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  1. Votes on Season 4 outcome! The manager who guesses closest to: 1. the correct top goal scorer in D1 2. the correct champion of D2 will get to make a game-changing decision. . . Del X 1. Morata 2. SSC Napoli Chris Tzioumis 1. Suarez 2. Aston Villa Simon Kekers 1. Mertens 2. Atletico Madrid D Voked 1. SUAREZ 2. SAINT-ETIENNE Alvinegro 87 1. Suarez 2.Napoli Jim McAllister 1. Suarez 2. Penarol John Chouliaras 1. Suarez 2. Napoli dd wg 1. F.Torres 2. Atl├ętico Madrid White Hawk 1. Jamie Vardy 2. Monchengladbach If nobody gets both Top Goal Scorer and D2 champion correct, then the right Top Goal Scorer will take priority. Followed by closest guess of D2 champion Exact same votes that win like 'Alvinegro 87' and 'John Chouliaras' will go to a randomised ballot system. We are full! Do check back promptly for available slots~
  2. You are welcomed!!! Penarol need a perfect master and you are the man! Take them above all other elite clubs! We are nearly full house again, eyeing on Galatasaray and Atl├ętico Independiente
  3. Well played! It doesn't come by luck... a lot of transfer dealings, finance management, tactically maneuvers (& nail biting) in order to win a trophy....!
  4. What an epic season yet again! Updates on season review to follow~~ Yes, some genuine nice clubs are available. NEW SEASON IS COMING , Season 4 >>>> PLAYER RATING CAP RISES FROM 92 TO 93 (TIME TO MAKE SIGNINGS SOON!!!)
  5. Season 2 End Get ready for (transfer) madness again in Season 3, starting on 29 December 2020.
  6. The prediction is right for Division 1. Ajax were newly promoted but they won DIVISION 1 in their first season in top flight football~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! Neither Monchengladbach and Valencia are champions of Division 2. It goes to SL Benfica! But either one of the two early favourites will follow suit to win promotion. Playoffs Finals: Valencia vs Monchengladbach
  7. Hello ! It'll change on the first day of the new season. As the rules cannot be altered right now. Welcome all new managers, the new transfer frenzy is back really soon! Clubs may sign 92-Rating players now in the new season (rising from current 91). re-Build your team now! re-Write history! The D2 playoffs are still being played...
  8. Not exactly asking for scouting, but I would appreciate help for my tactics. Probably one of the first tactic request in my history and I think there are experts here that can help me Gameworld is about 12 active players, so you can assume the quality of squads, I am just about somewhere in the middle in terms of ratings. I do have a couple of youngsters but these are my current top-rated players. There are 12 teams per division, about all the human teams are in division 1. I got promoted to division 1 last season, even went to 1st position last season after 7-8 games. Had a couple of major transfers during which. After that, it was a sudden free fall and I nearly got relegated. The tactics and average squad rating were the same. Towards the helpless end, I switched tactics from 4231 to 433w, 4222... none worked. I gave all the tactics at least 5 straight games but it is usually like LLLLD. Currently in the new season, after 2 games, 2 loss, rock-bottom and clueless. I am about to try 4411 with wing arrows next. Any advice? Change our Dortmund fate!
  9. Seems like you just needed someone to say yes. You already posted reasons for the deal, haha. So yes...
  10. Morata Adama Traore Thorgan Hazard Rodrygo Phil Foden Please rank. Needs to be a starter by end season.. and so on.. (probably in 1 year and 2 year's comparison)
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