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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Man City barring Jovetic have been shockingly poor but it has to be said Arsenals bright' date=' energetic football has been really good.

    Liking the subs too, just wish Campbell was on sooner.[/quote']

    Me too, woulda liked to see him get a run at proper defenders.....

  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Decent start, fair share of positives and negatives, Rambo looks as good as ever, Chambers and Alexis have been okay, albeit the former being beaten for pace by Dzeko and the latter's poor decision making at times but all in all, an okay start......

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    So I'm trying to buy Messi. The only way the guy will accept a sale is for me to give him Hazard' date=' Gotze and Bale.

    Apparently I'm being tight by saying that's a lot to give. Thoughts?[/quote']

    What?!? Hahaha..... This guy's got his head so far up Messi's rear end.....what a joke....keep the trio, all day, everyday......

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    thiago now is 91 mate' date=' he got risen after good performance on [b']half season[/b] in bayern last time, after that he got injured many times.

    so no need to wait until december, ur assuming is failed already ;)

    Fair enough, my bad....Thiago was not necessarily playing at 91 standard so unless there's a drastic upturn, that 92 will come in May.....seemed like you've conveniently forgotten the de Rossi issue....

  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    what i try to say is thiago didnt play many matches last season' date=' not because he wasnt the first choice or regular like u said before, but because he got injured, he played very well when he was the first choice, so if he got his playing time this season and if bayern performed well(it would be, no competitor in bundesliga), then 92 is not a problem in december, SM ratings is about team, right, not just about personal,

    hummels deserve 94 because of his superb performance in dortmund and germany, yes, dortmund didnt manage to get trophy last year, but how about de rossi 94 in roma, what trophies did he win? world cup?[/quote']

    I can say with an assuring degree of certainty, that by December, Thiago.will STILL be a 90....why should any player jump by 2 clear rating points within half the season? By that logic(as an Arsenal fan), Ramsey should be a 92/93....as for de Rossi, he actually HAS won a world cup(2006), besides, he's one of the few who have achieved that sorta rating purely from individual performances, coupled with the fact he's versatile and world class at both the CDM and CB positions, a modern day "libero/sweeper" if you like.....

  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Honestly, I think Diaby ought to do justice to himself and the club and retire.....absolutely ridiculous......tomorrow will be an extremely tough test, hoping we win just to spur the boys on somewhat for the rest of the season......any new transfer hearsay/rumours?

  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Subpar performance.....Monaco's physicality showed.....completely outplayed the weak duo of Arteta and Wilshere....shows that signing a DM is imperative.....Giroud was unfit and it showed....Zelalem was inventive, woulda wanted Campbell and Alexis to play together.....Debuchy was solid, yet unspectacular.....Chambers the same.....Monreal was poor, although he had no one protecting him on the wings and running back to cover....

  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    So all these players were Captains for Arsenal' date=' respectively, why do they all leave for other clubs?



    They left because we were under a black cloud as a club, paying off the stadium loans and being financially strapped.....Vermaelen will NOT be missed.....

  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    2005: Juventus sign ARSENAL


    Patrick Vieira.

    2006: Juventus MANAGER Fabio



    2007: Barcelona sign ARSENAL


    Thierry Henry.

    2008: Barcelona MANAGER Frank



    2011: Barcelona sign ARSENAL


    Cesc Fabregas.

    2012: Barcelona MANAGER Pep



    2012: Man Utd sign ARSENAL


    Van Persie.

    2013: Man Utd MANAGER



    Louis Van Gaal, if you want to get sacked sign Thomas Vermaelen

  10. Re: Formula 1 Thread

    Amazing how everyone has no problems with Hamilton disobeying team orders but hated Vettel for doing just that last year. Is it because this is a predominantly British forum??

    I'm no Vettel fan but I definitely don't want Hamilton to win this season been extremely arrogant for my liking. I liked him when he first won the championship but this season he thinks too highly of himself and all that trash talk for his own team-mate is just bad.

    I also don't understand all this talk of him being unlucky this season. Most of his problems have come in the qualifying which frankly is nothing tbh. Even if both the Mercedes this season started at the back row they'd still manage to be in the top 5 their car is that good. And of course last race Rosberg had problems with his brake discs but ofcourse that is irrelevant as he doesn't moan :)

    I'm no Lewis fan, I root for Fernando but it was perfectly clear that Nico was too far back for Lewis to slow down and let him thru......Niki Lauda even agreed with Lewis' call and said that decision passed on to Lewis was a mistake due the the intensity of the situation.....if Nico was within DRS range, by all means then he woulda had the right to feel aggrieved, but at the end of the day he wasn't....they were in a sense almost asking Lewis to let Nico win the race which he woulda done had he gone past....

  11. Re: Formula 1 Thread

    Fernandooooooooo! What a drive! On cooked softs....no man woulda led such a crappy car within a sniff of a victory....27 straight finishes in the points...a bloody record....Ricciardo, what a talent, what a star....making Vettel look average...Lewis, my word....

  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Hold your horses guys. I don't think Chambers is confirmed yet? As far as I have seen' date=' Wenger have confirmed that we are very close to Ospina but have yet to hear anything about Chambers.

    Even if the deal did went through as you guys said, he would be a huge step up over Jenkinson I think.. Reminded me like the Chamberlain deal tbh.

    As regarding the 16mil price tag, I can't see how it will be justify when we can sign Aurier for like 8-12mil who is currently the best RB for French League.[/quote']

    Picture this scenario, Debuchy injured round about January-February, Aurier our supposed backup RB is off for 4-6wks playing in the Africa Cup of Nations, hardly ideal is it? Besides, we don't know how he'd adapt to a new faster paced league.....

  13. Re: The Politics Thread

    What a genius Vladimir Putin is.....298 ppl

    have their blood on your hands/the hands of separatists he supports for creating a senseless conflict that's led to this completely avoidable tragedy....all this by annexing Crimea, disregarding Ukraine's sovereignty.....80 children for Christ's sake!

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