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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread He's still pretty highly rated in Italy and I can see Sunderland wanting to buy him if they have money and don't get relegated. I think we can get 10M for him.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If anyone fancies a laugh, go to Spurs, Arsenal, Everton or United forums and see what they're saying about us:D. Here's a couple of gems from an Arsenal forum (around a week ago): Yes, because Cissokho and Moses have been key for us:D We have better players returning from loans than leaving. The most deluded of them all: We've had the advantage of not playing in Europe but why are they acting like we'll forget to buy anyone in the Summer? You can bring up the likes of Aspas as a flop but there's a good chance we'll have a lot to spend next Summer and that we'll be able to attract the likes of Mkhitaryan & Diego Costa. Redcafe is excellent because whether they're calling us a set piece side or admitting that we're pretty good now, it's lovely to read. Btw, we'll apparently sell Borini in the Summer. That's roughly 10M added to our transfer budget and we have a couple of others in our books who we can sell without really weakening our squad (Reina, Assaidi).
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I don't think Henry is being completely honest in what he says' date=' he's just sending a message that whatever you offer for our best players, we won't sell. I agree that the timing isn't good, but I don't think this is as big a deal as Rafa's rant was:o
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Henry is a genius rather than an idiot. How many clubs will there be lining up to buy our better players when our owner says basically that even if you pay a release clause we won't sell? Not too many. And Suarez' contract was checked by PFA & lawyers so we haven't done anything illegal.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Pot one and two in this year's CL group stage draw. We could beat half of those teams. Pot One: Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, FC Porto, Benfica. Pot Two: Atletico Madrid, Shakhtar Donetsk, AC Milan, Schalke, Marseille, CSKA Moscow, PSG, Juventus
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I don't even care as long as we're in the competition. It'll be Rodgers' first season in CL and having been out of the competition for 4 years, the expectations will be low. A lot of the players won't be used to that many games meaning it could harm our league campaign so it won't be the end of the world if we don't get that far in the competition. As long as we don't finish 3rd of our group and end up in the Europa League, I'll be happy. And there will be plenty of teams in pot 1 & 2 who we'll be able to beat on our day if we strengthen in the Summer (which we will, obviously).
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's in our hands and I don't see a reason why not. Having looked at Chelsea's fixture list for the rest of the season, we have no chance of the title unless we win both Chelsea and City. 4th would be a great achievement but now we have a proper chance of 3rd place and I hope we get it. Also, something I read a few days ago: If we get to CL group stages we'll be in pot 3.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's very hard not to get excited about the possibility of winning the league when the huge majority of Liverpool fans are talking about, but I can't see it yet. It's a shame Chelsea have Mourinho and City have a squad worth approx £48bn, because we'll probably end the season with a very respectable points tally and simply lose to those two being too strong. I will be slightly disappointed if we don't now get a top 3 finish and get an automatic qualification to the CL group stages. Today's performance: Coutinho weak, Johnson infuriating, Skrtel-Agger solid, Mignolet good, Flanno ok, Sturridge ok, Gerrard good, Suarez best in the league, Henderson and Allen ok, Sterling very good. Between 25 and 45 we struggled but other than that we were pretty safe and looked dangerous whenever we attacked. Although in that first half our passing wasn't good at all, we seemed to have the right kind of mixture of patient build up play, quick counter attacks and no nonsense long balls when under pressure. Rodgers is the man. 2 week break and then it's United at Old Trafford. Bring it on.
