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  1. Re: Dinda - Brazilian Nautico Starlet. How much has he played recently?
  2. Re: Players to keep hold of!! I remember cathcing a game last season where Juventus' Ayub Daud got game time in a league game... I didn't pay that much attention to how well did he play but with his rating he's definitely one to keep (or buy). Also couple of Finnish players: Teemu Pukki and Jukka Raitala. Pukki plays in Sevilla atletico and Raitala plays for the Finnish HJK. They both performed for Finland at the Euro u-21 2009 and Raitala was one of the best players in the whole tournament and he plays as LB! Pukki on the other hand is only 19 so I find it impressive for someone at his age to be playing for his country's u-21 team... They both have really high chairman values because they're not in such a good clubs but I know that Raitala has been linked with some big teams (Udinese, I believe is one of them). There's an article about him in here (if I remeber correctly) so you can check for more info there... Any Roma fans or just people who know a lot about Roma's team here btw?? I was thinking if Roma's Alessandro Crescenzi could be the new Davide Santon. 17 yo, RB, rating 75. Has anyone seen him play and have you found him impressive?
  3. Re: alonso looks set to join madrid Man City have also been linked with Alonso for more than few times and I believe this will make Real offer more if they really want him. I'd be happy with 18M£+Sneijder or 20-23M£ + Negredo... I'm hoping for the deal with Sneijder cos otherwise 'Pool might end up buying Aquilani and I don't think he's up for the task at Liverpool... And he's also injury prone so I hope we get Sneijder and then buy Silva with money (and possibly use Babel, Dossena or Arbeloa in the deal but I think Valencia want only money)
  4. Re: What realistic starting XI would you like to see your team line up with next seas My Liverpool: .............................Reina................................ Johnson.........Carra.........Skrtel/Agger.......Aurelio .........................Mascherano........................... Kuyt/Benayoun..........................................Riera ...................Gerrard..........Silva....................... .............................Torres............................... The midfield could also be like this: ..............................Masche............................ Kuyt/Benayoun..........................................Silva ......................Sneijder........Gerrard..................
  5. I'm Barca in spanish championship and I haven't been getting the best results and the season is still young so I have really good chances for the title. My starting XI: GK: Buffon RB: Maicon CB: Vidic Terry LB: Puyol Wings: Ribery Iniesta DM: Essien AM: Gerrard FWD: Messi Eto'o/Torres I play with diamond, fullbacks are attacking and wingers are "supporting AM" and CB's defensive. Mentality: V. Attacking. Att. Style: Through the middle. Pressing: All over. Tempo: Slow. Playmaker: Gerrard. So, what's wrong with this, and how would you play my team? I also have Xavi but since I like to play with diamond, I use Essien.
  6. Re: Young Argentine Talent I'm doing a "division 4 challenge" and could make a really nice profit with them after all the Argentinean and Brazilian rating changes. I wont sell nearly all of them because I think that some of them will rise again in the next rating changes. Could someone tell me what kind of ratings can these players hit in the next Argentinian ratings & Brazilian ratings (in the after season-changes): [url=]http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=751227&clubid=13063726&sid=26509[/url] There's the team, you don't have to give the ratings to all of them but I'll aprecciate it if you can even name a few. Of course, there can be injuries and all but just estimate something and I'm thankful.
  7. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! Thanks for the good answers. I'm not sure if I'm selling Otamendi, he was mainly just an example to the question, but now I at least know that I'm not getting Carrick or anyone with his rating before I rise to division 2
  8. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! I also started a division 4 challenge some weeks ago. I have already beaten Chelsea in the English Cup and I've done pretty well in the league. But, I have a couple of questions now: 1. I have Nicolas Otamendi in my team, he is 21 yo CB, rose from 75 to 86 few days ago and my chairman value to him is 10.6M. Sebastian Prodl is 21 yo CB with the rating 86 also and his chairman value at Werder Bremen is 4.6M. Does any external teams buy a player that is this expensive compared to his rating and age? 2. When I get promoted to division 3, is Michael Carrick a good purchase or should I buy more smaller-rated players? 3. Also, would a player like Carrick come to divison 3 or is he too good in there, does anyone have 92-rated player in division 3? ...I'm Bradford btw
  9. Re: Croatian raitings by BadBlueBoys The croatian ratings are nearing and I'm just wondering if anyone's going to do a list of all the risers? If not, so could someone tell me is Hajduk Split's Mirko Oremus going to rise?
