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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Thank you for your approval. For what it's worth, I am a season ticket holder and a youth coach for my local club.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It's okay, I don't feel that I need to justify myself not being a season ticket holder when I live more than a 1000 miles from Liverpool.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I will hopefully make my first visit to Anfield at some point next season' date=' preferably early in the season. Well, mentality is a pretty big deal in football. Getting this close will make us more determined & even hungrier to win the whole thing. And the best team in the league will have just won it and will probably focus more on CL next season where they're yet to have proper success.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread No need to feel sorry for the league leaders:) or the need worry about our next season, we'll be up there unlike a certain rival of ours;)
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Allen has been good' date=' though. I don't think we've missed Henderson [i']that[/i] much. Sturridge was a bigger loss against Chelsea.
  6. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Overachieving, and simply even just achieving is a LOT more difficult at the top of the table than it is in the other end of the table. It's not really even comparable imo. You can talk about resources all you want but we've seen that £££ =/= success. Moyes added to his title-winning squad and went backwards massively. Spurs used a lot of money but couldn't get anywhere with AVB (Or Sherwood). And don't even get me started with Cardiff. Sure, this was Rodgers' 2nd season and he's had time to build his style whereas Pulis wasn't wasn't at Palace at the beginning of the season. But Rodgers didn't really add much to the first team (or the starting 11 at least) so this improvement from 7th to 2nd is largely down to his ability to create a functioning system and get the absolute best out of his players. And when you look at what the teams around Liverpool did last Summer, this was never supposed to be on the cards. I'm biased because I love Rodgers, I admit that. But taking away the names and simply looking at the numbers, I can't understand why people are celebrating going from 20th to 11th more than 7th to 2nd. Especially in this league where there's 7 quality teams and as usual there's been almost half a dozen teams who have been an embarrassment. 1. Rodgers 2. Pellegrini 3. Martinez 4. Pulis
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I have to say that that was one of the least devastating results of the season. I got over it in about 4 minutes. Here's why... The scenes after the game gave me a lot of hope, especially Suarez' reaction. This team is hurting, we're a wounded animal and we don't want to experience anything like the last 9 days ever again. Nothing, not even the dreaded European football which apparently kills 40% of your players during the season, is going to stop this team going all the way next season. We need characters like Suarez in the team, though. I'm not going to pretend that Suarez wants to spend the rest of his career here but as long as he's playing for us, he'll do anything for us to win. So, Real Madrid if you're listening, could you please let us have him for one more season? Please?
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Infernito predicted Arsenal to finish 2nd and us to finish 6th this season, so I wouldn't be overly worried. Reasons why I think this season wasn't 'a fluke' and we'll see more of the same in the next seasons: Brendan Rodgers. He's been the best manager in the league this season and I'm sure he will have learnt a lot. Also, the spirit within this team is something I haven't seen in a Liverpool team, whether that's down to Steve Peters or BR I don't know, but it has helped us massively. No Europe this season? It has been an advantage but it seems a lot of people just ignore that there are plenty of teams who have done well domestically and in Europe this season (at. Madrid obviously the best example). Why couldn't we do both, we'll have a bigger squad next season. Sterling, Coutinho, Henderson, Sakho, Allen, Sturridge, Mignolet etc etc. Age wise we have a whole bunch of players who are improving and/or are going to have their peak years ahead of them. Our rivals - United will need a lot more than 1 Summer to sort out their mess, I'm not worried about them in the slightest. Arsenal, if they still have Wenger, you can't really expect anything but an identical season to this one. Everton need a lot of things going right for them this Summer and even then I can't see them challenging us even though I'm sure they'll challenge for a top 4 spot. No matter who Spurs' new manager is going to be, I can't see them getting a strong start (partially due to WC) but they could properly challenge for a top 4 place. Chelsea and City on paper are stronger than us and a lot will come down to being able to beat the weaker teams. I'm not expecting us to win the title next season but certainly to have a chance going in to the last 3 or 4 rounds. People who think this season has been a fluke, you're in for a surprise.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread WdFLIewHMCs
  10. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions
  11. Re: Club vs Country I know it's an old(ish) thread but wanted to weigh in... Liverpool winning the league cup > Finland winning the World Cup.
