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  1. Re: Pato ..... Yeah i am going for a 92 Here are his seasons stats: 21 starts 6 subs Played 1881 minutes Scoring 14 goals
  2. Re: Champions League Draw Predictions Cheers mate Anyway i think that it will be Manchester United vs Barcalona Chelsea vs Porto Arsenal vs Bayern Munich Liverpool vs Villareal
  3. Re: Champions League Draw Predictions I dunno tbh but what time is the draw?
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC 35 : Santos Laguna 2 - 1 Atlas Charity Shield Delighted with the result
  5. Re: Gold Championship 35 Discussion/Match Reports Santos Laguna win Charity Shield 2-1
  6. Re: Weird SM Private Messages Yeah i have had one too Titled: Lazio looking for a player to loan Message: no i dont play it no more just checking u nob From Joe Cutlan Anyone had something like this??? They wind me up
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Overal i thought that the experience of Roma would have taken them through, but i was wrond Anyway all top 4 English clubs through
  8. Re: Savio NSEREKO (My humble thanks given) Yeah I would have to agree with the others here mate Keep him as I am sure that he is going to rise, good prospect If not make sure you get around 10m for him
  9. Re: Manchester United vs Internazionale - Discussion Thread My prediction is for Inter to go through; Either 2-1, 1-1 I think that they will have that little bit extra to take them through with that extra it of fight.
  10. Re: what time does your result come in at a cup game I havent noticed much difference and on average my results are in by 9 With or without cup.
  11. Re: Call of Duty WaW Official Thread! Mate i think you mean KD Well i hope so
  12. Re: HELP..! Ive been tucked up ! LOL right Overall i think that if the ticket doesnt work then you should just win Promotion through play offs, if you dont do it quick then it wont hapen because you need to do it before the play offs start And mr liucci is true dont slate people who hepl you, but I think that everyone has a right to their opinion
  13. Re: Team Rating? Yeah i think that this would be another good addition but how would the rating be decided Average player rating?
  14. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Has it been made yet?
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