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  1. Well, I just got home to see my UI has returned to the old one......more than happy now! Is it because I moaned or has everyone's gone back?
  2. I'm not paying my tenner for this tosh! Member since 2008 but just using up my gold credits for the next 3 months in the hope someone is listening to the forum. Please give us the old UI back, it used to be a brilliant game!
  3. Every post here is spot on.....sad that there is not one response from the soccermanager team!
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... McCarthy of Wigan..... Not that I'm biased or anything! <-------------- <-------------- <-------------- <-------------- <--------------
  5. Re: YOUR 5 FAVOURITE BANDS/ARTISTS Puressence The Smiths Shed 7 The Killers Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds That's todays list anyway
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