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  1. Re: Man Utd Midfield Weak?
  2. Re: Man Utd Midfield Weak? do you not understand "not many", well done gold star you highlighted some of the obvious french players. for every player you named there's probably 10 who had promise and have done nothing.
  3. Re: Man Utd Midfield Weak? clearly you do not undrstand sarcasim( i wasn't justifying Riquelmes rating, i was questioning it). also you are blinded by your bias and cannot read, i said I did not say none! for the record i support derry city' date=' i do not support any english teams however i do enjoy the premiership. Hargreaves didn't know what country to play for originally(i believe), he was also englands best player at their last major tournament. Please stay on topic, liverpool are the greatest team in the world(only if you are from the red half of mersyside)
  4. Re: Man Utd Midfield Weak?
  5. Re: Man Utd Midfield Weak?
  6. Re: Man Utd Midfield Weak?
  7. Re: Man Utd Midfield Weak? i think scholes' rating is fine at 93, he was injured for the middle of the season hence Anderson getting a chance and playing so many games. Scholes was inconsistent last year. Hargreaves still played 28 games last year. For united regaining the prem carrick was the only major signing(he clicked with scoles that first year, and that was a big factor in united winning the league) , and since has continued to improve i don't think you can discount his contribution or call him weak.
  8. considering they have won back to back premiership titles on top of the champions Lg. can anyone justify these ratings i will compare them to some of their peers around europe. 1. Owen Hargreaves(91) and Michael Carrick(91) Carrick has played 100 games for Man Utd the past 2 season with 2 prem titles and a champions Lg to his name, no one can say he is not influential in these titles. Hargreaves slow start to season with injuries, proved his class by helping utd to the prem champs lg double Diarra(94)-important to madrid winning la liga played 35 games in all last season. Juninho(95)-Lyon as usual win in france, showed no class against united cambiasso(95)-Inter are poor as is serie A, highlighted by their performances against liverpool in the champions Lg. Riquelme(95)-Playing well in south america! villareal offloaded him and are now brilliant. Iniesta(95)-underperforming in apoor barca team that has done nothing in 2 years. De Rossi(94)- outclassed by carrick both this season and last in the 6 games they played. Toulalan(93)-seriously Mascherano(94)-why is he a 94, this says it all both carrick and hargeaves should at least be 94. or they should move to west ham and not play for a season then their stats will fly up. Essien(95)- this rating is justified, versatile and pretty much always perfroms.i believe hargreaves is of a very similar mould and at the minute should be slightly behind essien at 94. 2.Anderson(90)- played 35 games for Man utd last season, influential in the big games especially against liverpool home and away, and arsenal. he dominated the likes of gerrard and fabregas. He is still learning, I am not saying he should be a 97. but he should at least be on a par with these two below. Nasri(92)-lots of promise, however plays in france. not trusted by his national coach at the euros, Anderson no plays regularly for Brazil. Flamini(92)- had a good season for arsenal 92 seems fair, Anderson had a great season for united 92 also seems fair. Discuss...
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