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  1. Re: Italian rating predictions What can you people say about the following players' ratings? Robert Acquafresca Simon Kjaer David Beckham Thiago Motta Bosko Jankovic Alessandro Del Piero Carvalha Amauri Claudio Marchisio (do you think he can hit 90 some day?) Vincenzo Iaquinta Giorgio Chiellini Marco Marchionni
  2. I'm Barcelona in a spanish championship and I need help since I lost my last game to Sevilla 3-1 and now I have a game against them in the shield quater final. They played with this kind formation: ____________________GK (91)_____________________ CB(92 att.)___CB(92 def.)___CB(91 def)___CB/LB(90 att.) ____________________CM(90 att.)_________________ CM/RM (90 att.________________________AM/LM(92 att.) ___________________Fwd/AM(96 att.)______________ __________________CF(93)____CF(94)______________ Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Normal Pressing: All Over Counter-Attack: Yes Men Behind Ball: Yes Tight Marking: Yes Play Offside: No Use Play Maker: Yes (Ronaldinho) Use Target Man: Yes (Kanoute) So, how should I play my team against them? GK: Buffon LB: Abidal CB: Puyol Vidic/Terry RB: Maicon Wingers: Robinho (Fwd) Ribery (AM) Midfield: J. Zanetti (DM/Def) Gerrard (CM/AM) Pirlo (CM/DM) Xavi (CM) Juninho (CM/AM) Strikers: Messi (AM) Eto'o The game is Sevilla's home game and it's played 6 April so any help before that is really needed
  3. Re: Steven Gerrard to 98? Gerrard 98 Messi 98 Ronaldo probably stays but doesn't deserve his 98 with this kind of form Xavi 97 Kaka 96 if not even 95 Gerrard is really complete player and the ability to change games by himself is something I've never seen in any other football player (I'm not that old so don't focus on the last comment about me seeing anyone having the influence on their team that Gerrard has)
  4. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. I'm expecting Liverpool to have a quite a few increases and I'd like you to tell me your opinion about these: Reina--->94 Arbeloa-->91 Insua-->83-84 (Is really much better but isn't just yet getting that much game time) Fabio Aurelio-->90 Riera--->92 Xabi Alonso-->94 Gerrard-->98 (The perfect player and has scored 21 goals already this season) Benayoun-->90-91 Lucas-->89-90 N'gog-->84-86 (couple of games and has proven that he has the potential to be after 3 or 4 years rated maybe 92-94
  5. Re: is the new add new club page better? The new one is really bad... Only good addition is to see your old clubs but it's harder to get a good team this way. Bring the old one back
  6. Re: German Changes Should I buy Breno? I was going to but now he got a drop so is it just that he got 88 too soon or has he been performing poorly (or has been performing at all)?
  7. Re: English Premier League ratings I think that Johnson will get 90 and Insua is also a definite riser... When are the next english rating changes, can anyone tell me?
  8. Re: How can I score more goals? I usually play with 4-2-4 with this kind of line-up: Maicon - Puyol - Terry - Abidal ________Gerrard - Xavi______ Robinho______________Ribery ________Eto'o - Messi______ should I use any of these tactics: Tight marking Play offside Use play maker (Gerrard)
  9. If I get the control with 60% and have over ten shots on goal than the other team (My attackers 97 and 96 and the goalie 85-91) and win 1-0 what should I do to score more goals? Should I have fast tempo or direct passes so my attackers get the ball more and shoot more??
