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  1. Re: Is every Man U fan a glory supporter I support manchester united and i dont think we are glory supporters but some of us can be but they lie. Well im not because i live in manchester so noone can say nowt to me.
  2. i really want a good manchester united in a world championship or any of the top 5 best clubs in the world. If you reply i will only give you my details if i can trust you:) BTW: I dont want liverpool or arsenal because liverpool are scousers! and arsenal are pap.
  3. Who do you think is the best???
  4. read this if u want a liverpool in my custom setup but you have got to add me first though.
  5. Hi there David Beckham has moved club to Milan after all he is being payed for well thats a lot Milan wont be paying as much money as he was before so if you have any suggestions comment on this thread please.
  6. Who's better nani or anderson who will you say???? :eek:
  7. rav


    Re: Rooney rooney isnt the best in the world r u mental or summin
  8. Who's the world's best young superstar upto 25
  9. Which player shall i buy please select one thank you
  10. Re: Gold Championship 34 hey suckers mr.adamski dream on i got man u
  11. everyone please vote who the best England player is:cool:
  12. Hey people what formation shall i play with these players im only winning matches 1-0 so plz tell what formation i shall play please thanks. GK Casillias CB Nesta CB Puyol RB Lahm LB Zambrotta CM totti CM Xavi RM Quaresma LM Ribery and up front is Fwd Torres and fwd Etoo
  13. Plz get back to me on this question ronaldo,Torres or Messi or maybe Etoo
  14. Re: Which player is better? thanks ill put it in that section
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