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  1. Indeed' date=' a fantastic and well fought performance. It will be interesting to see if we can follow that up with a win today. Everton are tough to beat, but this is a big game and as long as our players are up for it we can win.[/quote']

    Hardfought win but the lads got over the line...TOP OF THE TABLE!

  2. Absolutely terrific performance all through the pitch.....Ozil's on a purple streak, Theo didn't score but his movement wreaked havoc....lost for words with the strides made by the Coq and Bellerin..may they be mainstays in the club for a long time....How imperious were Kos, Per and Nachoooo??? How gratifying is it having a truly world class GK? Hats off to Petr Cech......Love how Neville suggested that we don't have game plans and we just turn up....with a performance like that, no way we didn't plan comprehensively for Bayern....

  3. Absolutely stunning performance all through the starting XI. What happened on Wednesday? Take that LvG, for that smug aura pre-game.

    Blitzkrieg, I believe they call it.......so many star performers, Alexis, Ozil, Coq, Nacho, Cech, Gab.....At this rate, we might as well tank Champs and focus on the league.....standing ovation lads

    Get In!!!!

  4. From 2009-15, under Mike Dean's refereeing,

    Arsenal, played 25, won 6, drawn 8, lost 11 for a 24% win percentage.

    Chelsea, played 29, won 16, drawn 9 and lost 3 for a 55% win percentage.

    City, played 27, won 15, drawn 7, lost 5 for a 56% win percentage.

    United, played 21, won 10, drawn 6, lost 5 for a 48% win percentage.

    Now, Arsenal's win percentage since 2009 is 57%, therefore it is quite evident that there is bias. How can Arsenal's win percentage be so far removed from the others?

  5. It's never a good sign when a side relies on referees to keep a guy in check and not have their game unravel.

    One can be of any opinion of Costa' date=' but when it all comes down, the most certain way of solving that problem is to have a guy of your own to intimidate opponents

    England is a tough league, where more toughness is allowed than in almost all the other leagues in the world (believe me, I've watched plenty recently and not just leagues in Europe...in other places players flop around wildly and often are able to get the red cards and penalties they seek. Not in England though!). Teams need to adjust accordingly to the English climate and not have teams that are softer than toilet paper.[/quote']

    This situation has NOTHING to do with being soft, if anything, it was an even game until that fracas instigated by Costa....what decided this game was a typically weak performance by the ref that enabled a player who had enough off the ball incidents to be sent off at least thrice to stay on with a mere yellow for his transgressions... Critics argue that Arsenal is soft, the one time someone stands up to shenanigans, he is sent off and is accused of taking bait, what do the critics want then? Costa has been pulling these stunts for weeks without punishment and this time nobody would stand for it...what happens? A farce of a ref performance. Pretty ironic then, a player who's fouled as much as Cazorla and is probably the least intimidating player on the pitch sees Red, yet somehow, Costa stays on. What was the difference between what Gab did and what Costa did to Ox? DOUBLE STANDARDS and weakness from the ref...

    Quite apt then that Mourinho thinks that Costa was the MoM...course he was, his shenanigans changed the game...

  6. At this rate, Costa can get away with murder with a slap on the wrist. Clearly he was looking to rile Kos...how he's not sent off after giving him a facial idk... But noooo....typical, proverbial, clich├ęd disgusting performance by the ref.Gabriel should know better but Costa is no doubt a genius at the dark arts....shame a talented player of his calibre resorts to this level of underhandedness....Wenger should really drill this team to know what brazenly nefarious tactics will be used every matchday against Chelsea. Why am I not surprised?

  7. I am still failing to fathom a turnaround of this magnitude, 12 goals conceded in 9? The Mourinho blueprint is a solid spine/defence, that allows the rest of the team to express themselves and strike telling blows.....when that blueprint goes wrong, the team seems overwhelmingly open. Moreover, what's even more shocking is the lack of obvious solutions to the current malaise, there something fundamentally wrong here...Jose claims that the players are low on morale due to poor results. I disagree, that's the proverbial cart before the horse argument...the poor results are the result of poor subpar performance throughout the entire team. Perhaps the only person absolved of blame is Asmir who had a worldy yesterday. I initially pinned this malaise on the players lacking drive and motivation after having taken the title at a canter and beginning the season with the mentality that the team only had to turn up and the opposing team would lay down and tap out. Now? I'm not sure if that's the only reason....could the dressing room be lost, could the players be losing their confidence in Jose? Costa is playing like a one trick pony only interested in squaring up like a Tyson past his prime, Ivanovic looks like pub team quality, Zouma looked raw, Terry's exploits and exertions last season looked like they are catching up with him. Fabregas is playing like a passenger....what's the point having him if he won't provide the key, defence-splitting passes? Hazard was never on Ronaldo and Messi's level last season, this season? He's slid even further down, not just for Chelsea, but Belgium as well. This is all tasty viewing for me and should next week's result be anything other than a convincing win against Arsenal, then that might just be enough to push Jose off the edge and into the last chance saloon. No way Abramovich will allow this mockery of a title defence to stumble much further.... My 2 cents.

  8. I did a comparison matrix on Squawka comparing Le Coq with Matic, Schneiderlin, Fernandinho and Milner:-


    I for one do not quite understand the constant negativity and criticism that we get regarding the DM situation....we need BACKUP IMO not a replacement for Coq...Coq has the best stats thus far when compared to his more storied contemporaries yet he has played the least minutes...I tried to include the stats relevant to a DM's duties....Think Coq is the winner in SIX of the NINE categories....just goes to show, that one of the reasons the others are perceived as superior is the fact that a transfer fee was paid for the others while Le Coq was an unfashionable in-house solution....

  9. Our start doesn't seem so bad with Liverpool, Man United and Chelsea all having shockers......now a solid win streak is required maybe 5 or so straight wins...although to do that, we need to solve our current goalscoring malaise.....perhaps Danny can offer something different by offering the pace of Walcott coupled with the aerial prowess of Giroud....

  10. Like vitor said, all of this before the other competitions start??? If I was a Chelsea fan, I'd dread Christmas....the period where the team needs to be well oiled, up and running with the squad players ready to step in when fatigue and inevitable knocks come around.....and it doesn't seem like there's anyone available to correct the problem...Pedro is quality, but it's further back.....Ivanovic and Cahill are liabilities....why not shift Azpi over to the right and throw in Baba.....Costa looks like he's seconds away from throwing a punch, rather than scoring...Fabregas seems to have lost what little work ethic he had and Matic is a shadow of the colussus he was.....

  11. Jose wrongly stated that that City defeat was fake, nothing unauthentiv today whatsoever......just a bunch of players lacking hunger and verve....they look at the bench and see the likes of with no disrepect, Kenedy and Falcao and feel secure.....they should be hungry to maintain their place......dunno if it were possible, but maybe having a guy like Salah off the bench rather than Kenedy would keep the attacking mids on their toes...Pjanic maybe??? I dunno....

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