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  1. Re: Manchester City vs Arsenal Carling Cup quarter final Not our night , ? OBVIOUSLY ! and it was a arsenal C TEAM but im not making excuses, personally i think wenger just doesnt want to win anything so cant wait to get a replacement after his reign
  2. Re: Graphic Design Feedback dont post things that dont look very good m8 its kinda boring and rubbish go to sportfgfx and do some tutorials m8 u will improve massively if you do
  3. Re: Who won the WC in your set up? i was spain in world championship 1417 and got beat by argentina in the quarters then they went on to win it
  4. Re: Graphic Design Feedback High quality, stock = (Picture in other words)
  5. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Woundering and yh u can but its best to have a HQ stock
  6. Re: Graphic Design Feedback dont love the text and the stock could have better texture to it m8 but its just a work in progress i guess
  7. Re: Official PS3 Thread no it might break sorry
  8. Re: Official PS3 Thread any one wnat a game (fifa 10)? or add me Killer_Hitman (I wasnt very mature when i got my PS3)
  9. Re: Official Xbox 360 group/thread! I have the 3 red rings on my xbox and ive sed i have four lol so what will happen if they discover this ? plus i dont understand why i have to ring ups to come get the xbox ? Weird ..!
  10. Re: Graphic Design Feedback thats not what you do !!!!!!!!!!
  11. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Nice You sure you made this .... i have doubts
  12. Re: Graphic Design Feedback U might have to ask Zampa m8
  13. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Collab with Zampa
  14. Re: Hello. Dont for a start and welcome
  15. Re: Graphic Design Feedback I might if you dont mind cheers, what you mean about colours ?
  16. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o U P D A T E I B R A H I M O V I C K E I T A What do u think ? ? ?
  17. Re: Round The World Challenge - Report Thread IFK Göteborg 1-4 Real Madrid Franck Ribery started the goals with a stunner in the second minute. Raul then grabbed two goals in the space of 22' minutes with one in the 43rd minute and the second in the 65th. Higuain scores after coming on 75 mins into the game. Madrid stay top going 7 points clear ahead of Chelsea.
  18. B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o M a n c h e s t e r U n i t e d E V R A O B E R T A N O W E N
  19. Valencia sign new Manager Valencia have today released a short statement claiming they have sacked Unai Emery and have found a instant replacement. The new man has set sights on his first signings with offers for Pato,Vermaelen and Lloris. He has also said " "
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