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  1. Re: Lehtonen, Juho - Great Finnish prospect The rumour is that he's going to Stoke city's training camp
  2. Re: Spanish Ratings Michel from Almeria. Rated 75, has played in all 6 games so far and scored a goal Xavi Torres. Rated 77, has played in 5 games (out of 6) and scored a goal. Iker Muniain. Rated 75, has played in all 6 games and scored a goal. There's a couple for you...
  3. Re: Vertonghen or J. Boateng? So both are definite risers... I guess that it doesn't matter that much then which one do I buy but I'll save 3 millions if I buy Boateng so I guess it could be him.
  4. Re: Vertonghen or J. Boateng? Thanks a lot, that's a very useful thread also... I just wonder how come Boateng stays at 87 because he's a starter and HSV has been doing well so far
  5. Jan Vertonghen (Ajax) or Jerome Boateng (HSV)?? Give your rating predictions for them... If you're not familiar with the other one but want to give your prediction for the other one so please do so.. I know that both of them are starters and are playing in the best (or 2nd best) team of the country. I could get Boateng for 5.8M and Vertonghen for 8.8M so I'm interested in Boateng a little bit more because I cant spend too much money.
  6. Re: 10k Risers List Jacob Butterfield. 3 appearances & 1 goal for Barnsley so far this season, I think he's a very good buy. Mokotjo, Kamohelo Rohracker, Dominik Coppens, Jo Ribeiro, Christian Yanko, Arik Westo, Johannes Rasimus, Konsta Sumusalo, Mikko Reponen, Eemeli Ojala, Juhani Napoli, Aiman (20k, but I don't think it matters that much because he should get a nice rise)
  7. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=746075&clubid=15145342&sid=31281 There's my team and I'd like to you to help me a little bit. I have bid or will bid for the following players: Antolovic, Marijan Asprilla, Raul Belhanda, Younes Boszorad, Martin Dowson, David Forbes, Ross Friend, George Hanus, Jan Lamela, Erik Nogueira, Vincent Riviere, Emmanuel Shelvey, Jonjo Struna, Andraz So if you have some new player/s on your mind, please let me know who should I buy.
  8. Re: Lehtonen, Juho - Great Finnish prospect He got a call-up to Finland's U-19's game against Russia and he played 60 mins. Finland lost the game 2-1. He has played three games in the league after my last update but hasn't scored any goals. I wouldn't blame him for that because the whole team of PoPa has been poor lately. Also: The coach of PoPa has said that other clubs have shown a lot of interest on him. He said that even some of the biggest clubs in Europe have been interested but sadly, he didn't give any names...
  9. Re: Jukka Raitala - Promosing Finn Hoffenheim linked with a move to him http://www.goal.com/en/news/15/germany/2009/08/11/1434626/hoffenheim-after-finnish-youngster-jukka-raitala-report
  10. Re: League Predictions 2009-2010.. Next year it's all open in the top four but I doubt that any teams are breaking it. 1. Liverpool 2. ManU 3. Arsenal 4. Chelsea 5. Tottenham 6. West ham 7. Fulham 8. Aston Villa 9. Sunderland 10. Everton 11. Manchester City 12. Wigan 13. Bolton 14. Stoke 15. Birmingham 16. Burnley 17. Blackburn 18. Hull 19. Portsmouth 20. Wolves
  11. Re: Ratings You R Unhappy With ! I think that he's already better than Sagna and now that he's at better team he has chances to get even 93 if he performs really well but I think he's getting only 91 or 92 next season
  12. Re: Ratings You R Unhappy With ! As a Liverpool fan, I must fight for the Liverpool players Leiva, Lucas: People saying that he should have a lower rating might be right when looking at his last season. This pre-season, he's been Liverpool's best player (according to Benitez also) and next season he'll break 90 as long as Aquilani stays injured. Johnson, Glen: His England appearances should have gotten him 90 but now that he's at Liverpool, he should get 91/92/93. Benayoun, Yossi: Simply better than about 90% of players with the rating of 89. Agger, Daniel: A scoring CB, who looks very confident and firm when defending. When he receives enough game time, 90/91 is on his way.
  13. Re: Hardest - "Henchest" Footballer In The UK He doesn't play in UK anymore but I just had to post this. Junior Agogo, he has played for Sheffield W, Oldham, QPR, Nottingham forest and also for some other teams in UK.
  14. Re: Lehtonen, Juho - Great Finnish prospect another 90 mins and a goal for him today. His stats look like this now: Games: 12 Minutes played: 955 Goals scored: 10
  15. ...............................
