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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I thought there were quite a lot of positives to take, actually. Considering how our last season turned out after only being able to score 3 goals in the first 3 games, it's important to just get the points at this stage. And Southampton played really well so it's not like we struggled against a weak side. Manquillo was excellent against a very good player in Tadic and that's a big positive because it could mean less game time for Johnson. Lambert coming on made a difference, something we didn't have last season. He wasn't directly involved in the winning goal but he got the attention of the opposition (Wanyama), leaving room for Sterling and Sturridge. We showed good composure in front of goal. Lovren was good and so was Allen when he came on. Not sure why Lucas started instead of him or Can. Lallana, Moreno, Markovic, Enrique, Flanagan and at least one signing still to come into the squad.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Also sounds like Lucas is going to play rather than Can
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread And people actually think United are going to finish above us... It's sort of annoying seeing people underestimating us but I guess it's less pressure/focus on us which is good. Mignolet Johnson Skrtel Lovren Manquillo Gerrard Can Henderson Coutinho Sterling Sturridge I think that's going to be the lineup tomorrow (a diamond). A quick start and we should be relatively comfortable.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The forward links aren't too exciting at the moment, I must say. Falcao and Cavani are overpriced and/or overrated so I wouldn't want either. Eto'o isn't that good but then again we'd be buying him knowing he'll be here only a season and hopefully by then Origi will be good enough to play second fiddle to Sturridge. But still you'd hope we can get someone better. Bony is the best/most realistic striker we've been linked with and with him you're basically guaranteed to get goals but of course he isn't perfectly suited to us. I'd be very happy if we ended the window with Moreno and Bony. Here's a question for you: How many players are there who we could realistically sign who would displace Sterling, Sturridge or Coutinho from the starting lineup? Imo Bony wouldn't get to the starting lineup and neither does Lallana if Coutinho hits the ground running.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Coutinho isn't a good finisher at all but he's been very successful in the big games. I don't think he needs to improve his finishing that much, though, just the decision-making on when to shoot. It is and he's absolutely spot on.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Philippe Coutinho has told Brazilian radio station Radio Tupi that Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is moulding him into a midfield general. The radio presenter says “Speaking of improvement, I see you’re not that mild-mannered boy on the pitch anymore?”, to which Coutinho replies: “I owe thanks to Brendaõ (Brendan Rodgers) for that. After Wigan away, where I didn’t stop fighting – Brendan called me to office and told me he’s sure I can be a ‘volanté’ or a no. 8.” The presenter then questions this development, saying it isn’t Coutinho’s natural game. Coutinho disagrees: “A number 8 role? Why not? I’m only a boy. Brendan showed me I can learn. Brendaõ said before Everton at Anfield, “do you have the fire?” Before Arsenal he told me to not give them peace. I gave no peace. It (my physique) will be (suited). I’m working closely with my amigo Pedro Philippou (trainer) and (Ryland) Morgans. I look at my teammates too. I work with Joe (Allen) sometimes to see how he uses his body to protect the ball. He’s amazing at it.” The midfielder then said that Rodgers had given him DVDs of Valderrama, Valeron, Rui Costa, Francescoli to study for holidays. Before the interview finished, Coutinho was asked what he felt when he was excluded from the Brazil World Cup squad: “Anger. Not because I’m selfish, but because I could have offered something. I’m going to use this anger and push myself to my limits. I saw how Luisito (Suárez) was a maniac in training. At this point, my body and mind feel like clay. I will mold it the way I envision, and I will use my fire to make them harder.” Really liked that interview with Coutinho. Unlike a lot of players with a similar skill set, he isn't afraid of the physical side of the game. I think Coutinho in particular will shine in the CL games this season. Also, I hope the name Brendaõ catches on.
  7. Re: Official Red Devils Thread It really isn't the same team anymore. Quite a few of the players have been sold or are not as good anymore. And like Ani said, the teams around United have improved a lot. I think you need to pull a rabbit out of the hat in the transfer window (like Vidal) to have a chance of a top 4 spot imo.
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions
  9. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions This is so not true, it's the complete opposite. If the transfer window closed today, they'd have gone backwards more than any other club. They've sold Lallana, Lovren, Shaw, Lambert, Chambers and so far only bought Tadic and Pelle. There's still time, sure, but they're going to be (significantly) weaker than last season so I'm not sure why you want to crown them as the champions of this summer's transfers.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Liverpool Echo, Guardian, Mirror, Express etc etc, basically all the papers.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Been linked with Javi Manquillo in the Spanish papers. Not sure if he'd be first choice considering how young he is. If we don't sign a right-back this window, who would be your starting RB next season? For me it has to be Flanagan based on last season's showings.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread ........................
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Are you in a bad mood or something?
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Isn't Di Maria said to be leaving Real Madrid, though? If he does want to go, there's a handful of clubs who'd be interested in him, and no we wouldn't be the favourites to sign him but I do believe he'd be willing to come here.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread To put it simply, if he doesn't have better options.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread So instead of playing zero games for Chelsea, he will now play zero games for Chelsea. Really hoping we make a move for one of the Real Madrid players who could be looking to leave after Real get James. So basically Isco or Di Maria. We can afford it, they'd both fit quite nicely and it would also send a big message about our ambition. I like us to be the kind of club who buys players and makes them stars but with the competitiveness of the league, I wouldn't mind one who's already a big name, especially when we've just lost one.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Hope there's a premier league club who wants to take Ibe on loan rather than a championship club. Loved Peterson's work ethic, as well. I'm not convinced he'll make it here but with that determination he could go down the Kacaniklic route and find a decent club for him.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I believe we are. Some of the Liverpool 'ITKs' seem to think that we're interested in him and that he could be interested in coming here. Wasn't it reported that PSG couldn't complete that deal due to FFP? Not a fan of Cavani personally, certainly not for the price he'd cost.
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Remy and Lambert are a considerable upgrade to what we had on the bench last season. Sturridge is easily in the top 3 of strikers in the premier league, Remy is a 1-in-2 goal-scorer and Lambert brings a different type of option to the attack.
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Latest rumour regarding Remy is that he'll get 60k-a-week, which wouldn't be bad at all. Excellent goal-scorer with lots of pace, not a great all around player but he doesn't have to be that to be an effective player for us. Sturridge, Remy & Lambert is good enough for me.
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