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  1. I tried to report the same people/person years ago in my gameworld. They're/he's still there! Stupid things like buying the best players at face value but paying double the value for aging, over the hill nobodies to get cash into other teams. I've been playing since 2008 so not gonna let them push me out.
  2. Well, I just got home to see my UI has returned to the old one......more than happy now! Is it because I moaned or has everyone's gone back?
  3. I'm not paying my tenner for this tosh! Member since 2008 but just using up my gold credits for the next 3 months in the hope someone is listening to the forum. Please give us the old UI back, it used to be a brilliant game!
  4. Every post here is spot on.....sad that there is not one response from the soccermanager team!
  5. Paul Durnin - Manchester United - World Championship 7618
  6. Hi all, I am trying to tempt Borrusia to part with Neuer. I am willing to Swop Alba and either De Gea or Hart. Who do you think I should keep in those two?
  7. Re: Jim Garvock's Connect Worlds Sorry Jim, My Man United team had been accepted for the Champ league again but due to me fannying about whilst drunk I ended up being withdrawn and have just re-applied! Sorry! Paul
  8. Re: Can't join any connect game world Must be my work computer.....I tried at home and joined no problem :-)
  9. Hello all, I joined one CGW at connect level 10 and won the league. Now I want to join at level 9 but it won't accept me. I have also tried to join one of my other level 10 teams into a level 10 game world but that won't accept me either! Am I doing something stupid here?
  10. Re: Jim Garvock's Connect Worlds Aah, go into connect worlds? Sorry I was looking under custom game worlds. I have found you now and applied. My name is down to join but I am in division 2 so I imagine I will be getting rejected until division 2 starts up. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Re: Jim Garvock's Connect Worlds Am I thick? I can't find it!
  12. Re: Jim Garvock's Connect Worlds Hi there, Can I enter? Paul Durnin - Manchester United - World Championship 7618 Ta
  13. Re: Ec 30,000! Can I play?
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