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  1. Re: Remember The Flops one i remember is ivo stas, bought by jo venglos during the dark days at villa park from banik ostrava for about 5mill(if i remember correctly) and was pemanently injured before returning to banik for free a couple of years later, around villa park people still where t-shirts bearing the legend 'i saw ivo stas play'!!, while i am on the subject what ever happened to nigel callaghan and ian ormandroyd??
  2. Re: The Island Of Ireland League - Set Up News/Transfers/Match Reports etc is the not buying players rated 85 and over still standing??, i only mention it because shelbourne have bought manuel da costa who is rated 85 and the deal was completed??
  3. Re: Squad Sizes will the squad limits be enabled:confused: i am in a league with a team and they have 35 players in their squad, 43 players on loan and 190:eek: in their youth team, and they are still buying players, even i feel this is a tad excessive
  4. Re: Adam avfc's World Elite finally after 10 games, Werder Bremen record a victory:eek: , German rivals Bayern Munich being the beaten side in a thrilling 3-1 win,
  5. Re: George's Invitational - new setup seems like the set up will be created when Exeter are promoted:D
  6. Re: Georges Elite Setup Bayern would like to remind managers that Sagnol,Makaay and pizarro are all available at the right price with p/ex possibly being considered if the players are German, Bayern will be hoping to improve on last season third place and have added Richards,Metzelder,Hilbert and Gomez plus some quality youth to their squad, I would also like to wish all mangers good luck for next season
  7. Re: George's Invitational - new setup i am happy with arsenal, at least i do not have the rough end of the wedge!!, cheers
  8. Re: George's Invitational - new setup count me in, cheers for the invite:)
  9. Re: NEW SET UP- LOOKING FOR INTERESTED PARTIES also according to the club website i should have 27 players in my first team squad yet on sm i only have 16, does anyone know how i can go about changing this as one of these players is alan gough( remember him??) used to play for portsmouth so i imagine he is fairly handy which is useful seeing as he is a goalkeeper:D
  10. Re: NEW SET UP- LOOKING FOR INTERESTED PARTIES i've just checked out the galway utd website and see they have just appointed nick leeson as c.e.o, does anyone know if this is the same nick leeson who bankrupt bearings bank a few years ago and got done for fraud??
  11. Re: NEW SET UP- LOOKING FOR INTERESTED PARTIES hi, i will take galway utd if thatis okay!!, cheers
  12. Re: Michael Vick Dog Fighting if it is all true which it appears to be the man should be jailed and have his livlihood taken away from him, to take part in something as barbaric as dog fighting shows some sort if mental imparement within itself, how anybody can participate in such a cruel situation is totally beyond me and he deserves the full force of the law coming down on his shoulders-scumbag
  13. Re: Blue Square Premier thread: from what i recall when he was at torquay before going to boston(yeah good choice judus!!) he was plagued with back problems-so it will not help at exeter what with having to bend down to pick up the ball out of the net all the time!!, but seriously he he is a bit injury plagued keeper-good on his day tho i also see torquay have 4 games on the telly in the first 2 months of the season which will help when the transfer window comes round
  14. Re: Georges Elite Setup i enjoy reading your match analysis because you do not just focus on the bigger teams in the set ups( man u, aresenal, chelsea etc etc) all the teams get equal space so everyone knows hoe everyone else is doing and in my opinion is one of the better match reporsts trhreads-keep up the good work:)
  15. Re: Georges Elite Setup bayern always play the reserves in the cup, we got lucky in the first seasin winning it but with stronger squads this time round i do not think we will progress very far!!
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