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  1. Re: Whats the Best Team + Formation for my Barca team ???? Thnkz for all the help everyone !! my target man is Ibrahimovic and my play maker(s) are Xavi + Messi.
  2. Re: Whats the Best Team + Formation for my Barca team ???? What type of pre match tactics should I use.?? I currently use : Tackling style - Normal Mentality - V.Attacking Passing style - Direct Tempo - Fast Attacking style - mixed Pressing - All over Counter Attack (NO) Tight Marking (YES) Use Playmaker (YES) Use Target man (YES Play Offside (NO) Men behind Ball (NO)
  3. Re: which one should i buy? Id have a look at these if i was u Lahm (Bayern Munich,25,GERMANY) Evra (Man Utd,28,FRANCE) Chiellini (Juventus,25,ITALIAN) Clichy (Arsenal,24,FRANCE) Marcelo (Real Madrid,21,BRAZIL) Andre Santos (Fenerbahce,26,BRAZIL) Filipe (Deportivo,24,BRAZIL) Criscito (Genoa,22,ITALIAN) I would strongly recommend Criscito, he's a very young,promising player that is allready in the Italian national team.
  4. I am in need of some help, My team GK Valdes Pinto DEF Puyol Marquez Abidal Chygrynskiy Pique Dani Alves Maxwell MID Yaya Toure Keita Busquets Xavi Iniesta Juan Manuel Mata Rodriguez Pedro FWD Lionel Messi Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thierry Henry Sergio Aguero Krkic Bojan I am Currently playing a 4-3-3 (Wingers) formation, just like the one Barca play in real life. Plz Help ... Thnkz Karim Benzema
  5. Re: <EC 4219><AcTiViTiEs RePoRT> Megson's Gone, Time for Someone Better * * * Bolton are reportedly to be interested in only 3 new signings,Eto'o,Robben, and Frey of Fiorentina. * * *
  6. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers anyone looking for a really fair playing manager ;) i only want a real madrid team btw im making a league soon so post what teams u want nice 1
  7. Re: Rob Mathews' Chosen Hill Super League! (Official Thread) Man City News Bellamy and 6 more Leave Man City Graig Bellamy,Benjani,S.Taylor,J.Vidal,N.Onuoha,K.Etuhu,M.Johnson,R.McGivern + Glauber all leave Man City for a total of just over 16 million. The cash will be spent "wisley" says Man city boss, mainly on defence or a new goalkeeper. Ricardo Carvalho and Joleon Lescott topping the transfer list. Bellamy leaves Man City after falling out of favour Carvalho is wanted by His manager but could a new challenge persuade him to leave ??? Lescott is wanting an move away from Everton
  8. Everyone from the Rob Mathews' Chosen Hill Super League! setup are welcome to discuss everything HERE! enjoy! Karim , Man City Manager
  9. Re: World Championship 6592 Bayern Munich Latest Ribery and Gomez As Real Madrid complete huge deals for the best players globaly, Bayern Munich look set to keep hold of 2 of the best players in Germany. Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz "Kalle" Rummenigge hasnt declaired Munich out of more transfers in and out of the Allienz Arena. Ricardo Carvalho tops the "wanted" list, but Chelsea are reluctant to let him go.
  10. Re: World Championship 6592 I aint selling him no more Why do people take over a club and leave WATS THE POINT ARGH ! im F***king angry!!!:mad: i havent signed anyone i need a Goalkeeper and 2 CB defenders
  11. Re: World Championship 6592 Transfer Needed i urgently need a CB possibly rated 93 + and for 22 mil ?? message me with available people karim benzema (Bayern Munich)
  12. Re: World Championship 6592 Hi everyone , ive taken over Bayern munich im selling everyone APART FROM GOMEZ ribery would have to be a GREAT offer
  13. Can anyone give me a Team in there new league? i would want Real Madrid (1st choice) Inter Milan (2nd) Manchester united (3rd) i would gve you any good team inmy league's? apart from AC Milan,Real Madrid,and Barcelona
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