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  1. Re: Big offer for Ronaldo Don't do it. You got more than enough good players in the positions you are being offered.
  2. Re: Messi for villa and fabregas Cheers Frisky, will do just that and see what he can do. I hear the kid has a bright future ........Have to wait for his broken arm to mend first though!
  3. Re: Messi for villa and fabregas Has anyone reading this actually got him? Wondering whether to play him CM/AM or put him up top?
  4. Re: Messi for villa and fabregas Cheers lads, I just needed the pat on my back to confirm
  5. Hi there, I just agreed to trade Villa and Fabregas to get Messi. Tough call but I think I did ok....Do you?
  6. Re: Those player concerns Loaning him out will stop his 'lack of games' concern but he may get concerns about being on loan. If he does just bring him back to your club.
  7. Hi lads, I have got Daniele De Rossi and have got Arsenal sniffing all over him with offers that include £40M plus Pizarro or £35M plus Alex Song. I have asked for £0 plus Song and either Aguerro or Busquets...maybe I'm a tad greedy but these players are in the £35-40M bracket aren't they? Any advice out there? I have been playing a long time but never had deals like these put to me. Maybe it's because I'm buying better players the longer I play?
  8. Hi lads, I have been offered Gareth Bale (90) and some other young kid (83) for Alex Song (91). Anyone got any advice? I'm tempted to go for it 'cos I see Bale rising but I'm not too sure Song has peaked at 91. Also got another offer with another team involving Song but that's a different thread
  9. Re: YOUR 5 FAVOURITE BANDS/ARTISTS Puressence The Smiths Shed 7 The Killers Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds That's todays list anyway
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