  12. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Please tell me you're not being serious.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Re: Lallana Martin Lipton @MartinLipton Apr 30 @WorldCupRio He believes he will be a #lfc player next season. It is where he wants to go Martin Lipton @MartinLipton Apr 30 @WorldCupRio It's a transfer. Anything can happen. But Lallana wants to play for #lfc, they want him and #saints will sell Martin Lipton ‏@MartinLipton Apr 29 @Zoggers87 Fee will be between £20m and £23m, I suspect
  14. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I think the biggest problem for you won't be your capability to improve the team but the fact that there's actually six other teams who will also improve. City & Chelsea are ahead of you in every department, Liverpool are tactically streets ahead of you even if our squad isn't that much better than yours, Arsenal are Arsenal which basically means that they'll always find a way of finishing top 4 even if they fail to make a push for the title. Spurs with a proper manager are potentially top 4 contenders, Everton with a successful Summer could finish ahead of you next year as well (keep in mind this was Martinez' first season). Spurs spent a 100M and that got them nowhere, that's true. It could also happen to you, though. If United finish top 4 next season, who do you feel will drop out of it?
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Carroll - Good six months, not the most committed/professional player you're going to find from England. Downing - Afraid to do anything with the ball, could have been an okay player if he'd been a lot more aggressive. Lallana - Seems to be mentally completely different to those two. More goals than Silva, Nasri, Oscar, Schurrle, Özil, Cazorla, Podolski, Coutinho etc this season. Can play multiple positions. Lallana isn't a 25m player but I'll trust Rodgers' judgement. When you spot the perfect player for your side that you can't get elsewhere, then you shouldn't quibble over a couple of millions. Now I know plenty of you will bring up the likes of Firmino but maybe Rodgers sees something in Lallana that Firmino hasn't got, be it his experience in England or whatever. Bottom line is Lallana is a good player, signing him will take about a third of our total spend for the summer (if he costs £25M), we'll be able to buy plenty of other players.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/liverpool/10641146/Liverpool-manager-Brendan-Rodgers-encouraging-the-British-way-ahead-of-FA-Cup-fifth-round-tie-at-Arsenal.html There's an article with Rodgers talking about his philosophy and British players vs others. If you don't feel like reading the whole thing, this is probably the most interesting piece from the article: Brendan Rodgers pours himself a cup of tea and explains what his “life’s work” is. “It is trying to show that British players can play,” he says. “I grew up being told British players weren’t as technically good as European players which was the biggest load of tosh I’ve ever heard. My methods and ideas are a fusion between British mentality and European ways of working.”
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It doesn't make much of a difference but Lallana isn't 27, he turns 26 in two weeks. I think we'd be buying Lallana so that him, Coutinho or Sterling would be the 'first sub' for the front 5. We spent probably more than half of the season without at least one of Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling, Coutinho or Henderson so he would get a lot of game time. And I'd argue Lallana is more consistent than Coutinho although the latter definitely has a higher ceiling potential wise. Agree, I'd rather spend that amount of money on Shaw, Lallana isn't going to be the buy of the century but a good, low-risk buy imo.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The price is steep but that's the reality when you buy English players and Rodgers obviously likes English players. And Lallana has more talent in his left knee than Downing and Carroll combined ever had so I don't think there should be any comparisons between them. With Lallana' date=' you get what you see. It'll cost quite a bit but there's no way he'd be a flop if he moved. True but Lallana is very much a Rodgers type of player and add the fact that Adam EFC just mentioned it a couple days ago and he was supposedly one of our primary targets for January too, I think there's something in this one.
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