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  1. Re: Should i change FABREGAS, Cesc With INIESTA, Andrés + 5 Milion Do it for sure!
  2. Re: Eto'o to 98???? Poll.. Eto'o best player in the world? You must be kidding. I personally think that he is not better than David Villa.
  3. Re: Rubin Kazan...help :S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think their season is over already. In case you do not know, they are the russian CHAMPIONS for last season:eek:
  4. Re: Who to buy? Thanks for all your quick response. I decided to go for Gerrard. Repped everyone, cheers!
  5. Re: Aguero for Torres or Eto'o? Accept the torres deal. I think very few can deny that he is the best striker in the world, and this is coming from a man utd fan...
  6. Re: Locked Game Worlds I agree. It's totally ruining game worlds. Its like you spend 1 years + building a team in a custom gameworld and it suddenly gets locked so no one can join. Your work is totally wasted:mad:
  7. Re: Morale (Reasons) To be honest, I still doesn't really understand how morale works after playing this game for a year. I only know that giving a new contract can increase their morale, but does the performances get affected? I dun see any difference between someone with 90 morale and 0 morale.
  8. I have 40mil and I just saw that Gerrard and Vidic are at an unmanaged club, available for 34mil and 32mil respectively. Can someone tell me who would be a better buy? Below is my squad and I usually play 3-5-2 formation. Need help quick!!!
  9. Re: Sneijder Deal Yeah take it. De Rossi is the heartbeat of Roma and can reach the legend status of Totti. Also potential captain of Italy as well.
  10. Re: Need LB, RB and LM You could have just used the search function in the game to help your choices. Some good LB: Evra (obviously) Clichy (Not having a great season, but he definitely has the quality) Taiwo (surprised he still haven rose to 90 today) Santon (only 75 but potential world class player) RB Maicon Daniel Alves Arbeloa Grygera Rafael (great talent) *all the above have a chance of rising during the next change. LM Riera Diego Capel There isn't really alot of great natural LM in the game, I think you should try using wingers.
  11. Re: Selling PLayers De La Red might not even play football ever again... Its best for u to get rid of him now.
  12. Re: Casillas Deal??? I would take it. I have played this game for roughly a year, and I dun really see goalkeepers really affecting the match results.Meanwhile, I think that having a strong AM like iniesta is extrememly important.
  13. Re: Lassana DIARRA you are exchanging him for anderson+young??? the deal will definitely not go through...
  14. Re: Arshavin at arsenal? He's doing great. Adapted pretty quickly to the EPL. He scored an absolute wonder goal on Saturday, you surely cant have missed that?
  15. Re: nasri or silva? David Silva for sure. Nasri is far too inconsistent to get a rise and he is being kept out of the french team by gourcuff whereas silva is a regular for the best NT in the world and I think he will rise to 93 during the next change.
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