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    im fatih sylka.14 years old,from kosovo
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    Football,Pc,Girls etc...
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    Fenerbahce World Championship 227
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    Alex De Souza and Diego Lugano
  1. Re: Umut Guzelses added in database today name :Umut Guzelses rating : 75 Age : 22 Club: Macabi Herzilya Nationality : Turkish A very good prospect
  2. Re: Umut Guzelses ewet var http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umut_G%C3%BCzelses
  3. He is very good turkish player Date of birth 15 May 1987 (1987-05-15) (age 21) Place of birth Istanbul, Turkey Height 1.84 m Playing position Forward He is currently on loan at Maccabi Herzliya from fenerbahce SK.In israel he is playing in first eleven.In 20 apearances he scored 18 goals
  4. Re: Fatih's Turkish Ratings Predictions ok i see if is there problem and if the much of the others think that i have copied it is ok from admins i will say them that "CLOSE AND DELETE THIS POST" if this is problem so until i have answer i will not continue.Beter to let this then to take abusing from the others
  5. Re: Fatih's Turkish Ratings Predictions now i will go with ankaraspor Goalkeepers : Stefan Senecky 85======86/87 Played all games including the cup games very good form Gokhan Togkoz 83======83/83 He can stay but don't be surprised if he will go down Ramazan Kurslunlu 80=====80/81 I think he will stay or up by +1
  6. Re: Fatih's Turkish Ratings Predictions Defenders : Ibrahim Uzulmes LB/LM 87 ======87/86He is not playing in first team but i think he can keep rating or decrease for -1 Anthony Seric LB/LM 87 =======88/87 He maybe will rise as he is playing regulary or he can stay Gokhan Zan CB 89========90/91 I think he is one of the best CB-s in turkey after Servet Cetin and should rise Ibrahim Toraman CB/RB 88====== He will keep his rating Tomas Zapotocny CB 87=======88/87 Same like Seric Tuna Uzumcu 84 ====== Stays
  7. Re: Fatih's Turkish Ratings Predictions As i have said we will go with besiktas : Goalkeepers Rustu Recber GK 88======88/87He must stay as he is first team gk for besiktas and doing well Hakan Arikan GK 87=======86/87not a very big decrease for him as he is second keeper and he will be the next BJK keeper after rustu retires
  8. Re: Fatih's Turkish Ratings Predictions is there any admin ? is this allowed to say he is mad don't listen him ??? and whatever i do he is not allowed to say that ? what's this there have tolerance in this abuse ?
  9. Re: Turkcell SUper League Predictions i think u hate fenerbahce and u predict how u want ?? if u hate emre that is not true he will decrease... he will increase as he is playing mostly games for Fener and has been in a good form against Trabzon in a derby... Alex will stay and deivid will increase ... and i think is your mistake to think that is backward step to go to fenerbahce what made Emreciksin ... and if u are sub there is a cool to be in fenerbahce club
  10. Re: Fatih's Turkish Ratings Predictions Now Strikers : Daniel Guiza CF 92======92 He is not having very good form but he can keep his rating Deivid De Souza CF 91=====91/92 I think he deserves a rise as he is starter and has a very good strike if he strikes good there is not keeper which can save his shoot Semih Senturk CF89======90/91 His rating must been increasing the last turkish changes but i think now he will rise at least for +1 Ilhan Parlak CF 83=======83/82 I think he will stay as he is making some subs in the next comes Besiktas
  11. Re: Fatih's Turkish Ratings Predictions Midfielders : Gokcek Vederson LM/LB 88======88 i think he can keep his rating as he is making some starts after his strain injury Ugur Boral LM/LB 88=======89/90For me he deserves a rise as he plays most match's for fenerbahce on winger Ali bilgin RM/CM 86======86/87[/COLO He 70 % will stay but also he can rise as he is making some subs for 30-35 minsR] Gokhan Emreciksin RM/AM 84====86/87He has been known as a talent but his rating was down because his club has been very low He will rise Emre Belezoglu CM/LM 88======89/90 Playing mostly in first
  12. Re: Fatih's Turkish Ratings Predictions Defenders : Gokgan Gonul 88 ======90/91 he is first team right back and plays all the matches as a starter Diego Lugano 92=======92/93 I think he will stay at his rating or maybe will rise he can't decrease Edu Dracena 90=======91/92i think he deserves a rise as he is a starter in all matches Roberto Carlos 91======91Roberto carlos will stay at his rating as he is a starter i don't think he has a chanches to rise Onder Turaci 87=======87/86potentialy he will be decreased as he is substitute the defenders are lugano and dracena,but have chances
  13. First i will go with Fenerbahce Goakeepers : Volkan Demirel 90 ======91/92 he is Fenerbahce's first team keeper and turkish too Volkan Babacan 77 ======83/84 in the last 4 games he has completed without concerning any goal with red decreasing with green staying with blue Increasing/Rise
  14. Ajet Shehu is a academy player for tottenham hotspur he is 18 year old and this is his second year at tottenham.Before tottenham he was been proved to the youth team of Arsenal but he has failed to complete the deal so the team from west london have bought the Kosova's Promising Talent...I think he will soon be the Reserve Player and then he will be the first team player for tottenham hotspur.He is currently not on the soccer manager DB but if he reache's debut for tottenham i think he will be added...He is currently loaned out to the 5th england league club where is playing regulary ... the y
  15. Hello Plz help me with one deal which i have accepted but don't know wat to do ? i have sergio Aguero and one club is offering me Samuel Eto'o + Arien Robben for him wat to do plzz help me as soon as u can ?
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