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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I believe that practically anything can happen in football and that means that no game is finished until it's finished. But I can't help but feel pretty confident after City's draw yesterday. City - Pellegrini commented after last night's game that part of the reason why they failed to win was because they couldn't get over their loss to us. He feels defeated and I'm not sure how City are going to bounce back from these two games. And they still have an extra game which is another possibility of them slipping up. Chelsea - First and foremost, they have to come to Anfield. Secondly, when they do play us they will have to look for the win to have a chance for the title and I certainly wouldn't put money on us losing that game. Maybe a draw but I can't see Chelsea winning that game, certainly not if Hazard still isn't fully fit. Norwich are desperate for points which means they will potentially find another level within themselves but then again it also means they'll have to attack. And that suits us perfectly. Sturridge will only miss the Norwich game - if even that - so if he's fit against Palace, we should be able to beat them. Even without Sturridge, we should be able to beat Palace because they won't play with the fear of relegation and even United beat them at their place.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Ended 1-1. Fair result as Everton were the better team in the second half. Lloyd Jones and Teixeira Liverpool's best players.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Liverpool u21s leading Everton u21s 1-0 after the first half. Both teams looking to keep the ball and build their attacks patiently (especially Everton) but this pitch doesn't exactly favour keeping the ball on the floor. Everton haven't really worried Liverpool at all but we've not been able to create too many clear cut chances either. Teixeira's been bossing the middle of the park.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think Rodgers would be mad to move Gerrard anywhere. And I also think the loss of Henderson is overplayed a bit. Allen can do a lot of what Henderson does so I don't think that's going to be that much of a problem. More problematic is the loss of Sturridge, I'm almost hoping it's Aspas who comes in for him rather than Lucas. Let's hope Sturridge is fit inside 2 weeks but I don't want us to rush him. Gerrard Allen - Coutinho Sterling Suarez - Aspas Gerrard Allen - Lucas Sterling_________Coutinho Suarez I'd be very tempted to play the one with Aspas even though it's not exactly ideal. Lucas and Allen in CM just looks very uninspiring.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread You definitely don't sound bitter at all.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread My biggest worry for today's game is that City will play for a draw. They won't want to be too open because we can exploit that as well as any other team in the league, and all they really need is a draw to tip the scales in their favour in the title race. My second biggest worry is Navas vs Flanagan. If Flanagan plays on the left and Navas starts for City, it could be very similar to Deulofeu vs Marcos Alonso yesterday. I would start GJ at LB, and play Flanno on the right. I'd probably play a diamond with Gerrard, Henderson, Allen & Coutinho. Sterling on the bench. Sakho over Agger. I won't mind 4-3-3 because that's been really good for us but I think diamond may be more suited to playing against City.
  7. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Henderson the only one who will rise. (No clue about Omeruo). If they avoid injuries, I'd expect Chamberlain and Sterling both to get a rise at some point next season. Maybe sooner if one of them (Sterling more likely) impresses in the WC.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Sturridge is great. I299Xrryhbc
  9. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Zero chance imo.
  10. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Don't think there are actually that many who will rise. Sturridge will eventually but he just rose so it might take a while. Henderson will probably rise. Coutinho is still inconsistent but looking at the ratings of Oscar, Cazorla, Wilshere etc, Coutinho should get 90 sooner or later. Mignolet is the same as Coutinho, compare to the ratings of some of the other GKs in England (mainly Szczesny & Lloris) he should probably rise but might not just yet. Flanagan will probably get a +1, maybe even +2. Suarez will rise in the future, maybe not during 2014.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread in 04/05 SWP averaged a goal or an assist roughly every 2 games and that's pretty much the same compared to Sterling this season. If SWP was better that season, there certainly isn't much between the two, and when Sterling gets to the age SWP was during his best season (23-24), he will be compared to completely different players.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Remember when people were saying Sterling might only reach the level of Shaun Wright-Phillips or Aaron Lennon, if even that.:D At 19, he's already better than either of those. Also, remember when people said we were likely to drop out of top 4 because we couldn't strengthen in January and we ended up being top of the league in April.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If Arsenal get something against City, I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight. Can't see past a comfortable City win, though. I would go back to 4-3-3. Desperately need Sterling against that Spurs back-four.
