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  1. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread No sin bins please. It's works in rugby because the refs are not morons and rugby is ran by a bunch guys that want to improve the sport. Also going down to 10 men in football is not a huge disadvantage like in rugby as there is only one way to score. Football is run by a bunch of buffoons. Am all for video highlights for game changing moments to help refs out.
  2. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Could this be grounds for gross misconduct? Over hyped as usual. Should not of happened, Totally unprofessional but at the end of the day he's only man under extreme pressure and what goes on behind closed doors at newcastle can't blame him for cracking. Some of the comments on here is laughable..... We are only human after all. People need to get out into the real world and live a little. Even after a wonderful win we still make it into a clown show lol.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Nope lol Thought you where lining up a joke about him becoming the England manager
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread He highly likely has a British passport is that Enough? Like most over here have both
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Took a fellow Northern Irish man to sort you lot out Cant help but to like Liverpool now. Really really like Sturridge now for some reason just seems a really nice down to Earth lad after watching him do interviews on UFC and buying games etc
  6. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread I have feeling Pardew is soon to go also. Rumors where Joe wanted Mike to sack him and take over himself but Mike dint want him as manager.
  7. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Who would want to work under the buffoon? Pardew outclassed today again by Poyet. Lesson today: A million long balls is beaten by simple passing and runing. Jealous. How many of us where crying for Poyet to be our manager when he was sacked?
  8. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Good god.... There going to be a riot
  9. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Ok guys let the fun start!!!
  10. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Is anyone surprised we dint sign anyone? Says it all when the NorthEast skysports representative was in cardiff lol. Think I watched Skysports up until 11 yesterday morning then turned it over. We should of had 1 or 2 in this windows as I foresee a summer overhaul which could see us in trouble Next year. Colo will be going. Shola is gone. It's clear we trying to flog Pappis for over 10 million and there seems to be interest in the player. I expect Hatem to be good the rest of the season which will see him leave the club in the summer. What a a week top it all off lost my job as the bank closed us down and have to wait months for my redundancy
  11. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread That's a pile if crud that's just some jurno having fun. Where we not linked to him last year? There are rumors that we only made one bid for grienier and did not enter talks at all!!! Now that is more like Newcastle. Cabaye replacement is already at the club. We had them in since the past two windows when we thought we where getting 30millions. That's why I would like the other Remy but that rumored to happen in the summer. As for Remy his actions do not surprise me at all. He a selfish rat. Would not care if he pulled a newcastle shirt on again. All my hopes are on dejong lol dunno how that will turn out but the lad certainly has got talent. I would also like Seim at the club. Have a dutch backbone instead of a french one
  12. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread I think lyon are looking 12million. anyhow I see we have appealed Remy redcard? They must have been told they have a chance of getting it over turned since Pards said no 100% the other day?
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread who's this Konoplyanka bloke? Skysports reporting there is late interest from PSG in the evening update on telly
  14. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread I quite like the sound of this RÉMY CABELLA in the summer. Him on one wing and pork pie on the other
  15. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Could be Shola last derby Guys!!!!. Have Faith!! Iron Mike at the back Shola and Luuk up front. Suderland in for a thrashing Well lyon chairman has not laughed off our bid like the ones for gomis in the summer. So that's a good sign. Still plenty of time to mess it up I have heard of him but i have never seen him play. Edit: Interesting to hear Luuk say him and his Uncle where invited to Newcastle 8 years ago which they took up. Take it we have been after him for a while.
  16. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Lyon chairman says he for sale! Newcastle have cash in the bank! Joe kinnear Hmmmmm can't see how this can go wrong......... Not
  17. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Cisse really injured or are we afraid to play him in case a bid comes in?
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