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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Rakitic: "Luis Suarez apologizing? It says a lot about him. He showed he has character. He's a quality player, no matter what the club does" Incredible if that's a real quote:D
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Lallana just turned 26 and has been gradually improving every season so you would expect him to have his peak years during the next 3 or 4 seasons. And that's one of the big positives in this deal because we have such a young squad and seem to be after a lot of other young players. He has all the qualities Rodgers looks for in a player and there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that he'll be a fantastic player for us. People can moan about the price all they want but that doesn't take anything away from the fact that he's a great player.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Suarez owing us one didn't have anything to do with it.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Let's remember that we have a lot of good players, we weren't completely reliant on Suarez. I'm not doubting Suarez's quality and I wish he wanted to spend the rest of his career here. But that's not the case, so we move on. EDIT: And something I don't think I've mentioned yet. This isn't going to be the last time Suarez gets a long ban. And if he does go and bite yet another player, then he'll be out for a looooong time.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I hope your source is GeoffArsenal from Twitter. That guy's priceless.
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread You make it sound all gloomy. Suarez is an exceptional player but we've got Sturridge, one of the best number 9's in the league so we don't even need to be worried about buying someone who will get 20+ goals in a season. Get a couple of £25M players after Lallana and we'll be fine.
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread 19 goals and 11 assists in the league last season (yes, it's for a better team in a weaker league but still very impressive). I certainly can't think of a better player who we could realistically buy.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Sanchez plus cash definitely. For the obvious reasons but also so that Arsenal don't get him. Sanchez + £35M would be good, anything more than that would be fantastic.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I know you like to troll the Liverpool fans but that's too much.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Who cares about the defense when you've got an attack that scores 7 in every game:p It's still relatively early in the transfer market and I wouldn't be surprised if we're simply waiting on better CBs to come to the market than Lovren and Caulker.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Imagine if we actually did buy both Origi and Markovic. We would have some set of u-20 players. And if we loan Origi that also tells that we've got a fair bit of money to spend, which in turn could mean that Suarez is going to go but if it's for Sanchez + £50M, then great. In any case, I think Rodgers is building something very exciting here.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread ................
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Tony Barrett ‏@TonyBarretTimes 2m Liverpool moving rapidly in the transfer market. Deals for Origi & Lallana almost done and now a move for Benfica's Lazar Markovic too. oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I'm getting way too excited here:D
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread FifPro statement: “The fact that Suarez is prohibited from working for a long period must be addressed as it directly infringes his right to work." So they've actually given Suarez a ban that's against the law. Well done, FIFA, you've truly outdone yourselves here. More from the same statement: “Luis Suarez should receive all the support he needs to deal with any off-field issues he may be experiencing at this time. This means that the focus should be on the rehabilitation and serious treatment of the player. FifPro believes that treatment must be a part of any sanction." Spot on. Great news if we sign Lallana. The fee's big but the player is very good so I don't see a problem with that.
  15. Re: Official Red Devils Thread As much as I'd love to think you're massively overspending on Shaw, I think it's a pretty good deal for you. No-one's ever going to call it a bargain but you're getting a player who is already very good and will no doubt improve a fair bit in the future. A lot of people seem to be thinking "what if he doesn't keep improving as expected?" but what they're failing to notice imo is that Shaw is already at a level where he can play for a top side. What I don't understand, though, is the wages you're supposedly giving him. He wouldn't accept 60-80k a week? I think he'll be a good signing in the end.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread http://seeingredonline.com/im-sorry-but-its-time-to-go/ The best piece I've seen written on this matter. I'd quote the whole article in here but it contains a lot of swearing. READ IT.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Seems the only ones who are outraged about this incident are English people. Whether it's the hyperbole of the media that has led you believe that Suarez has done something as bad as genocide or you simply don't like him because he plays for a rival team, I feel the reaction from English fans/media is quite sad and ridiculous. EDIT - And Chiellini is spot on about how Suarez should be able to stay close to the team. If he really is banned from training with the team and even entering the stadium, there's really no sense of rehabilitation, it seems FIFA just want to break him down.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Warning doesn't necessarily mean an ultimatum but, yes, it will be interesting to see how Liverpool are going to react to this. I'm worried about that too. Because if the appeal fails, is there going to be a longer ban? Uruguay have the right to appeal, but have very little to lose whereas Liverpool don't have a say in whether they appeal the decision or not but they're affected by it a lot more than Uruguay. This makes as much sense as anything FIFA usually do.
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