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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread He has. But imo there's a lot more hope for Lovren coming good whereas Balo has shown to be unsuitable for our style and probably any other style for that matter. It's not enough that he takes focus away from Sturridge and leaves him in space, he has to be able to score as well. Lovren has not yet had a run for us in the back three and when he did play, there was a lot of chopping and changing in the back line. He can still become a decent player for us.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Hello. Not been here in a while but I think it might be safe to re-enter this thread now that "done a Spurs", "Suarez", "£100M" and "what is Rodgers doing?" don't seem to be appearing so often. I can understand rivals taking digs at us at the first possible moment but I was really disappointed with the short-sightedness of the Livepool fans. Not really referring to anyone particular here but there were plenty of people on Twitter who genuinely thought that Rodgers should be sacked which imo was insane. And so many of our signings where branded flops when really only Balotelli deserves that label (Lovren hasn't played enough, but yeah he's closer to a flop than anything else). Since Rodgers has been here, we've only lost 4 games all together in the Jan-May periods. So, yeah, there's nothing that's going to stop us from steamrolling our way to top 4, probably 3rd place. I suggested a long time ago (from something I'd read elsewhere) that our conditioning program is set for us to be fitter than the other teams during the second half of the season. That theory didn't get a whole lot of support here but I think it's obvious to see now. Blue line: Rodgers & Liverpool, Red line: Majority of premier league teams. We have averaged 2.6 points from our last 10 games (38x2.6=98.8) and that includes games against Man City, Spurs (H) and Soton (A). Like I said, nothing is going to stop us from getting CL football again for next season. Obviously would love us to win the FA Cup, too. Would be a very big deal for Rodgers, Gerrard and a lot of the younger players. Not the mention the fans, of course. £30M? lol
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Rodgers wouldn't work with one and we're already seeing the negative effects of having someone other than him having too big of a say in our transfers. Certain players of ours are thought to be signings who were never Rodgers' choices but were forced on him. Sakho, Balotelli, Aspas, Assaidi for example. Fair enough Aspas and Assaidi didn't cost much at all but I've always got the feeling that Rodgers has never given Sakho the same chances as others because he's not his player. I think it's a message he's trying to send that he needs 100% control. And I'd rather he had that in stead of having players that he really doesn't want... which then leads to him putting Martin Skrtel on the pitch.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Gerrard Henderson - Allen Lallana Balotelli - Sterling That's what I'd go for against QPR. 2 forwards is a must.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Here's some of the reasons why I'm confident we'll finish in the top 4. Sturridge and Balotelli have played together only once, and that game was our 3-0 away win against Spurs. Ever since that game, we’ve had to play without Sturridge (cheers Roy) and it’s clear we’ve not yet figured out playing without him, although the Everton and WBA games were already pretty good from us. We have clearly got the quality and type of players to make it work, and if you don’t believe Rodgers is the man to make it work, you’ve not been paying enough attention. Lallana looks every bit a Liverpool player. He was born to play in a Brendan Rodgers team and he’s one of the first names on the team sheet imo. Really excited by what Lallana, Sturridge and Sterling can do together. Moreno is another one who looks like an instant success, possibly the best LB I’ve seen play for us. From the other signings Manquillo has looked good, Lovren has had good moments but a lot of the time he looks like a player forced to play next to Martin Skrtel. Markovic has not yet impressed but there’s been a pretty ridiculous overreaction to his performances considering he’s a 20-year-old kid in a new environment. It’s very early to say anything about our defense but the last two premier league games, we’ve conceded 2 goals: a penalty that wasn’t a penalty and a once-in-a-lifetime shot from distance. Those won’t happen every game so if we can reduce the opposition to as few chances as WBA & Everton had, I think that we’ll be okay there. It’s still not a very good defense but I’ve been pretty pleased with them in the last two games. The Basel game wasn’t bad either but the goal they scored could have been prevented pretty easily imo. Finally, the reason why I’m so confident is that United and Arsenal have neither been paricularly impressive. United especially considering who they’ve played. What will make me less confident is if Sturridge’s next injury is a longer one (2 months or more) or if we finish 3rd in our CL group and have to play EL. But so far I've seen very little to make me think that we won't finish in the top 4.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Seriously? Not exactly the impression I've gotten. As an outsider who's not particularly clued up on politics' date=' it seems like your government have got their priorities all wrong and you'd have the potential to be a LOT better as a country than you are now. But maybe you being from London have been looked after better than some others. This is way off topic now anyway. I might write something a bit more extensively on why I'm so confident. Not bothered right now.
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread What does it matter who our star signing was? We have a team that will finish in the CL spots, you don't. And why are you writing (or even reading) in the Liverpool thread while you're playing?
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread This Middlesbrough game couldn't really come at a better time. Need to rest a couple players while a few of them need more minutes with each other. Apparently Rossiter and Ojo are with squad and Rossiter is expected to make his debut. Which is fantastic news, because if he impresses then he could be a realistic option for the midfield before Lucas (who is one of our most pointless players at the moment). It would be harsh on Toure to leave him on the bench but we really need to try and get any of our CBs to get more familiar with each other so this would be another opportunity for Lovren-Sakho, which imo is our most promising CB pairing. Manquillo - Lovren - Sakho - Moreno Lucas Suso - Rossiter Lallana Lambert - Markovic Midfield doesn't look the strongest when Gerrard needs a rest, Henderson might be out and Allen, Coutinho and Can are definitely out. If Henderson is fit, then take Lucas off and put Rossiter in his place and Hendo next to Suso.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Are Valdes and Reina identical?
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread 100k-a-week wages for 2 years is the equivalent of a £6M fee and 40k-a-week wages, so it's not that big of an outlay really. I've never believed in having two GKs of such a high quality, and if we do bring in Valdes I think it'll be to replace Mignolet somewhere down the line if he can prove his fitness.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Gerrard, Skrtel, Johnson, Toure, Lovren, Coutinho, Sturridge, Sakho, (Manquillo?), Lucas, Can, Skrtel, Balotelli, Markovic. That's a rather large handful, isn't it? Also loads of our players have played EL which is better than no European football.
  12. Re: Official Red Devils Thread How are you seriously going to handle all of this financially? You've got an insane wage bill, not too much resale value in your players (bar the ones you've just bought plus 2 or 3 in your squad), you're not going to make top 4 this season and you'll eventually have to buy the defensive players you need and if you finish clearly behind the top 4, it will be even harder to attract the really good players. And next summer, you'll need at least one quality striker, too (Falcao permanently or someone else). I know you're a commercial powerhouse but surely that won't keep you alive forever?
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread A very good window for us, although it would have been nice to be able to shift a couple more players (Borini, Lucas, Assaidi permanently). We've got quality & enough depth throughout the team and a lot of our better players are still very young. Nope' date=' he's been made clear he'll struggle to play even in the cup games. He wasn't in the 20-man squad that traveled to Spurs last weekend and he won't be involved in any way when Balotelli, Sturridge & Lambert are all fit. He's just a very unambitious man. Ben, I remember a certain someone claiming that there was no way Liverpool would be able to buy players for all their 5-6 problem areas. How did that work out?
  14. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Now it seems the Falcao deal is a loan which makes slightly more sense but still paying £20M+ for a player for one season and not getting anything back when he leaves is still a bit crazy. But I guess you can afford it.
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