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  1. Re: arsenal players are underrated And ermmmmmmm let me think who missed their penalty which nearly lost them the game. who scored the goal 2 take it 2 peneltys and the goals 2 get them there top goal scorer in the tournement
  2. Re: arsenal players are underrated anuf of this arguin cus its gettin us nowhere arsenals actions nxt season will speak louder than my wrds come comment on this forum in november time wen were sitin at the top of the table united without ronaldo dnt stand a chance biggest threat is chelsea we will win the league no probs remember this post november tym if im rong ill b first 2 say so
  3. Re: arsenal players are underrated jst 2 prove all u liverpool/england/people that no nothin bout football fan i have researched this season stats jst 2 spite u all gerrard/Fabregas goals 11/7 shots 45/27 assists 8/17 passes/complete passes 1657/1285 2319/1979 pass average 77%/81.7% tackles/complete 85/60 90/68 crosses per game 7/7 yellow card 3/9 red cards 0/0 tackle average 70.9%/75.56% interceptions 68/51 2 thigs gerrard wins ther unless u cont apperances 34/31 u mite try 2 argue bt stats dont lie
  4. Re: arsenal players are underrated i never said they were the best team in the world the best FOOTBALLING team which means they play the best football as a team man u rely on ronaldo chelsea and liverpool r 2 negative barcelona r the only team close 2 us real madrid grind out results italian teams r all **** the best 1 of them liverpool beat easy and theyer the wrst by far of the top 4 in england and obviosly fabregas is better than gerrard all us gips that disagree r all england or liverpool fans he won young player of the year ahead of ronaldo so he clearly CLOSE 2 him and ronaldo is the best player in the premiership yes he dives bt theres no doubtin hes class and gallas is a yap yes bt hes still a good defender thats nothin 2 do with his football
  5. almunia highest shot to save ratio in the premiership only 90 he shud go up +3 sagna won best right back of the year hes best in the prem mayb the wrld 91 +3 the 2 centerbacks ok well rated but clichy only 92 best left back in the world in my eyes aswell 95 fabregas 1 of the best players in the world 97-98 near ronaldo at least beter than gerrard adebayor 32 goals this season and is 4 ratin points behind rooney i think every1 will agree with me that adebayor is better 96 as 4 eduardo and van persie theres no doubtin the talent injury prone yes bt gr8 goal scorers 93-94 arsenal r treated as a second r8 team on this wen truthfully they r argubly the best footballin team in the world i think u shud sort these out and listen 2 me as i am very knowledgable wen it **** 2 footie
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