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  1. Re: Serbian football Da ti nije ova tema na pogresnom mestu? Trebalo bi da je stavis u General Football pa European Football.
  2. 1) Is it cheaper to renew your membership than to buy it when you don't have it? If it is cheaper, how much? 2) Is it possible to continue playing in a GC after your gold membership expires or will you lose the GC teams automatically? thanx
  3. Re: Nemanja Tomic It was a fine May evening at the "Temple of football" (Partizan's stadium nickname) where Partizan won 3:0 in the Cup final. This is my first time to see Tomic play live and here are my thoughts: positive: excellent technique, very good dribble, strong for his physique (his strength and technique allow him to hold the ball in his possession as long as he wants), good crossing (corner taker for the team), respectable acceleration and pace. negative: today he was not so good off the ball and didn't demonstrate a good level of anticipation (however in some of the games I saw
  4. Re: Positions/Injuries Players generally play better in their first position. 1) If the second position is within the same part of the pitch, he will play almost as good in the second position as he would in the first: DM/CM, CM/RM, CB/LB etc. (even AM/F, F/AM in formations such as 3-4-1-2 or 3-4-2-1) 2) If the second position is in a different part of the pitch that the first one, he will play noticeably worse in the second one and should not be used there: LM/LB, Fwd/Wing etc. note: Wide players in formations such as 5-4-1, 5-3-2 etc. are not LB/RB but LM/RM.
  5. Re: Who to sell? I had most of these players as well I sold Noir, Van Wolfswinkel, Rafael Carioca (for 6mil) and Lewandowski (only because I got a 10mil bid).
  6. Re: Been offered 12million for alvaro arbeloa 12mil for a rather young 91 rated player? You should reject this without even thinking about it! And you already said you have no back-up for the RB spot other than him. 91+ RBs are a rarity so I advise you not to sell this player only for cash, but only in a part-exchange that is good for you. However, if for some reason (it has to be a really good reason!) you want to sell him only for cash, don't accept anything less than 20million.
  7. Re: German ratings 08/09 Can anyone please tell me why Hummels hasn't played a single match since mid-December?
  8. Re: Nemanja Tomic Tomic got 2 assists in yesterday's 5:1 league win.
  9. Re: Three Nations League discussion board Buying from unmanaged clubs shouldn't be allowed but buying from external - definitely yes. One of the most fun aspects of the game is transfers and without buying from external, it would be quite boring to be honest, especially since there are so few clubs in the setup itself.
  10. Re: 2 deals im not sure about... #2 post I would keep Messi in both cases. The only situation in which you should do the first deal is if you have a serious lack of attackers but considering the fact that you have Messi in your squad I guess you are not some low league club. Keep Messi.
  11. Re: 2 deals im not sure about... deal 1: it is good for you if you are planing on playing this game for like 4 more years. However if you really don't need Wright-phillips - why not. deal 2: I have a feeling that Richards will get back into form soon and improve his rating. It is also easier for him to find a spot in the NT than it is for Hernanes. However, Hernanes also looks quite promising and considering the fact that he already had 1 game in the NT and that he is higher rated than Richards at the moment and the amount of money you would recieve as a bonus, I would say that this is quite
  12. Re: Portuguese rating predictions (2008/09) Oooooh, such beautiful Porto changes! Cissokho + 4 Fernando +3 (!) Hulk +3 Rolando +2 Cristian Rodriguez +1 Someone has a new small Valladolid that went on a shopping spree at an external Porto and is very happy now!
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