  16. Johannes Westö D.O.B: 1.4.1991 Height: 176cm Weight: 67kg Club: HJK Position: Winger/AM Rating: 77 Despite this thread being very old, this post is updated (21/09/2010). Johannes Westö has featured for the Finnish league leaders HJK 14 times (4 as a sub) after 18 rounds have been played. He has scored 3 times and assisted 3. He got a deserved rise from 70 to 77 a couple of days ago. Westö prefers the attacking midfielder position but is mainly used as a winger. Despite his small size, he wins a lot of balls against bigger players. Many people - including me - regard him as one of the biggest prospects coming from Finland at the moment. international career: Finland U-15 national team: 1 goal, 270 mins U-16: 1 goal, 298 mins. Would have played more without injury U-17: 1 goal, 694mins U-18: 1 goal, 225 mins U-19 (so far): 1 goal, 839 mins. He also played 69 minutes for HJK against Besiktas in the Europa League qualifying game's 1st leg and will be looking to get game time in 2nd leg which is played 26.8.2010.
  17. Re: Lehtonen, Juho - Great Finnish prospect Got him added to the database today, my first one! He got a relatively high rating of 77 when looking at the league where he plays but IMO deserves it anyway. He's a free agent and you can snap him up for 0.9M£. I want to say at this point that he's a long term prospect but might be moving to a bigger team and league really soon so you might want to buy him before he becomes big... if he becomes big
  18. Re: alonso looks set to join madrid It has always been the way that Liverpool doesn't have money and can always buy maybe one descent player during the summer's transfer window.... I'm pretty sure that we wouldn't be constantly linked with big-money names if it weren't different this year
  19. Riku Riski D.O.B: 16.8.1989 Team: Widzew Lodz Position: AM/Wing Rating: 80 Roope Riski D.O.B:16.8.1991 Team: Cesena Position: Fwd Rating: 77
  20. Re: Lehtonen, Juho - Great Finnish prospect Thanks a lot. I'll be doing couple more players when I get the time;) I can do these scout reports for Finnish players only as I'm from Finland and won't be able to watch that many unknown players from other leagues but there are some big players coming from Finland so I hope maybe one or two of those big ones will be my 'finds':D
  21. Re: Lehtonen, Juho - Great Finnish prospect 90 mins and a goal for him today
  22. Juho Lehtonen D.O.B: 3.8.1992 Club: Fc PoPa Games: 10 (0) Goals: 8 Minutes: 775 (out of 1170) Player of the month - May Not on the SM DB. Juho Lehtonen is a 16-year-old Finnish striker playing for FC PoPa. Fc PoPa are playing in the second highest league in Finland, but are very close to promotion. Lehtonen sits at the top of the goalscoring table (goal scored every 97th minute avg.) and has been performing also for the Finnish u-16, u-17, u-18 and u-19 national teams. He's one of the carrying powers of the u-17 national team and deserves to be playing even in the u-19 team. I'm sorry to say that I can't find all the stats for him in his national team career, but I found a couple news articles about the international games he has played in: 21.2.2008 Finland u-16 - Northern Ireland u-16 1-3. Lehtonen started the game and scored Finland's only goal. Was subbed out after 67 minutes. 30.7.2008 Finland u-17 - Norway u-17 1-4. Scored Finland's only goal and played the whole game. 25.3.2009 Finland u-17 - Romania u-17 1-2. Played 70 minutes and scored Finland's only goal 28.3.2009 Finland u-17 - Wales u-17 3-0. He scored 2 goals. Don't know how much he played... 27.7.2009 Finland u-19 - Estonia u-19 6-0. Lehtonen came off the bench, scored a goal and made the work for 2 other goals He was also chosen as the "young player" of the year 2008 in Finland. Has also been at AZ Alkmaar's and Parma's training camps that I know of... I'll be updating his stats, interest from bigger clubs and if he gets game time in the international games. My first scout so be gentle with the feedback;)
  23. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! I'd like to ask a little tactical help in here for my divison 4 team. I've seen many people play with 3-5-2, but what kind of pre-match instructions do you set against teams whose average rating is worse than yours by 2 or 3, maybe?? please help me to avoid an embarrasement and gain a promotion;)
  24. Re: Who will win the Uefa Champions League? If Liverpool gets Silva, I think they're really hard to beat... ManU are worse now than they were last season when they lost the final and everyone's guessing for them to win it?? It'll be a season or 2 (maybe even 3) to make Valencia and Obertan world-class players... I'm hoping for a Barcelona-Liverpool final
  25. Re: alonso looks set to join madrid I'm now really concerned and frustrated with Gillet & Hicks... Last season Liverpool were so close to winning the title and all they need is a tiny push forward to get the title as ManU has lost CR9 and Tevez. I personally think that the tiny push is D. Silva and for weeks now I have been hoping that we sign Silva and if we sell Alonso, we get Sneijder in the deal. Now there has been news that the money we get from selling Alonso, would be used to the club's debts.:mad: http://www.goal.com/en/news/12/spain/2009/07/28/1407644/spanish-press-convinced-liverpool-will-sell-xabi-alonso-to Yes it's goal.com, but anyway, do you think we can actually buy anymore players (like Silva) if we use the Alonso money on debts? This is a huge leap backwards if we sell Alonso, Arbeloa and Dossena and only get Johnson and use the money to pay back debts... Also, ManU are reported to be interested in Silva and if they sign him... I honestly don't think we can win the title:mad:
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