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  1. Re: Advertisements instead of view match?

    Right here's a little addition to the post I created here....my original post states I can only see a blank advertisement screen and nothing happens....this is on my iPad but when I go onto my computer the same advertisement screen comes up but the advert begins and after about 30 seconds I can then view the game!

    Two issues here....

    1 - are the adverts/game view not compatible with iPad now?

    2 - the adverts are still spoiling the footballing factor!

    I am NOT gonna renew my gold status again and that's for sure!

    Listen up SM team you're screwing up big time with all these changes!

    I am finding zero positive posts on these new changes!

  2. Advertisements instead of view match?

    I just logged on to view my matches from last night and now it appears the already annoying blank advertisement screen is the only thing I can get up when attempting to view the matches!

    It was a ball ache before when it popped up just the once but it's the only thing now!

    This game is going down the pan a little too fast in the last few months...gonna review whether to renew when my time is up!

  3. Re: Put back the last online feature

    not to mention it was also a very good tool to use when it came to spotting multi-accounters' date=' as was the username of an account until that was altered so you can change it as many times as you like, it would almost seem like they are making it harder for the game user's to help remove potential cheats, surely that can't be the right way to move a game forward, provide even more cover for a system that is already pretty much wide open for cheats to prosper in


    Exactly my thoughts, I could spot multi -account cheats a mile off...why remove this?

  4. Re: Alba for Lamela +£15M


    Alaba is still on his way to the top. I bought him in 2010 when he was still 78 and his value has multiplied 26x from 1.1 million to 26million. Good to keep and Lamela might not do very well at Tottenham now since there's a lot of competition.

    Thanks for the reply but I have ALBA not Alaba :o

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