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  1. Join us at HRD! ID 421220 Hiring creative, shrewd, fun managers. Game world just created. Rating cap at 90 now. Start with empty squads, 250M transfer kitty, and a bright future to be crafted awaits you!
  2. Gameworld is LIVE now! 421220 Welcome dedicated and fun-loving managers!
  3. I was quite inactive the last few years. If you looked at my history in game you could see the gameworlds. Nothing fantastic, so I hope to bring up a fast paced game, that's potential for creativity, fun and management. And managers who are keen to share their experience and emotions in game.
  4. OK straightforward! Haha I got an inspiration ... in line with the watching of growth of players. And managing finances and squad. I would swap a cap on max deal amount... To cap on transfer rating. Say could only deal with rating 90 for season 1, then 92 season 2. So people manage finance carefully and grow squad with time. There might be some bad seasons too, poor financials like real life etc, but will be communicated in advance
  5. I got it. Also please share your in-game ID name after adding as friend. otherwise I won't know if the right person applied for the club chosen here. Also BrodiePT in-game ID. I added many active managers recently in preparation for the world. ­čśâ
  6. Yes, I realised that. The search function only searches by email and not user ID, haha. Interested parties can PM me your email!
  7. thanks for your feedback. squad cap would be manually imposed. I don't think the game system has it. it is a fine rule though. rating cap could work fine, maybe in subsequent seasons tweaks can be made, to slowly strengthen sides.
  8. Sir, what's your game registered email and in game ID name? Let's add friends in the SM game. You are someone who would bring fun to the world. Are Benfica giants destined to dominate world football? Seymenbubas, you can also provide me your game registered email so I can add you. I have a bunch of active friends in-game. It is going to fill up promptly when the game is up and invitations sent. So it's best to add as friends. Make sure your reputation is high too and don't have a poor record of changing clubs too often, understand new users could be lower rep too. We'll see.
  9. My gameworld ID is D voked. I'm in a gameworld 378358. Do add me so I can send invites. Also share your ID name. I'll also post this NEW gameworld ID when I made it so you can search. It could be up soonest this weekend. Or mid-week just before the end of May.
  10. Yes that's what I'm worried about too. I could invite all the reputable managers (rank points 75+ or 100+), but cannot guarantee if someone makes a mistake that he cannot live with, and quit with a messy squad. Haha. Seems like it happens often? If so, I might take the middle line. Logan talked about low budget. I think it's way too slow pace to be exciting. It's good for those with great patience and abundance of time. I would change the 300M budget / 70M max bid, to: 300M budget / 20-40M max bid. That way even if teams overbid a lot, they should still have a sizable squad of around 20 players. Then the gameworld will develop gracefully with managing of finances, winning titles, and signing the other players out there. Game Rules may be changed each season. Any possible glaring issues?
  11. I have yet to kick start the game world, open to ideas and suggestions. The game rules should be fixed, at most tweaked for more reputable managers, 250/300M budget, transfer cap 50-70m so people don't over spend on individuals but build a useful team. Recommended 22-28 first-team players. I'll add the ID when it's up. How many days do we have to recruit fully then get going? Since the clubs are empty squads.. I seem to remember 4-5 days to fill up clubs before people can start bidding? I chose really famous giants for this league. Most top nations are represented and some tip top European teams out there that are nowhere near their former selves in real life, e.g. Hamburg. Every club has its own flavour and heritage. I want interested managers who can share their passion and have fun. It'll be for the long haul. Game rules might change each season, for season 1, it'll be the most friendly to all.
  12. SEASON 1 RULES: Teams: 14 per division Divisions: 2 Season Structure: 13 x 2 = 26 games Number of promotions/relegations: 3 Playoffs: Yes Managers: By Invitation or Application Economy: Strong Concerns: On SMFA monitoring: On No buying from Unmanaged clubs: On No buying from External clubs: Off Can only offer cash in deals: Off Can only buy same nationality as club: Off No buying players over the age of: Any No buying players rated over: 90 Cannot do cash transfers over: Any Transfer window: Any Club starting balance: 250M Club squads: Empty squads SEASON 2 RULES (Expected): Increment to buying player ratings. Weaker economy.
  13. Game ID: 421220 Elites from the past are pit together in the modern world for another chance of glory. Will they rewrite their illustrious history, or would they recast the route of their crestfallen downfall? Join the most competitive divisions which could be altered each season based on real life scenarios. Difficult situations such as financial limitations, restricted transfers or a even complete lock down might occur to the ever-changing seasons. This fast-paced competition poses an intriguing challenge to the most accomplished managers, while allowing creative masters to build their squad and navigate vibrantly the other way round. HRD is based on growth and dynamic settings. Take your club to glory in the current uncertain world. Face challenges, negotiate deals, play fair, win trophies, and have fun! Always maintain a squad of 21 - 45 players. Only for active, committed, fun-loving bosses. Actively hiring now! Put on your thinking cap: Will you overspend or save for a better window? Do you know? Clubs that get promoted will have their attendances increase towards the average of the new division. Starting Competition Format Division 1: Crvena Zvezda Red Star FCSB Steaua Bucure╚Öti Hamburger SV Celtic Feyenoord Galatasaray Shakhtar Donetsk Zenit Saint Petersburg Bordeaux Leeds United Independiente Sao Paulo Penarol Atlanta United Division 2: Porto Aston Villa Ajax Benfica Valencia Atl├ętico Madrid Borussia Monchengladbach Eintracht Frankfurt Napoli Sevilla Lazio Newcastle Marseille Saint Etienne
  14. So I seem to have the option to create gameworld for free due to my long-serving account. Since the virus has caused a hit on global economy and freedom, I thought it might be a time for online games to flourish, or at least increase in activity. Now here, list the type of gameworlds and limits you would like. Perhaps inspired by real-world conditions. The objective is to keep the game exciting and challenging for all. I was thinking a smaller based group, like 30 clubs ... I've seen some gw doing well like Kev. Feel free to discuss.
  15. I'd like to know why the concerns keep increasing... when the players get games. My player, Ozil has been playing a lot, and I thought the concerns should go down if not stay the same, but it just rose today again. He's one of my most played player. Something wrong with the concerns gauging? http://s16.postimg.org/424ok7jt0/lack_of_games.jpg
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