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  1. Re: Goran PANDEV ( LAZIO ) Pandev is doing really well now at Inter, what's the latest? Is he going to keep that 92?
  2. Long ago, a new feature had been introduced; which could only affect future Game Worlds but not current ones as it would mess all the budgeting up. It was then introduced at new seasons. Fair enough. Now, it's good to simplify your budgeting that way, with the all new Balance money from which the Transfer budget can feed. It helps when your squad is proportional to your club and your stadium. i.e. having a Liverpool squad with the usual 94-92 average players that have £45,000 to £75,000 salary/turn depending on your renewals and increases; and the stadium at 45,000 seated, with top TV revenue and sponsor cash. It does, really. As long as you don't blow it up, you're all good and you can get some 96+ from time to time. Yeh. Ok, check the next scenario: Rotherham United. The team stands at the heart of the fourth division in some of the English Championships; with a stadium of 25,000 seated, a low (4th division) TV revenue and similar sponsor penny relationship. Good stuff for the division, very proportional and appropriate. Houston, the situation is when your Rotherham Utd is in Division 1. Here we go, the team has a slight different pattern to the Liverpool one: 93-91 average players -but-, with the exact same salary/turn ratio. This being achieved over a looonggg period of many seasons; you feel really proud until you reach the spot. What happens then, eh? Your player wages add up to about £1.5M/turn, and your stadium stays the same size. TV muney money does not change and the sponsor neither; I can see it is very 'Realistic', yeh. Honestly, come on.. Every week, I get a net loss of £2.82M clean. Where only my 'Balance' decreases, and my 'Transfer Budget' does not change one thing. The only way I have to keep my 'Balance' out of debt is player sale; which increases directly both 'Transfer Budget' and 'Balance'. Same happens when I spend money; both columns decrease. There is therefore an increasing difference between the 'Balance' and the 'Transfer Budget' that I can't really change. Except if I sell the players that eat my money, which would completely debilitate the team and shatter everything I have worked so hard for. What I used to do, is to use the transfer money from player sale onto the player salary; but as they are now completely isolated one from the other, my team is falling to pieces. It is a shame, really. A Rotherham Utd in Div1, with players such as A.Arshavin, J.Toulalan, Mario Gomez, Alex Pato, Higuain, B.Sagna, Samir Nasri, Sebastien Frey... to name but a few; going nowhere. Thanks for listening[reading]
  3. Re: Balance/Budget Query Oh yeh yeh, I saw that thread of 85-89's and 90-94's, I'll check it up. Thanks:cool:
  4. Re: Balance/Budget Query Thanks very much Kieran; so that means that I will go straight into debt if I spend any of that money (over £3.3M), how does the left hand column increase? I believe that the right column increases as I sell players, am I right? Cheers, Repped
  5. Just a little help needed here: A new season has started for my Rotherham Utd in an English Championship and the Balance/Transfer Budget feature has been introduced. I don't understand how it works; because I currently am on: Balance / Transfer Budget - £3.3M / £11.2M What does it mean? Is the £3.3M part of the £11.2M, so that I have an overall of £11.2M or do I have £14.5M from which I can only spend £11.2M on players? I surely can't take from the Balance do I? It's a bit confusing.. Help much appreciated, Cheers.
  6. Re: "Pacy" Nathan MODEST lol he hasn't been added to the DB yet, and he's only young. Modest has got time (and a long way) to improve. But in a couple of years, I believe that he will be quite important to the team if he has not moved.
  7. Re: "Pacy" Nathan MODEST Modest played the last five minutes last saturday, coming on as a sub on in the 89th minute for Gray in Sheff Wed's 1-1 draw with Ipswitch. He has a total of 76 minutes so far on the pitch.
