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  1. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts)
  2. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts)
  3. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts)
  4. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) That's not in the spirit of the game though kev, you might think it a silly bid and maybe it is but the other manager may not! At least have the decency to tell them because they may be hanging on for your response.....to use your thought process, ask yourself...would you like to be ignored?
  5. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Bad flaw in this is that I have just bought players who are still transfer banned and obviously agreed their contract. Then within a couple of weeks of buying them my chairman has given them a pay rise...how can I budget for that?
  6. Re: Schurrle for Arteta Yes it does, I have a strong midfield, xavi, iniesta, khediera and Moutinho in reserve. Thanks
  7. Hi I have Arteta and have been offered a straight swap for Schurrle....seems good to me. What you reckon?
  8. Re: The enigma that is Yann Mvila I have M'Vila and Khedeira as back up to De Rossi. I have offers on them both, which should I let go? Regardless of the deal who should I keep?
  9. Re: Squad too big Cheers mud4554r
  10. Re: Squad too big Thanks Duncan! Sell De Rossi? Really?....what's happened to Pato too?
  11. Re: Squad too big HEY! you two!! Get a room! What are you doing hikacking my thread too? :D:D
  12. Hello everyone and a happy new year to all those celebrating our calendar. I have a massive squad and can't keep everyone happy. Any advice on who to sell or keep? Thanks in advance. - HART, Joe GK DE GEA, David GK CHIELLINI, Giorgio D(LC) COLE, Ashley D(L) BALE, Gareth D(L),AM(RL) ALBA, Jordi D,DM,M(L) DE ROSSI, Daniele D,DM© KOMPANY, Vincent D,DM© PEPE, Ferreira D,DM© SUBOTIĆ, Neven D© LOVREN, Dejan D© VALENCIA, Antonio D®,AM(RL) RAFAEL, Da Silva D,DM,M® KHEDIRA, Sami DM,M© INIESTA, Andrés M,AM(LC) PJANIC, Miralem M©,AM(RLC) HOLTBY, Lewis M,AM© MÜLLER, Thomas AM(RLC) MATA, Juan AM(RLC) GÖTZE, Mario AM(RLC) MARIN, Marko AM(RLC) WELBECK, Danny AM(RL),F(RLC) RODRIGUEZ, James AM(RLC) MESSI, Lionel AM©,F(RLC) TÉVEZ, Carlos AM©,F(RLC) CAVANI, Édinson F(RLC) PATO, Alexandre F(RLC) GOMEZ, Mario F© BERBATOV, Dimitar F© DAMIÃO, Leandro F© TELLO, Cristian AM(RL),F(RLC) STERLING, Raheem AM(RL),F(RLC) INSIGNE, Lorenzo AM©,F(RLC) POWELL, Nick AM©,F(RLC) TER STEGEN, Marc-andré GK JONES, Phil D(RLC),DM© FABIO, Da Silva D(RL) BOILESEN, Nicolai D(LC) RANOCCHIA, Andrea D© DRAGOVIĆ, Aleksandar D,DM© BRUMA, Jeffrey D,DM© VAN RHIJN, Ricardo D(RC) TERZIEV, Georgi D(RC) RAMALHO, Jonás D(RC) VILKAITIS, Aurimas D© M'VILA, Yann DM,M© VERRATTI, Marco DM,M© POGBA, Paul DM,M© ZEZINHO, Pinto M(L),AM© WILSHERE, Jack M© MERKEL, Alexander M,AM© PRAET, Dennis M,AM© NEYMAR, Silva AM(RL),F(RLC) EL SHAARAWY, Stephan AM(RL),F(RLC) AYEW, Jordan AM(RL),F(RLC) LJAJIC, Adem AM(RLC) OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex AM(RLC) WICKHAM, Connor AM(RL),F(RLC) OROZCO, Yohandry AM(RLC) ITURBE, Juan AM(RLC) OCAMPOS, Lucas AM(RL),F KING, Joshua AM(RL),F(RLC) N'DOUMBOU, Alexander AM(RL) JENNINGS, Dale AM(RL),F(RLC) JOVETIĆ, Stevan AM©,F(RLC) LUKAKU, Romelu F© MACHEDA, Federico F© NAZARIT, Cristian F© SANOGO, Yaya F© Phew, that's it!
  13. Re: Nasri Sorry Sandals it's me who's been offered Nasri to buy. I am wondering whether to add him to my team for a good price
  14. Good morning fellow footy fans, I have been offered Nasri at a reasonable price which makes me wonder if he will drop in the next round of ratings. I don't think so myself but what do you all think? Thanks
  15. Re: Roger Espinoza Yes mate, that one....oh dear!
  16. Not really a SM topic....sorry but my real life club wigan athletic are buying roger Espinoza, anyone know about him in real life terms? Cheers
  17. Re: Neymar or Hazard Hazard for me.....quick before you lose him
  18. Re: Gerrard for Bale? Why don't you try Antonio Valencia? Good L/R winger plus can cover full back and also comes cheaper than Bale cos of his age.
  19. Just been offered £30M for Subotic. What do you guys think. I play 3 at the back and my other defenders include chiellini, pepe, kompany along with J alba, A cole, P jones, Lovren and ranocchia. I could at a push put De Rossi in there too. Money not too important to me but just wondering if its a good deal. Plus he's at level 3 concern too.
  20. Re: falcao or van persie?? It's a no brainier in SM terms. As you said yourself RVP could rise to 95 whereas Falcao will never see those figures on this game. Go RVP and enjoy the goals
  21. Re: Pedro + sanchez = aguero Aguero for me.
  22. Re: exchange my Villa for Van Persie??? RVP for me, he's younger and in good form for 18 months now so could/should rise.
  23. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... McCarthy of Wigan..... Not that I'm biased or anything! <-------------- <-------------- <-------------- <-------------- <--------------
  24. Re: Thiago Silva for Coentrao + R. Ferdinand Definitely Silva for me too. Ferdinands got to be going down soon.
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