like Silvestri or Konko for RB, Banega for DM, etc. I don't know who's available so i am just giving out some names
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