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  1. Well, I just got home to see my UI has returned to the old one......more than happy now! Is it because I moaned or has everyone's gone back?
  2. I'm not paying my tenner for this tosh! Member since 2008 but just using up my gold credits for the next 3 months in the hope someone is listening to the forum. Please give us the old UI back, it used to be a brilliant game!
  3. Every post here is spot on.....sad that there is not one response from the soccermanager team!
  4. Paul Durnin - Manchester United - World Championship 7618
  5. Re: Youth team "who has the potential for 90 rated?"
  6. Hi all, I am trying to tempt Borrusia to part with Neuer. I am willing to Swop Alba and either De Gea or Hart. Who do you think I should keep in those two?
  7. Re: Jim Garvock's Connect Worlds Sorry Jim, My Man United team had been accepted for the Champ league again but due to me fannying about whilst drunk I ended up being withdrawn and have just re-applied! Sorry! Paul
  8. Re: Can't join any connect game world Must be my work computer.....I tried at home and joined no problem :-)
  9. Hello all, I joined one CGW at connect level 10 and won the league. Now I want to join at level 9 but it won't accept me. I have also tried to join one of my other level 10 teams into a level 10 game world but that won't accept me either! Am I doing something stupid here?
  10. Re: Jim Garvock's Connect Worlds Aah, go into connect worlds? Sorry I was looking under custom game worlds. I have found you now and applied. My name is down to join but I am in division 2 so I imagine I will be getting rejected until division 2 starts up. Thanks for the reply.
  11. Re: Jim Garvock's Connect Worlds Am I thick? I can't find it!
  12. Re: Jim Garvock's Connect Worlds Hi there, Can I enter? Paul Durnin - Manchester United - World Championship 7618 Ta
  13. Re: Ec 30,000! Can I play?
  14. Re: Draft and Auction [NEW GAMEWORLD] Wow!.....this looks like I missed a great GW. Would like to have been a part of this.
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