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  1. Re: england player ratings !!!! How long till the English ratings now? I have players like: K.Andrews A.Lallana M.Addison I need to start selling players and not sure whether to hold onto these are not, i know there all risers but need money fast.
  2. Re: Ryan Shotton. Rated 74. Alot of instrest in january, Its reported Fulham, Wolves & Tranmere all made bids but they were rejected and he signed a four year deal at Stoke. Back at Tranmere on loan for rest of season. 74 -> 77
  3. Hows this guy getting on? Dont follow italian football only saw him in champions league v Chelsea. Hows his 91 rating?
  4. Re: Wat CB going up 88/89? What about Johny Evans surely he will hit 88?
  5. Re: Nicolas N'koulou Yerrr hes on the french liga risers for Monaco's team.
  6. Re: Logging on. Yehh i was panicing. Know a couple of mates passwords and their addys worked fine
  7. Re: Logging on. Thanks mate.
  8. Hey guys, Got a problem. When i try and sign on my account it says "There is currently a problem connecting to the soccermanager.com website, please check back later" It lets me on other accounts just not my most important one. Also i have gave my addy and password to mates and they have the same problem for just my addy. I need this sorting fast as need to get on account. Help please.
  9. Thinking about signing him as hes only good avaliable keeper in my setup. Will his 92 rating stay? How is he performing.
  10. deantrfc

    Unbeaten runs.

    Re: Unbeaten runs. Haha quality.. I took over Hull in division three and now I'm high up in the prem! Players like Anderson, Agbonlahor, Taddei, Skrtel + Barry.
  11. deantrfc

    Unbeaten runs.

    Whats the record for a unbeaten run on soccermanager? My hull are on a current unbeaten run since november 15th (21 games) Help please
  12. Re: John Carew. Thank Youuuuu
  13. Thinking about making a 7mill bid for him Isit worth it ? Will he drop any. He's the only decent CF avaliable. I could get a few F but i already have Agbonlahor. Can you play two F together
  14. Re: Adriano Buss HENRIQUE *5-Star Buy* Hows this guy getting on. What do you expect his rating to be next time around?
  15. Re: Rodrigo Taddei No chance of dropping then?
  16. About to sign him for my Hull side. Any body got any news on his 91 rating. Hows he been doing? Starting, Bench, Scoring or Injured ?
  17. Juventus striker rated 91. Anybody thing his goals this season will get him a rise?
  18. Re: Match Tonight. Cardiff 1-4 Hull City
  19. Re: Match Tonight. Their At Home. Sirmarkhughes looks good but i will play bordon instead of caceras they are both Cb's but bordon is three higher.
  20. Hi all. My Hull City team play Cardiff tonight in English Champ 629. I badly need to win as i am second and only have around fourteen games to go and want promotion. I want to know what to play against them. Here are there last match stats... Burnley 0-1 Cardiff Formation played ... 4 4 2 89 87 84 85 87 87 88 88 89 89 90 Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Very Attacking Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Counter Attack: YES Men Behind Ball: NO Tight Marking: YES Play Offside: YES Use Play Maker: YES (E.Davids Rated 88) Use Target Man: YES (L.Saha Rated 89) I usually go for the 442. 91 88 92 89 91 89 89 90 89 89 88 Here is my hole squad... http://www.soccermanager.co.uk/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=381758&clubid=2300713&sid=5417 Help please, Cardiff are on A good run
  21. Re: Striker. Tarrrrrrrr
  22. For my Hull City team in English Champ 629. I already have Bendtnar + Agbonlahor and have 12mill and want to sign a 90+ I could get carew but is likely to drop with not playing and his nightclub antics. Or anyone else have ideas?
  23. Whats the difference between Cf & F?
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