  10. Re: World Championship 5967 Tranfers/Mach Report Valencia CF Transfers this season (list will be updated after every transfer): IN: - PRANJIC, Danijel - JAASKELAINEN, Jussi - FRIEDRICH, Arne - HENRY, Thierry - PIQUE, Gerard - DIARRA, Lass - TEVEZ, Carlos - GUTI, Jose Maria - CASTILLO, Fabián (Youth squad) - MANCUELLO, Federico (Youth squad) - NEYMAR, Silva (Youth squad) - CIRO, Silva (Youth squad) - PASTORE, Javier (Youth squad) - INSUA, Emiliano (Youth squad) - ASENJO, Sergio (Youth squad) OUT: - DAVID SILVA, Josué - ALBIOL, Raúl - DAVID VILLA, Sánchez - CURRO TORRES, Emilio - DEL HORNO, Asier - IAGO IGLESIAS, Castro - RENAN Brito - GUAITA, Vicente The manager has really high hopes for the youth squad and expects it to produce big stars
  11. Re: World Championship 5967 Tranfers/Mach Report Valencia CF Valencia have appointed new manager today and in no time the manager has accepted some deals to bring in top players. The three biggest stars of the club are departing in order to finance the new players and balance up the team. These are just few of the players that are coming to the club: The manager also hinted that the Brazilian playmaker Diego might be on his way to Los Ches but right after that he also said that the club can't overspend their money
  12. Re: Italian Ratings! How sure is Marek Jankulovski's rise to 92?
  13. Re: Spanish Ratings What about Real Murcia's Dani Aquino and Angel Montoro
  14. Re: Young Argentine Talent Since you can only do 3 deals with 1 club in a season, who 3 do you recommend from the 4 Huracan players: Gaston Monzon (I think I'll get him at least since there aren't that many young goalies) Matias De Federico Javier Pastore Federico Luciano Nieto
  15. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Hi everyone, I hope this is the right thread to ask this... Is Keirrison going to get a raise in the next changes? And also, are these stats up-to-date:http://soccernet.espn.go.com/players/stats?id=119205&cc=5739
  16. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! I took two teams today in divison 4 and I'd like to know how many of you recommend buying Santon? I think I could get him for 3-3.5 millions
  17. Re: liverpool youth Insua>84/85 N'gog>84/85 Spearing>78/79
  18. Re: The best CM It's Gerrard, no doubt if he can be considered as a CM
  19. Re: My Liverpool ratings I forgot Dossena from the list... should drop to 89
  20. Here are my Liverpool predictions. I only listed the players who I think will get a rise or a drop. Gerrard deserves to hit 98 but I don't think that he'll get it GK: Reina 93>94 Def: Aurelio 89>90 Agger 89>89/90 Arbeloa 90>90/91 Insua 80>84 Skrtel 91>91/92 Mid: Riera 91>92 Spearing 75>78/79 Alonso 93>94 Mascherano 94>94/95 (better than Alonso but he probably doesn't hit 95 just yet) Kuyt 91>92/91 Benayoun 89>90/91 Lucas 88>88/87 Fwd: N'gog 82>85/84 Fernando Torres 96>96/97 (If Eto'o hits 97, I think Torres should too)
  21. Re: Chelsea and Liverpool ratings!!!!!! You're dead on but it's too bad that the ratings are based so much by the game time the player receives so a drop is closer than a rise for him. I'd like to see Benayoun rise to 91 but I think he'll get only 90... also Alex is going to keep his rating since he has played a lot and been solid.
  22. Re: Spanish Ratings Is Enzo Maresca getting a rise or a drop or is he going to stay... I got a bid from Sevilla worth 19M + Maresca for Modric
  23. Re: Italian Ratings! You gave Udinese's Sanchez 88/89, I want to know how good are the odds for him to rise?
  24. Re: Player ratings help How about these players? Ruben Oliverira (Genoa) rating prediction for him is the most important Luis Valencia (Wigan) Fabiano Santacrose (Napoli) Jussi Jaaskelainen (Bolton) German Denis (Napoli) Marek Hamsik (Napoli)
  25. Re: Spanish Ratings Is Getafe's Cata Diaz' rating going somewhere in the next changes?
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