  10. Re: Team review I'd like to try too So, the following ones deserve a rating change Defenders Glen Johnson RB 90 Midfielders Riera, Alberto LM, 92 MASCHERANO, Javier DM/CM 24, 94-95 Carrick, Micheal 27, 92-93 Forwards DEL PIERO, Alessandro Fwd/AM 34, 93-95
  11. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. I'd like to say my opinion about the original subject and not get involved in any fight... IMO the following Liverpool players deserves their rating getting higher: Xabi 94 Arbeloa 91-92 Insua 85-86 Fabio Aurelio 90 Riera 92 Benayoun 90 And by the end of the season: Masch 95 Skrtel 92 (Gerrard is IMO the best player in the world because he's really good in everything! shot, tackles, heading, passes etc. etc. He should be 98)
  12. Re: Finnish youngsters I'd like to add here Eero Korte. He plays for FC Lahti in Finland and last season he made a breaktrough and I think he'll be a regular for FC Lahti next season. 21 yo, 78 in DB. Isn't perhaps a must buy but should get a rise to over 80 during next season
  13. Re: Players underrated for their ability! I'm a Liverpool fan and have seen 90% of their games this season so I hope I can bring little light to this argument. First things first: Both players are brilliant and even though they play the same position, they are really different. Xabi Alonso is more attacking and has a little bit better shot (Masch have made some neat goals but 70% of his shots don't threat the goalie) but Mascherano has better tackles, defensive skills and does the dirty work. Both are really intelligent on the pitch like midfielders really should be and I can't really decide which one is better. It wouldn't be wrong in any way if both of them had rating 95 by the end of the season. They're better than each others in their own way... Now when I look at this I can see I didn't really bring any ''light'' to this but at least I got to say what I think
  14. Re: Players underrated for their ability! Ok, I figured out couple more: John Terry. I think he's the best CB in the world at the moment and he should be 96 Julio Baptista. Has been pretty good and of course Italy isn't the most challenging league but deserves 92.. and maybe 93 in the future. Mohamed Sissoko. Is really solid, kinda mix of Xabi Alonso and Mascherano IMO but definitely not as good as the two mentioned before. But deserves 92-93 Hyypiä is ''old'' and it's unlikely for him to get a rise especially now when he will probably be benched for most of the games but he's really solid and a killer in the air
  15. Re: Players underrated for their ability! Maicon and Dani alves are worth 95. Agger was brilliant during Skrtel's absence and deservs 91-92. Riera - IMO he has better technique and shot than CR and is more complete (deserves 93-94). Xabi Alonso. 93 represents the class he was last season very well but he has improved a lot and deserves 94-95 Del Piero is in the top 2 of Italian strikers so deserves 95 IMO Ivica Olic has world class striking abilities and runs his heart out in every game. Hopefully his move to Bayern Munchen helps him to get his rating where it should be (93 maybe) Last but not least: Eto'o is really going up to 97 really impressively
  16. Re: Team styles on 4-3-3 Wingers I think that if you play with 4-3-3 you should have right midfield and left midfield in stead of 2 wingers so I'm using my tactic with wingers because Robinho and Govou are wingers...
  17. I'm Lyon in French championship 25 and I'll have a team like this (couple days from now): ___________________Buffon________________ Zambrotta___Cannavaro____Cordoba___Abidal ___________________Albelda______________ ______________Gerrard___Juninho__________ Robinho____________________________Govou ____________________Henry_______________ So what team styles should I pick? Attacking through the middle? Should I use a playmaker or target man? Help needed!
  18. Re: How come I wont win with my superb team? Thanks a lot for all the advice, if you have something to add just post it:)
  19. Okay, I'm playing in French championship 5 with Lyon. There's only one team that is pretty good compared to me and yet I seem to lose to other lot worse teams than what mine is... Here's my usual starting lineup Coupet(92) Maicon(94) - Puyol(96) - Cordoba(94) Hleb(93) - Lampard(95) - Gerrard(97) - Govou(92) Riquelme(95) - Kaka(98) Messi(97) So what kind of style would you suggest? My mentality is always attacking or V. attacking. Should I use a target man or playmaker and where should my pressing start? Please reply!
  20. So,who should I buy or sell for my Arsenal team G Shay GIVEN 92 G Sebastian Frey 92 LB Guerrero ANTONIO LOPEZ 91 RB Jean CALVE 87 RB Silva DANI ALVES 94 CB Diego LUGANO 92 CB Kolo TOURE 94 D William GALLAS (usually my left back)94 LM Tomas ROSICKY 92 RM Dario SRNA 90 RM Jonathan DE GUZMAN 90 RM Aleksander HLEB 93 CM Cesc FABREGAS 95 AM Fernando BELLUSCHI 90 W Jefferson FARFAN 92 W Manuel JONAS GUTIERREZ 91 W Theo WALCOTT 88 F Mamadou NIANG 91 F Ezequiel LAVEZZI 90 F Alessandro DEL PIERO 93 F Mario GOMEZ 93 F Jose, FERNANDO TORRES 95 I have made one offer now and that is for Jamie CARRAGHER. It includes NIANG, DE GUZMAN and (lot of) money. If I Get Carragher, I have still about 110-120 millions.. So please help me!
  21. is too low for him. He has now 90 but he deservs AT LEAST 91. IMHO he deservs 93 and he has been the best player so far in the euro 2008... Of course I don't think it's getting increased by 3 but he sure would deserve it. Any opinions?
  22. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread Finnish, nice thread indeed
  23. Suso


    Re: Injuries I have 2 players ''Not match fit''. Do they come fit within time or do I need to do something?? I'm not sure if there's a better thread for my question but I hope a quick answer from someone
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