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Beautiful. And there's only 1 player in Europe's top 5 leagues with more assists than Suarez.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I wouldn't take either considering how much they'd cost' date=' there's the same quality out there for a lesser price. All of Southampton's (English) players would be overpriced but Jay Rodriguez is probably the one I'd be the most interested in. I'd much rather have him than Borini. Allen isn't the player from our squad who Lallana should be compared to imo, it's Coutinho or Henderson. Glad Spurs won. Maybe Sherwood will get another year:) Not really worried about our game against them on Sunday although that's not the one to focus on at the moment.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Fernando Torres played 102 league games for Liverpool and scored 65 goals in them. Yesterday was Suarez' 102nd league game for Liverpool and before the game he had 63 goals for us... Well, I guess you already know how this story ends;) 3 goals away from the record amount during a 38-game season with 8 games to go. Anyone still willing to claim Ibrahimovic is better, I'm willing to laugh at your face. Johnson is looking a lot better now, I hope he continues to play this well for the rest of the season. And Sakho definitely needs to replace Agger from the lineup. Agger is the second most impressive player of a CB pairing with Martin Skrtel in it, and that's saying something. We'll definitely buy defenders. Will be interesting to see what happens with Johnson considering he's on massive wages but at least one full-back and one CB is needed.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread For those who claim Suarez doesn't score against the biggest clubs: Suarez under Rodgers: 1 goal in 4 games vs Arsenal, 2 in 3 vs Chelsea, 3 in 3 vs Everton, 1 in 3 vs City, 1 in 3 vs United, 3 in 3 vs Spurs. That's 11 goals in 19 games (and he's assisted quite a few in those games as well.) We went for a couple of £30M players last Summer but I think that won't be the case next Summer. We'll be looking at the likes of Firmino, Ricardo Rodriguez, Lacazette, Griezmann, Konoplyanka, Clyne, Caulker etc etc. Young first teamers who will immediately add to our team, with the potential of becoming world class (or something close to that). We have perhaps the best coach in the league when it comes to developing individuals so it will make a lot more sense for us to buy someone like Firmino rather than go for the finished article who will cost 2-3 times as much. It could be that we'll make one huge signing but we'll mainly be shopping in the £10-17M bracket. Probably with a net spend of 25-40 but obviously if Suarez goes, that will change the game entirely. EDIT: A well-deserved contract extension on its way for Flanagan.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread James Nursey ‏@JamesNursey 4m Re: #LFC for Rodrigo, its from Portugal source who told me here on April 26, 2013 LFC for Ilori & May 7 Mourinho to take Matic bak 2 #CFC Interesting. No idea how good he is or if there's actually anything to the story but I can imagine someone like him being a target for us.
  19. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Ferguson --> Moyes is very, very similar to Benitez --> Hodgson. Rafa couldn't deliver anything? Justin X already responded to that quite well so no need for me to repeat him. This is a good example of that blind faith I mentioned. Sure, it could all crumble at Liverpool but how? You don't know, you're just expecting that to happen because that's the way it's been recent years and you believe somehow everything fall in to place (from your perspective). So because United have won lots of things and Liverpool haven't in the last couple of years, things will magically go back to that? Again, how? That top 4 could potentially be very hard to crack next season, and if you've still got Moyes, that's another year you'll keep going backwards and the gap will get bigger. Usually the teams with the best manager and/or the best squad are at the top and right now you have neither. You have a decent squad but a very dysfunctional team. 6 wins out of 14 games at Old Trafford is a minor blip? Btw, I never intended to make this any sort of Liverpool vs United debate, I was just comparing how it was like being a fan a few years back and the similarities I see with that and United fans at the moment.
  20. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Do you mean next season's CL or the season after that? Because I can't see how it's idiotic to think we'll finish in top 4 this season. And I don't think it's idiotic to think we'll finish top 4 next season, too. True. But 1) You won't be able to give 100M several windows in a row, you have to get it right sooner rather than later or pray for a miracle. (imo FFP will have an effect on spending power) 2)The more money you give to Moyes, the more it will hurt your club. You can dream about anything you want. But if you have big problems in management & players, aren't you only setting yourselves up for a disappointment?
  21. Re: Official Red Devils Thread These previous years as a Liverpool fan have showed how easy it is to have blind faith. I always thought that we were going to bounce back next season and get to CL and everything would just fall in to place. Problem was that we made bad decisions and teams around us improved. I think this is pretty identical to what's happening to you and a pretty big section of your fanbase seems to have a lot of faith in your club despite outsiders thinking you have a lot of problems. If you don't get rid of Moyes in the Summer, you won't get CL next season either and the longer you're out of that competition, the more you'll suffer. It will take its time of being out of CL to have significant financial impact on you so thinking of the long term, you're not in trouble yet. But if you keep Moyes, spend around 150 million on new players, it won't be easy for you to bounce back. Make no mistake, Liverpool, Chelsea, City & Arsenal will all improve in the Summer.
  22. Re: Official Liverpool Thread People always say that when it comes to games between two fierce rivals you can throw the form guide, suspensions/injuries etc out the window but I feel yesterday's result reflected the gap between us and United quite accurately. It felt like a routine win for us which really says something about United at the moment. From the players who played yesterday I'd like to give a special mention to Flanagan. His level of composure for someone his age is really, really good and he's not afraid to do things with the ball even though he's not the typical modern full-back a la Dani Alves. He'll definitely be a valuable player for us for years to come. I feel City and Chelsea are still massive favorites for the title but we could be mathematically in the title race up until the very last round. Which would be an incredible achievement.
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