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  1. Re: Guess The Player Its not Ronaldo is it ? the fat 1
  2. Re: Guess The Player 700 Post !!! GUESS THE PLAYER :D:D:D:D:D:D:D If you dont get it ur stupid,lol
  3. Re: Guess The Player Villa and i think Vlads could be guthrie ? but im not 100%
  4. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o NEW NEW NEW D I E G O
  5. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o Back with new stuff U P D A T E AVATARS A M A U R I F A B R E G A S P I Q U E A G U E R O F A B R E G A S V.1 V.2 R O N A L D I N H O K A K A
  6. Re: Guess The Player Its easy, its Nenad Milijaš and Great thread Dan and i guess im back for a bit
  7. 06-22-2008 -/- 15 - 11 - 2009 Leaving.. Thnkz to Dan_DG17 for everything plus everyone else that posted on my P O R T F O L I O thread. some people act like kids and get gelous very easy I suppose that sums up this Forum
  8. Re: Graphic Design Feedback What i do m8 is, I save it a Png file(Obv) then open it then use the square rectangle tool to copy the part of the render i want
  9. Re: Graphic Design Feedback No and sorry about that i must of deleted your PM I think some on did it for me but thankz anyway il rep you after you wasted your time lol
  10. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Its not just you m8, Its many other people, im not gonna name, names because its not worth it. Im leaving because only a handful of people understand how to act like adults, clearly some dont
  11. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o Yh go ahead m8 enjoy it whilst it lasts
  12. Re: Graphic Design Feedback what ever you say boss !
  13. Re: Graphic Design Feedback It didnt look like mucking around Did it ? But what ever m8 Im leaving this forum tonight so good luck with your fantastic sig's and i hope people dont become jelous of your sigs
  14. Re: Graphic Design Feedback U dont have to
  15. Re: Graphic Design Feedback Your not up your own **** much ! plus , has anyone got a sense of humour?i guess not
  16. Re: The Render Request Thread. Will you cut these m8 Fabregas Matuidi Cheers Dan,
  17. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o A n n o u n c e m e n t I havent been on this forum for long but im finding it hard to cope with some people on it. I will participate in the designing threads but I wont post on any other posts for a while. Therefore i suppose you could say im Part time retiring from this forum. Anyone that has requested a sig/avatar will get it but after that it could be it for a while.
  18. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o Il start work soon i just have bought Cod MW2 and fifa 10 so im just chill'n LOL
  19. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o The Benayoun render is pretty bad,just look at his arm ........ and i need a cahill render if u have 1
  20. Re: B e n z e m a ' s P o r t f o l i o If you cant find a render for him and what kinda effects u want ?
  21. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Got Fifa 10 today but dont know if i should get these two, Matuidi and Moussa Sissoko are they any good on it?
  22. Re: This a good deal to get Gourcuff? accept m8 Bojan is doing well at all at Barca atm Hes in terrible form
  23. Re: Biggest Clubs In England? Isnt this thread just a matter of someones opinion?
  24. Re: S o h n w a l d t ' s P o r t f o l i o not a bad set m8
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