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  1. Morata Adama Traore Thorgan Hazard Rodrygo Phil Foden Please rank. Needs to be a starter by end season.. and so on.. (probably in 1 year and 2 year's comparison)
  2. This is how the strongest Ajax side might look in HRD Season 2! How would your team look like? https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5f64ce5a573afb0547a7d19d
  3. Lol.. what an analysis! Are you doing computer maths to achieve all your transfer targets? How about the bid patterns of all the rivals, hehe
  4. Take care in the UK. Nice time to be schooling, cherish your opportunities in SM, school and people around you! More curious, what are the updates? Or are they even thinking about changing anything? Haha
  5. from the two tables (Game 7 vs Game 26), it seems to suggest by the 10th game in HRD, we will be destined for the rest of the season to fight for the title, loiter around mid-table, or struggle avoiding the bottom 3 spots. Hahaha Another round of frenzy bidding inc.? Up to Rating 91 players will be allowed to make moves in Season 2.
  6. Get a bird's eye view of what happened in Season 1 in HRD!!! Leeds United are the champions! And who else better other than the English to represent the cream of the crop of football? Hamburg would have to look for solutions for their talented squad in Division 2, having remained last for far TOO LONG. Porto, Marseille and Ajax will be promoted to Division 1!
  7. If 90 is your first team player then go for barella one
  8. Arsenal beat City, Liverpool, Chelsea... Decent reviews for the young blood?
  9. Haha think Rahul mentioned Kane alone over Lautaro, it might be 2 years before he reach Kane rating, at soonest. Or he might not at all.. 93 and 94 is quite common for many very good players. Kimmich is rarity should make him difficult to get, high rated DR and DM. It seems to me he has lots of top class players and don't mind losing some others just for something fresh. But you gain from that!
  10. Because Bayern is a bigger name than Spurs... Hahahahaha
  11. Why is a player getting such power to control a club? Not sure about Barca board and what they did... But they supposedly invested transfer funds still .. Of course it's the players wish to move on, if someone can pay then it'll be fair Neymwr fees went to dembele and coutinho who supposedly were great purchases.
  12. A drop for Messi and CR... Cries for the beginning of the end. The end of two legends that accompanied us through our teens, adulthood, grandpahood. And also other players closing the gap. I would be open to see some other top names occupying 95 96 97 deservedly as the gap isn't so great anymore. Lewangoalski to 97. Neymar OK at 96. Still highly coveted. De Bruyne is here too right? Salah unsure but it's the Liverpool whole bit doing their part. A couple of 95 Who else... Ahah
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