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  1. Re: Official Red Devils Thread

    LVG IS a genius and our Players are good enough for top 5. It's just a lack of implementation of the tactics. Players don't have coordination between them which will ultimately come with time.

    Even if after playing as we want to we lose then only you have the right to criticise The manager and players and everyone else.

    A genius coach would have the awareness to alter the tactics that have so evidently failed to work effectively, not stubbornly insist on playing three at the back, all for what, proving a point???

  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Arsenal reaches 27 M for William Carvalho. Sporting willing to sell under the 35 M tab if there are certain Arsenal players involved (Gnabry and Coquelin amongst the wanted)

    Really mate??? Ah....that's excellent news, although I'll believe it when he's holding the jersey up.....

  3. Re: Official Red Devils Thread

    You're really running out of time. That means that players have either moved already' date=' are no longer available or are only available for extortionate fees. Plus, would players want to move to United at the moment. Sure you can offer money, but there's very very little promise at the club currently.[/quote']

    I'm an Arsenal fan mate, but this time round, I'm putting my neutral sports analyst cap on.....if that makes sense hahaha

  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    According to NBC pundit Robbie Earle' date=' Arsenal’s failure to replace Johan Djourou last season cost them the Premier League title last season.


    What the?! :confused: How on earth do these idiots become pundits?! :o

    What? I'm utterly baffled that he came to such a clearly uninformed conclusion.....

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