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  1. Re: Royston Griffiths A couple of things: 1. his name is Rostyn Griffiths, not Royston 2. he is on the DB, he's 21, 72, W I predict a rise to around 76/77 for him, could make you a bit of money. While you're looking at North Qld, you could buy: McBreen 32 CF 69 -->76/77 Tadrosse 24 LM/LB 70 -->75/76 Kohler 30 DM/CB 70 -->75 Not going to make you much money but could get you a little bit
  2. Re: Exciting Young A-League Talent what school do you go to?
  3. Just accepted a 72 million offer for Robin Van Persie F/W 25 93 My chairmans value for him - £22,200,000 CSKA's best striker is Agbonlahor - F/W 22 89 - so they probably have a much higher chairmans value. Is this deal likely to go through?
  4. Re: Best youth goalie to rise in recent changes. I don't know where u got ur info but Mark Birighitti is NOT in the starting line up for Adelaide United, not even close. He's behind the best keeper in the country (I don't think so, Vukovic for me, but everyone reckons Galekovic is better) and it is going to stay that way. He definitely has potential but he is not going to rise for a number of years, unless he and/or Galekovic move clubs. However, Mitch LANGERAK from Melbourne will most likely be in for a rise next change as he looks goos for the starting spot following the departure of The
  5. Re: The Complete A-League Wrap lol, cant afford to get rid of him the important thing is that last season the mariners still beat sydney fc and the jets got the wooden spoon
  6. Re: Offical Australian Ratings season ended back in february and since then he has only played in Asian Champs League (6 games). However, he is still impressing and is definitely up for a rise after being the Jets player of the year last year. Expect around 76/77.
  7. Re: The Complete A-League Wrap As if this isnt big news. If the Mariners appointed Arnold as the new coach of the Mariners, the entire coast (including myself) would hunt Arnold down and murder him, then put Lawrie back in charge. He's a freaking legend
  8. Re: The Complete A-League Wrap when were there any rumours about graham arnold replacing him? Lawrie McKinna is a legend on the coast and Graham Arnold is rubbish.
  9. Re: The Complete A-League Wrap according to ernie merrick, langerak is the most talented goal keeper he's ever seen and from what ive seen of him i think hes better than moss. looking forward to seeing alot more of de vere, danning and minniecon next season, they will all be starting and all get decent rises later in the season.
  10. Re: The Complete A-League Wrap 2. The A-league is in the off season and has been since the end of February so no-one is currently in form. 3. Most likely not as the A-league is rated too lowly for anyone to get an 80+ rating unless they are playing internationally and with Pim Verbeek's reluctance to select anyone not playing in Europe in the squad (exception - Craig Moore) there is no real chance of anyone getting to 80 or more. Your best bet is Ben Kantarovski who is by far the most talented player playing in Australia and is due a fair rise
  11. 205021

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1075168&clubid=2823368&sid=5847 what do you think? Starting team: GK Hugo LLORIS 22 90 (on loan, but will sign him when i get 18 mill) CB Raul ALBIOL 23 92 CB Ezequil GARAY 22 91 CB Gerard Pique 22 90 RM Jesus NAVAS 23 92 CM Luis Anderson 21 91 CM Escudero RAUL GARCIA 22 91 LM Josue DAVID SILVA 23 93 AM Robin VAN PERSIE 25 93 (out of position, i know, but he still plays well) ST Alexandre PATO 19 92 ST Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 25 92 Started with Napoli Out on loan: RUI PATRIC
  12. Offering players to clubs for cash is already in the game but would it be possible to offer him as part of a player exchange. Also if you could offer players out on loan that would be a good inclusion to the game. These ideas are simple but I think they would be a good advancement to SM.
  13. Re: Jefferson Montero link does work seems like a good buy, have snapped him up.
  14. 205021

    World XI

    Re: World XI -------------------Casillas--------------------- --- Bench ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- --- Buffon S.Ramos-------Puyol------Ferdinand--------Evra ----------------------------------------------- --- Vidic ----------------------------------------------- -----------------Xabi Alonso------------------- --- Dani Alves ----------------------------------------------- ----------Gerrard-----------Xavi--------------- --- Lampard -----------------
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