  9. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Been stalking this thread for some weeks now, but only now built up the courage to post here. Here’s my assessment about United at the moment. Moyes – It’s really incomprehensible that you gave him a 6-year contract. It’s incomprehensible that you gave him the job in the first place but now having to spend something like £15-20M to sack him isn’t exactly great news for you, although that may only be a small dent to United’s finances. And you do have to sack him, it’s not going to get better with him. You can usually throw stats very selectively to prove any sort of point but his record away from home against the big sides is really something that should tell you enough about his coaching ability. Even if you give him an endless amount of money to use in the transfer market, he’s still not a manager who can win you the league. Squad – You’ve added to a squad that won the league last season but I think it’s pretty lazy to claim that this is a great team just because you won the league last season. IIRC Fergie said that Liverpool needed 8 new players to win the league and ironically I think that that applies to the United team more than us. You may well be able to attract some good players in the Summer, but I wonder if there’s players who would want to leave if Moyes is staying beyond this season? Pulling power – You can offer huge wages to players so you’ll easily be able to attract good players. But I can’t imagine you’ll be shopping in the top bracket of players. Instead of Reus you could get Griezmann, for example. Again though, if you still have Moyes, that will have a negative effect compared to having Klopp or Mourinho. Liverpool & Olympiakos – 16.3: United-Liverpool, 19.3: United-Olympiakos. There’s potential for a complete meltdown or a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Either way, those two games will have a huge impact on Moyes & United.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The record for most goals in a 38-game premier league season is 31 goals, so I think that may be pushing it a bit. And I don't think he'd have any more than Sturridge if they had played the same amount of games.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread A mixed response, surprisingly it's the Liverpool fans more hesitant to compare Sturridge to Torres. Sturridge is playing better than Torres ever did imo and it's basically just a matter of him continuing to score a goal per game for a little while more, even though doing it for 14 months is definitely more than just good form. If we get to CL next season and he scores against better opposition and keeps up this scoring record in the league, I think we can properly judge him by the end of this year. Sturridge has 32 goals and 8 assists in 39 games (34 starts), according to ESPN's stats. That's in all competitions. Torres' goal-scoring stats were very impressive when he started at Liverpool, especially considering it was his first season in England and he scored 7 goals in the CL, but Sturridge's are more impressive at the moment. DS could end up with 10 goals more in his first hundred games than what Torres had.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Flanagan definitely isn't leaving any time soon. Not only because at least one of our current full-backs is leaving in the Summer but also because he's good enough to play against most teams in the league. His pace and agility let him down a little bit but he has plenty of other qualities. He made his debut ages ago so a lot of people forget that he's still young and should be developing quite a bit in the future. A question mainly for the non-LFC fans but Liverpool fans can weigh in too obviously: At what point will it be fair to consider Sturridge to be better than Torres ever was for Liverpool?
  13. Re: Official England Thread I for one am delighted about this:p
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread AnfieldIndex ‏@AnfieldIndex 12h #LFC Possession Wins Today 10: Gerrard & Migs 7: Skrtel' date=' Coutinho & [b']ALLEN[/b] (in 32') 6: Johnson 4: Flano, Agger 3: Suarez, Sterling 2: Hendo AnfieldIndex ‏@AnfieldIndex 12h #LFC Tackle Won Stats Today 6 - Johnson 5 - Flanagan & ALLEN (in 32') 4 - Henderson 2 - Coutinho 1 - Agger, Gerrard & Sturridge Very impressive considering he did those in just half an hour. Henderson scoring twice yday & Coutinho rediscovering his form is pretty unlucky for him:p Great thing for us, having some sort of quality as back-up.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's definitely not an easy place to go to and we haven't been that good away from home. On paper it's more difficult than many of the away games where we've struggled.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Today's game was weird in many ways. Some of the worries about the game for me was 1) The ground Gerrard was supposed to cover. Too little help from Henderson and Coutinho. 2) I wonder if Suarez is happy in his new role 3) Defending. But a win is a win, and our attack is still quite good. Barely the most optimistic Liverpool fans would have predicted for us to be in such a good position at this stage. It's the perfect time for Spurs to drop points because we may well lose or only draw our next game, Southampton away.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Goalkeepers are cheap compared to outfield players. The 5th most valuable GK at the moment would probably go for less than half of the 5th most valuable outfield player. We bought Mignolet for 9 or 10 millions and decided to send Reina out on loan (indicating we consider SM to be better). Considering Reina is some 5 years older, we couldn't possibly ask for the same kind of money we paid for Mignolet.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Where are you getting this from? He still has 2 years left on his contract when this season ends. I would estimate we'll get around 6-7M.
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread So, who watched Dnipro's game? I watched it because I firmly believe we'll go back for Konoplyanka in the Summer, and after watching the game I really hope we do. He was brilliant bar a couple of heavy touches. The opposition on his side wasn't great but roughly what he would be facing on average in the premier league. Buy him and we're pretty much set for attacking players.
  20. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Zero chance' date=' he's barely worth 90. Good list. I would add Flanagan (+3) & Sturridge (+1). What do people think of Lloris' rating?
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think we have a very good chance of winning or getting a replay. I certainly don't see a reason why Arsenal would be massive favourites for the game. If we do win, I'm not sure if we can go on to a great run. We've won more than 2 games in a row only 2 times in the league this season, as crazy as it sounds. @Legendary Manager: I don't think Southampton (A) is a must win for us if top 4 is the aim. I'd definitely take 7 points from Swansea, Southampton & Sunderland. Taking 9 from those would really make us serious title contenders but I just can't see it happening.
  22. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Of course' date=' I never claimed otherwise. This isn't the right place for this debate, but I'd say that's wishful thinking on your part.
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