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  1. Re: Graphic Design Feedback


    I'm not "bossing" you around' date=' telling you what to do, but that is offensive, and it's not the way to reply to someone looking for feedback. :rolleyes:

    Constructive critisism..[/quote']

    whats wrong with being the boss?

    and i did say go to sportgfx and do the tutorials


  2. Re: Graphic Design Feedback

    Very harsh. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it if someone said that to you!

    I'm sure you weren't very good with graphics when you first started' date=' this thread is for feedback, tips etc.

    I suggest you re-think how you reply to peoples posts.

    P.S - Surely a graphics mod could say a quick reminder about constructive critisism![/quote']

    sorry boss! I take my "offensive" comments back sorry if you are offended .

    Like i sed, go to sportgfx !

  3. Re: Graphic Design Feedback


    Started a sig on paint.net' date=' and can't finish it with the right effects and text etc, anybody fancy finishing it for me as a colab?

    Here's the link for the .pdn file :)


    I might if you dont mind ;)

    your sig looks really good karim you've gotten a lot better just maybe the color effects are overdone but keep it up

    something different

    rvpdesignz ft. Santino


    cheers, what you mean about colours ?

  4. Re: Round The World Challenge - Report Thread

    IFK Göteborg 1-4 Real Madrid

    Franck Ribery started the goals with a stunner in the second minute. Raul then grabbed two goals in the space of 22' minutes with one in the 43rd minute and the second in the 65th. Higuain scores after coming on 75 mins into the game. Madrid stay top going 7 points clear ahead of Chelsea.

  5. Valencia sign new Manager


    Valencia have today released a short statement claiming they have sacked Unai Emery and have found a instant replacement. The new man has set sights on his first signings with offers for Pato,Vermaelen and Lloris. He has also said "

    Villa, silva and Mata wont be leaving unless Messi wants to join us,

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