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  1. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o

    Whilst your online Karim' date='I asked on the last page whether you could do me a Diego one similar to Kietas but with a black background,I am guessing you could have missed is why i am saying it again.[/quote']

    yh, im abit under the weather today,gotta cold but il have a go, and do u want the smudging?

  2. Re: Graphic Design Feedback

    dude this has got way out of hand. All people are tryiny to say is that you should not tell someone not to post their work because it is rubbish. By saying that thay are going to think why should I post if someone is going to slate me off for it. I am not trying to insert myself into the argument but its just my opinion. Thats all I'm gonna say because I do not want to get told off by the mods:o.

    cheers, but i wasnt slatting him off,he welcome to try to get out poor stuff on here, I was just saying he needs to improve because everyone hates nooby questions and nooby stuff posted on the forum.

  3. Re: Graphic Design Feedback

    No need for the stars big boy. And I have made a fair bit in the past' date=' have a look around why don't you.

    And I'm hardly crying, simply said there was no need for you to go at someone the way you did. Your the one that's made a mountain out of a mole hill, sunshine ;)[/quote']

    im guessing you swing the other way ?

    and i didnt put the stars there.

    I didnt start anything i just put my opinion and you started crying about it.

    Thats all from me on this matter.

  4. Re: Graphic Design Feedback

    Let me put my opinions forward then.

    Your not the best on here' date=' far from it. And frankly - you suck :)[/quote']

    ok well at least i dont cry like you do when people have a go

    You may think i suck but im not gonna worry about it . Id like to see you design something you ***** !

  5. Re: Graphic Design Feedback

    Your the best on here? What stats do you refer to that proves this?

    I dont wanna shock you but people have opinions on here and sometimes put them forward without your consent.

    Dont get me wrong im not saying everyone is bad because everyone has a chance and turns out some good stuff like: Zampa,Aaron, KNVB and Dan .G.

  6. Re: Graphic Design Feedback

    Nice Trumpet You're Blowing There. :rolleyes:

    Still No Excuse For Speaking To Someone Like That. You Talk As If You're God's Gift To GFX :rolleyes:

    Sorry for being right

    and its how people speak to each other if they have a strong opinion and !IF THEY HAVE THE FOOTBALLS!

  7. Re: Graphic Design Feedback

    It doesn't matter what sort of quality it was. This isn't a graphics forum so people with any ability should be able to post without be insulted. He's clearly a beginner' date=' thus he can't be expected to make anything world class. Ergo you can simple tell him how to improve upon what he has made.

    And you clearly did tell him to go elsewhere when you redirrected him to SGFX to follow tutorials. To me that's dismissing his work as garbage.

    Again - think about it.[/quote']

    I went to sportgfx and im still on here SO THAT MUST MEAN I DIDNT GET REDIRECTED, MEANING I DIDNT REDIRECT HIM and i know its not a design forum but if i was him and i did something along those lines i would have the common sense to realise its not up scratch and not post it .

    If everyone else around me was better than me id want to be the best, like me I wasnt good at the start but now im the best on here. according to the stats

    now take your own advice !

  8. Re: Graphic Design Feedback

    Has he?

    All he's done his tell him it's awful and that basically he should go elsewhere with his work?

    Advice would be telling him what to change himself' date=' not refer him somewhere else. Not the right attitude, think before you speak.[/quote']

    He had to change everything ..... Its not really worth posting at that quality.

    and i didnt say go elsewere what would be the point of that ....... ? :confused:

    take your own advice (THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!)

  9. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread

    lost my first manager mode league with chelsea becuse my keeper got sent off on the 2ed to last match and i didit have a replacement and had to forfit.

    if you need a good keeper on manger mode then cka moscos AKINEEV is a good option as hes 23 rated 86 costs about 8mill and only wants i think like 12k a game


    is ochoa any good? he was on 09

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