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  1. Re: Can't report cheater Similar query asked by me this week too: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=113136 The new SM report system needs work!! I have two suggestions for your problem. The 1st is to private message other managers who regularly login to the game world. Ask them to report the clubs involved. This has worked for me in the past. My 2nd option for you is to write an article in the newspaper pointing the finger. I wouldnt do this if you don't have friends in the setup as can cause all sorts of uproar. But I love it Go with the first option as SM's report system has many limitations at present!!
  2. Re: CHEATING - SM's new reporting system Sungkai55 - I can't be chewed with you!! cheekylad68 - Thanks for the advice. The problem with this however, is that the way in which a bug can be reported has changed and so I cannot do what you are suggesting. For example... 1 - From home screen I click help 2 - I then click on report a bug 3 - Under the cheating tab I then click on "A manager is cheating in the transfer market in my Game World." 4 - It then states "If you go to Transfers > All Transfers page when logged into your club then there is the option to report any illegal deals." The problem now being that when I do this the action button has N/A and therefore will not allow me to report a single deal of the offending managers!!!!
  3. Re: CHEATING - SM's new reporting system How do I report the Lyon manager? I used to know how but the new setup seemingly makes it impossible to me Is there a step by step idiots guide? Im happy to be the idiot to get it sorted
  4. In a setup with which I manage Bayern, Lyon have the following transfer activity: Miralem PJANIC Chivas de Guadalajara £43.0M Ânderson NENE Chivas de Guadalajara £27.0M Lukman HARUNA Chivas de Guadalajara £15.0M Yuto NAGATOMO River Plate £23.0M Dejan LOVREN River Plate £38.0M Blaise MATUIDI River Plate £34.0M There is also more (but this is simply of late). Both Chivas and River manager mysteriously resign straight after all transfers are complete. The new SM protocol for reporting this is limited to only being allowed to select the clubs (from a list) who are currently managed. Therefore I cannot report either Chivas or River due to the manager with multiple accounts having resigned. As a result, I wrote of this in the description (of my ticket) and had to select another managed club which I stated as not being accountable but I had no other option in order to report the issue. SM have now wrote back stating there is nothing wrong!!!!!!!! SM are obviously having a laugh as this is just the tip of the Lyon managers transfer dealings (all listed on his account). Any help much appreciated as I am sure you all appreciate how annoying this gets!! Cheers
  5. Re: should i sell tevez,if he goes to corinthians?? I agree. It wouldn't. But come the time it would, nothing wrong with sticking him on the list as a P/E and sitting on a decent bid to await his real life decision.
  6. Re: should i sell tevez,if he goes to corinthians?? AND HEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM!! If Tevez (one of the worlds best strikers) moves to Brazil this is where SM's system falls down!! It is hard to openly critisise the system as it provides an excellent online game, however, I made this point (retrospectively speaking) a while ago claiming what would happen if Messi moved to Brazil or Holland or anywhere else where theres a league cap!! Doesn't make you any less of a player, especially when the age of the player is like that of Tevez and not Ronaldinho who is not only aging (in football terms), but whose performance level had also dropped!! Another example working the other direction is Neymar, who should he remain in Brazil, will also see his rating capped!! Hmmm... Unfortunately, if he goes, you will have to sell ASAP. So I would stick him on the list now and see if anyone takes the bait, by which time you can probably hold onto the offer and await the news... Fingers crossed they don't cancel
  7. Re: Carl Magnay - Chelsea 20-06-2008 I mentioned this lad. Nearly 3 years later he's added to the database!! At 22 and rated 75 he is still highly rated by Chelsea!! He suffered two long-term injuries inhibiting his progress but has only recently overcome the second!! I can't understand why he is on the database as his injuries have stalled his potential loan moves, resulting in no senior game time. However... he is... and I predict much bigger things to come, as Chelsea have extended his contract time and time again throughout a tough 3 year spell of injuries!!
  8. Re: Harry Kane - Wonderkid Just a thought... should the title of this thread not be 'Harry Kane - Future Potential' Afterall he's a loan player from Tottenham playing for Leyton Orient, who occcasionally gets left on the bench? Wonderkid seems a bit OTT to me I feel like I will not get back the 2minutes of my life I have just lost!
  9. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I have had a counter offer in which I made a bid for Souza ROBINHO where I would have to exchange Marko MARIN and Marek HAMSIK. All I know is that all 3 are doing pretty well! The question is how well in the future and therefore should I do the deal? Thanks in advance for any advice!!
  10. Re: Brazil Player Reports and Updates Thanks up front for that & no bother on the list. Yeah i'm aware of the search option but im not a big fan of how it dispays the results. Anyway, when it's a comprehensive thread by Insider I don't mind checking on the whole thing
  11. Re: Brazil Player Reports and Updates RIGHT... Ive read every single page of the 19!! So can say with some confidence that NO-ONE has asked about Cleiton Xavier I have also clicked on his individual thread and not found my answer!! Finally I know he ain't been playing his game in Brazil for a while... So... 89 rated... been in my squads since day dot... waited and waited on a 90 for an eternity (well 2 years)... INSIDER... Please ... What should I do with him???? In addition ive a great deal of Brazilians in many of my squads and the rating changes are almost upon us. If I posted a list of names would you be willing to give me a 'ye' or a 'ney' on who to keep long-term?? Didn't want to be cheeky and post it without asking. Thanks
  12. Re: HENDERSON, Jordan There is some absolute rubbish talked about on this thread, it comes to something when some sense is found by someone who has called themselves SMB-Twisted As someone who actually watches Henderson week in week out, he has potential. However, that is all he has at present. Apart from his energy and commitment he does not shine in any particular part of his game. Many of his failings are due to the fact of his age! And staying at Sunderland will only help him develop as a player. A big move... (a) he is not good enough and, ( the progress he is making would be affected due to the fact he would not hold down a starting XI position at this stage of his career. Next rating change will be to an 88 and if predicting a pair it will be 88/87. At this stage Wilshere is by far a more complete player!! On comment of his derby performances its quite simple... he's 19!!!!!!!!!! Its alright to say hes a local lad and should be well up for it!! No doubt he was!! But at 19 he's going to be nervous as hell when faced with that situation!! When I was 19 I was up for my multiple-choice exams but I was nervous at the prospect and I wern't sitting them in front of 45-50 thousand people!! Forget the money and the prestige, its human nature and only comes with age!!
