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  1. Re: New Setup!!! Forum super league
  2. Re: New Setup!!! Lyon or Roma? Si vous plais? Yea you said I could join so yea
  3. Re: The Coca Cola Championship - Official Scores/Results thread Was at Hillsborough (Sp?) for today's game against Sheff Wednesday We played **** Ref should be sacked Sheff Wed in my opinion were lucky and will finish mid table Was awesome taking the p**s out of them on the way back when trying to shut us up on the coach I'm sure harry will abuse me Oh and by the way the score was 2-0
  4. Re: English Internationals? England are the MOST OVERRATED TEAM IN THE WORLD. Period.
  5. Re: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Invitational Starting soon? Extra club slot wants filling
  6. Re: PSN Also it would help if you listed the games you play ToNi6278 plays: MGS4 GTA IV Euro 2008 Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 Erm at the moment thats it
  7. I did a quick search and could not find anything of such so.... his thread is to post your online ID's for the PS3 incase you don't have certain people. Mine is: ToNi6278 (I am 95% sure it is that)
  8. Re: Who is the oldest professional soccer player? I don't know his name but i'm sure I can find it it's in the guiness world book of records.
  9. Re: Kazenga LuaLua I signed him 2 weeks ago. Good post Rep for you.
  10. Re: Who is the oldest professional soccer player? In south America there is a 80 something player
  11. Re: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Invitational So what about the draw now?
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