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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Man this thread has changed. If this happened two season ago there would have been at least fifteen pages of baiting' date=' anger, WengerOut's, WengerIn's, referee abuse, mocking.

    I came here to cheer myself up and it's just... Empty. Has SM gotten that bad now?[/quote']

    I think it's reached a point where we've all been psychologically tolerant to Arsenal having these kinda days......shocking that we're so accepting but oh well.....

  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread


    As if its hardly the fault of the players' date=' it's wenger being clueless.

    Monreal a midget left back at CB and Chambers who has had one decent game and it was at CB.

    Bellerin would've been perfect for this game as well.[/quote']

    Someone has to admit culpability for this mess we continually play ourselves into.....TYPICAL

  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Arshavin Part Two' date=' Been saying it for a while now.

    Completely wasted out on the wing for ages and now forgets how to play centrally or play at all for that matter.

    Really wanted to see Walcott get a goal today, Sanchez the stand out as usual and if he gets injured I've got no clue what we're gonna do and as for Chambers he was crap but still got an assist and goal lol.[/quote']

    It's a SCARY prospect, actually FRIGHTENING if Alexis picks up an injury, he's absolutely carrying us right now.....only one willing to show heart, fight and sheer determination. He WILLED us to this win tbh....

  4. Re: Formula 1 Thread

    Missed the race' date=' but I read that it was stopped because this crash.

    Bianchi left the track in a turn - wet condition- and hit a recovery vehicle.[/quote']

    Just read that he sustained a severe head injury.......hopefully he gets back even stronger.....

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