  13. Re: Player Ratings Question's It's a good idea... but its already been done!! If you look to the top of the 'Player Rating Predictions' screen & click on link numero uno, your links are there
  14. Re: Ratings - Are SM Fully Utilising Their Potential?
  15. Re: Prem Changes: Making sense of the Aftermath I have to say that this comes as no surprise AT ALL to me!! Quite simply I predicted something like this a month or two ago and got shot down in my blaze of glory (just updated my thread ) Take a look... http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=74051 For those who cant be bothered it stated ----- "In light of recent comment... some constructive, many not I believe my initial wording of my thoughts is slightly out... For simplicity, and in line with some forum'ers opinion, it may help to assure understading by offering the following: (a) Goalkeeper ratings need to fall in-line with other positions ( A complete shift in ratings would have too much impact on the game, including player value. However, an assessment of the upper limits of player value does not seem to farfetched, provding, as it would, scope for players such as Ronaldo & Messi to 'push on' as it seems that a 99 rating is all but impossible to achieve. © Therefore, as forum'ers cannot see any sense in a complete shift in the ratings, hyperthetically speaking would a considered alternative approach to ratings e.g. a 0-99 or, different approach whereby top players can be differientiated, not add to the game?" ----- NOW, as much as I am shocked by the rating of some players (especially in the Premier league - Malouda, Terry WHAT!! Im no Chelsea fan either!!) I am not shocked as to the reason behind it... its all in the thread... pay particular attention to all the critisism... As I now look at it... :D
  16. Re: Ratings - Are SM Fully Utilising Their Potential? I WOULD JUST LIKE TO POINT OUT THE FOLLOWING... Althought the explaination of my point was somewhat lacking understanding!! The evidence now speaks for itself!! SM (through no doing of my own!! - but undoubtedly in line with my point!!) are gradually condensing the ratings!! I NOW HAPPILY TAKE ALL OF THE CRITISISM IN THIS THREAD WITH A BIG CHEESEY GRIN AND WOULD LIKE TO THANK THOSE OF YOU WHO SEEN THE GENERIC POINT I WAS MAKING... I am prepared for the onslaught... however my answer to all who do...
  17. Re: squad caps debate: are they stupid ? Freezing earthworms makes them easier to sharpen!!
  18. Re: SM totally anti Liverpool????
  19. Re: squad caps debate: are they stupid ? I do see your point!! But you overlook another 2!! There are 3 possibilities: (1) The one you present above where there is no way around it bar these players ageing which as we all know, your talking years and is therefore unrealistic!! (2) Existing setups where one or two teams do not hold all the best players but they are spread out. Squad capping will help here!! (3) SM are constantly starting up new setups. The sitaution you point out above is unlikely to occur with squad capping as the reason people are able to afford such teams is by building squads of 100+ in the first instance & then selling for profit, before using this profit to build their squads. You may have noticed that less money is in the game - I used to receive 10-20mil + for winning the league, its down to 6-7 and less in other leagues. Buying hige squad and selling for profit is the biggest way to buy teams like that, that you present above. Inhibit this... Inhibit the ability to have such squads!!
  20. Re: Resetting 7-day transfer ban window Ive just noticed this having created a thread pretty similar (my bad)!! However, my suggestion is different: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=75852
  21. Quite simply as a simple suggestion for improvement... Mangers come and go from teams in leagues at an alarming rate!! When a club loses a manager you cannot by a player for a minimum of a week (great idea). However, could it not also be made possible to stop managers from instantly quitting clubs as to stop people from entering and leaving game worlds on an hourly (or even minute by minute) basis. One example... Everytime Real Madrid becomes available in one of the game worlds I am in, someone instantly takes the job, only to realise that previous managers have ruined the team. They then leave and so continues the trend. If they were unable to leave for an allocated time (say 7 days) they would think twice about taking the job. Any thoughts? Cheers
  22. Re: Player Concerns - increase rate of change Without wanting to get on yet another end of your very opinionated self & also without wishing to debate a completely off topic point... I ask, in pure simplicity, that if I had a squad of 120 players and was not allowed to buy a player until (in the first instance) I cut the squad to less than 100... Then when the first unmanaged teams players became available for pillaging and I couldn't bid for a 92+ player(s)... personally, I would be selling 20+ of my 'hogged' players (and thereafter more when the squad cap kicked in even further) to assure that my first team was not losing out to other managers who could make such bids... However, maybe you have a different take??
  23. Re: Player Concerns - increase rate of change In line with the speed of player concerns rising, is the speed that players are to lose their concerns also due to be addressed? I have had Pique since he was a 90 rated player. He has played 3 complete seasons as first choice CB and yet still houses concerns which has gradually seen his morale dropping... something I am aware has an impact on his performance!!
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