  8. Re: Vertonghen Yeh mate: 90 is possible but 89 is most likely; as Tom says: "Jan Vertonghen has been a key figure in Ajax’s defence in the past few seasons' date=' and Jan Vertonghen is [b']surely 90 material[/b]. He could easily rise there, if SM are generous, but a rise to 89 is definitely quite likely. The versatile defender has scored 3 goals in his 15 appearances so far. 88-->89/90"
  9. "Pacy" Nathan MODEST Sheffield Wednesday The one on the far left This kid was signed from the youth academy of Sheffield Wednesday on the 1st of July 08, being only 16. After having played for the England Schoolboy team and represented South Yorkshire in Athletics, he decided to head for the professional career of football than the athletic path. He has been working his way through the reserves and made the bench on the 13th of December 08, but unfortunately was a non-playing substitute for that match. However, Modest made his full debut a week later on the 20th of December in an away match at Cardiff City by being picked up for the first XI, he then got subbed off at half time for Smith. The younth was a 2nd half substitute in the home game against Blackpool on Boxing Day 2008. He was subbed on in the 83rd minute to replace O'Connor. On the 3rd of January 09, during the home cup game against Fulham he was subbed on for Small on the 78th minute. The great thing about him being out there is that I knew him! Nathan used to go to my high school; from 03-08 up until Y11.. when he left for college (2008)Sorry about this, but I really am proud of this kid, getting something done in life.. unlike some of the other students. [Now let's get back to the topic] I know that when while being a striker he should start getting some goals under his belt; but I believe that this is for a later stage. He has only started appearing on the turf less than a month ago and after his current performances throughout his total 72 minutes on the field, he will keep getting more. Reminding you that (one) he has turned 17 on the 29th of September 08 and (two) it's the English Championship; he should be added to the DB right now. Make sure you keep an eye on him
  10. Re: Australian Ratings Thank you, I'll just have to wait and see how accurate I got. Australia is in the next ratings change section.
  11. Hey guys.. easy there, this is my first prediction set. Enjoy Australian Ratings Terry MCFLYNN (27yrs) Pos – CM/DM Stats – 10 starts, 2 goals (913/913 mins) Current Rating – 76 +5-->81 Mitchell LANGERAK (20yrs) Pos – GK Stats – 3 starts, 1 sub (309/919 mins) Current Rating – 65 +7-->72 Billy CELESKI (20yrs) Pos – CM/AM Stats – 9 starts, 1 sub, 1 goal (848/919 mins) Current Rating – 77 +2-->79 Robbie MIDDLEBY (33yrs) Pos – RB/RM Stats – 9 starts (822/913 mins) Current Rating – 76 +2-->78 Paul REID (29yrs) Pos – RB Stats – 8 starts (723/904 mins) Current Rating – 74 +2/3-->76/77 Ivan NECEVSKI (28yrs) Pos – GK Stats – 3 starts (274/913 mins) Current Rating – 70 +4-->74 Evan BERGER (20yrs) Pos – Mid Stats – 9 starts, 1 sub (798/919 mins) Current Rating – 64 +12-->76 Saso OGNENOVSKI (29yrs) Pos – CB Stats – 10 starts (904/904 mins) Current Rating – 77 +4-->81 Shannon COLE (18yrs) Pos – LB/LM Stats – 9 starts, 1 sub, 2 goals (785/913 mins) Current Rating – 68 +7/8-->75/76 Scott JAMIESON (20yrs) Pos – LM Stats – 9 starts, 1 sub (838/904 mins) Current Rating – 75 +4-->79 Feedback?
  12. Re: Italian Ratings Nah.. I honestly believe that he did not fully deserve a rise, but I wasn't dropping him.
  13. Re: Italian Ratings Yeh man, Roma are currently standing just above the relegation zone with 2 points from bottom, they haven't won one single game away. And considering that out of the 10 played games, he only started 4 and got only subbed in for another 5, i believe he was actually kinda lucky not to get a drop. But as he only played a total of 570/932 mins (61%) of the Serie A Roma games while standing top goal scorer for his team, he didn't deserve a rise neither. In contrast, Totti definately deserved a drop.. if not double of what he got. But i guess SM just drop high rated players very carefully (e.g. Ronaldinho). He actually only has a total of 176/932 mins (19%) of Roma's games lmaoo.. that is totally poor: 2 starts an 1 sub outta 10 games.
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