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  1. newmania


    Re: Mugshots Yeah Sam, you look like you just finished watching teletubbies. What a wee youngun:p
  2. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers (Doorly Dubstep remix) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK4mlmMXP5k bloody loving this track right now:eek:
  3. Re: Right now i'm listening to... listening to Queens of the Stone Age. intense old school style rock, but very original...thats what i think.
  4. newmania

    But is it art?

    Re: But is it art? The thing is people confise graffiti with 'tagging'. Tagging is when the writers just put the signature on walls. this is what people consider vandalism and because of this they have begun to dislike graf as a whole. Tagging is the way writers get themselves known, to get a reputaion. Then comes the throw-ups, these are usually two colour graf pieces with a fill and a outline. If you go to the main page of http://www.paintingthetown.blogspot.com/ the first new posts are examples of throw-ups. After throw-ups you get pieces which can either be legal or illegal, legal is o
  5. newmania

    But is it art?

    Hey my fondly fanciful friendly fellow forumers. I was intersted to know if anyone in this expansive forum is, like myself, an appreciative member of graffiti? Some consider this "artform" vandalism, others, once again like myself, pure genius and creativity of the purest form. To see graf from my country, South Africa, go to http://paintingthetown.blogspot.com/search/label/Write4Gold%202007. THis is the premier graf comp of the year, the Write4gold 2007, with the top 8 crews in the country vying for a spot in the international comp. Take a look at the other areas while you are there. So my
  6. Re: Happy Birthday Sam!! Haps for your birthday samsternator ol chap!
  7. Re: HAPPY BDAY LEE!!! Happy birthday piemeister hope you dont choke and die:eek: on all the pies i mean
  8. newmania

    SM Friends!

    Re: SM Friends! NICE! I LIKE! lee u are a genius brought thru from yonder worlds ... incredibill! i love this show guy! nice touch with sam's barbie happy meal ... with carrots ...lol
  9. Re: YOUR 5 FAVOURITE BANDS/ARTISTS the rudimentals, 7th son, fuzigish, goldfish, the real estate agents[all south african] arctic monkeys, catch22, sublime,cypress hill, kottonmouth kings, infected mushroom, beastie boys, billy talent, bloc party, de la soul, immortal technique, jimi hendrix, the mad caddies, rage against the machine[ the world] pretty much
  10. newmania

    Cricket World Cup

    Re: Cricket World Cup As a South African i'd like to sympathise with all you enger-enger-english WOW! we actually won! but now we lose to the ozzys
  11. Re: Right now i'm listening to... The best 3rd wave ska band ever! Sublime one of the best bands to come out of Long Beach, California Santeria: and my favourite song What I Got: R.I.P Brad Nowell a great musician who od'd...
  12. newmania

    Cricket World Cup

    Re: Cricket World Cup Wow! This is the most praise us South Africans have ever gotten on a soccer website:eek: And everyone already knows we going to win so there's no need to carry on talking about it
  13. hey everyone how goes it just would like to know wat's the new happenings of SM. Shot a lot
  14. Re: nav's birthday Hey navsternator happy birthday matio from the deep south africa!!
  15. Oh MY god where is the greatest band in the world Tenacious D? not one of there songs...not even their new one The Pick of Destiny
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